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Navada, California or Colorado at a dispensary near you
Like to travel, smoke and listen to music. Also love my new Tesla Model 3
Interests: Wakeboarding, Skiing, Cannabis, Computers, Travel, Art, Music, Architecture
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If you are in Colorado do yourself a favor and find a dispensary with 710 labs near you. We were turned onto there Percy Live Rosin when we goto Colorado and its simply the best. all there rosin is solvent less and really shows in how it tastes. Its the... Continue reading
Denver Kush Club - Address: 2615 Welton St. Denver, CO Phone: (303) 736 6550 Email: This is a must see dispensary if you are in Denver. They grow all there own stuff and all there concentrates are from there own product. The selection was awesome. One of the... Continue reading
So this is the story of how the blog was started and the trip that started it. I'm Tesla420 (Jeff Marko in real life). Last year I decided to change my life dumped my girlfriend, sold my home in florida, and bought a new Tesla Model 3 to move out... Continue reading
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May 27, 2018