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I thought this was an active adult community, a place to enjoy our retirement without the stress and strain of life in the jungle. Well, lo and behold, such is not the case as the Neanderthals plot to invoke pain and suffering on those with whom they disagree. Maybe Tarzan needs to restore some peace to our retreat? Perhaps our GM / BOD should get involved before someone actually gets hurt.
Notwithstanding all that, being subjected to round after round of failed attempts to force sub-par restaurants down the throats of SCA residents, we feel that our BOD is subjecting us to cruel and unusual punishment for their own weird pleasures. SCA is its own worst enemy, and is consuming itself. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY; call them out for torturing us for years on end.
John, I'd wager that 99% of us worn-out SCA residents don't have a clue as to what you're trying to say. When push comes to shove, it seems people on death row have more say in their daily lives than we do. Surely, there is a way to get past this obsession and move on to better things; life is short...... As well, we should keep the lawyers out of this; they're like sharks in the water who smell our blood......
A data based decision maker, as Mr. Tutera appears to be, has stated it was evident from the start that a profitable restaurant in SCA was "chancy". Blame it on Dick A. if that makes you all feel better, but the real deal breaker was the demographics of SCA. We have lived here since 2003, and during the random times the restaurant was operational, it was very poorly attended, most times it was empty; we just won't eat airport food. It's a fool's errand to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear, and obviously Mr. Tutera is nobody's fool.
Protect yourself from what exactly? A different point of view? Reality instead of smoke and mirrors? Not being treated fairly like a VIP? Your list of 'fears' is endless -GROW UP..........
Some would heap praise on them before they serve their first meal; both pro and con forecasts are just that; best guesses base on past history or simply a hope and a prayer; I'll take history... Besides, just how many dollars have they made in the retirement communities where they're located? Perhaps a full disclosure would be in order.....
So, if G2G churns out food that is not up to a club's standards, that club would be forced to find another venue to hold its functions? And this is fair in what alternate universe? There is no way this fiasco is going to benefit anyone living here. Being held hostage by a restaurant isn't my idea of living in a "premier adult community"; quite the opposite. At the very least, any monies spent (or subsidies paid) should this be our sixth (6th) failure, should be repaid to all SCA residents, in cash........, and the space turned into a home for old albatrosses.
David, you said: "For what it’s worth, I think the right to exclusive catering was always a given with our succession of restaurant operators, because the important of that aspect of the business was consistently accepted." The obvious response to this is: 'then why did they all fail us so horribly?" If I were to guess, the myriad answers would boil down to "it's the darn resident's own fault; they didn't support our grand scheme, and even with catering, there weren't any profits to be had. Well, the proof is in the pudding; our history here proves the vast majority of SCA residents didn't support any of the past restaurants, and odds are, they never will, no matter what you do. This venture is a born loser, and wouldn't get a 100:1 bet anywhere...
Perhaps, the MAJORITY of us who have tired of the seemingly endless 'wishing on a star' and/or clutching a rabbits foot approach to getting a good, viable restaurant in SCA, would be OK with one more try at the golden ring if we could be guaranteed this would be the last and final chapter in this pathetic saga. If this doesn't work out to everybody's satisfaction, will the SCA management pledge to kill the beast? Turn it over to a culinary school, or test kitchen; something noble that we could all be proud of, and would benefit everyone.
Activities such as swimming, tennis, pickle ball, quilting, etc., are and should be paid for and maintained by the community at large. Eating in a restaurant is a horse of a different color, no pun intended. The decision to falsely label the restaurant as an amenity is still a subject of great debate, and one that is still unanswered to my satisfaction. It's common for activities to be free, and for profit generating events to require a fee. I'm also sure many of us bought here while the restaurant was shuttered, and didn't find that to be a deal breaker, besides, Del Webb left us with many heavy crosses to bear; enough already.
I know there might be a valid reason for having a public restaurant in a retirement community, but obviously the great minds running SCA haven't been able to wave their wands and turn a dream into a reality. Perhaps, in this magical city, it's an illusion. Del Webb created a monster, and we're stuck with it; kill it or deal with it. Turn it into an exclusive SCA residents only country club type eatery serving only those willing to join and pony up whatever it takes to keep the doors open. Punishing the many to please the few is wrong; it's time to let them pick up their own tab. If they want it, let them pay for it.........
David, you said: "If there are clubs that have problems with this restriction, they are free to go elsewhere for their events, though I would hope they would first give the tenant a chance to please them." On the surface, this sounds like a good option, but after reading it several times, it starts to sound like the old mantra that "if you don't like it here, just move." Maybe residents so desirous of a restaurant could just leave SCA, and just drive down Eastern for their food.
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May 28, 2018