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Steve Anderson
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All due respect, I mean no offense to any readers. One of your commenters anonymously and falsely attacks me on a post in which I said. "Don't go all making sense there Paul." Which was a joke that shows agreement with the commenters. And again after I said "Looks like things worked out!" Neither of these comments attacked anyone directly, yet I was slandered. And who could forget "Let's go Tim!" I have no problem being respectful to others, however Chase Gioberti seems to not want to be towards me. And Carl Lambrecht calls Rauner a baby killer, yet his post still stand. IR has interesting topics and I frequent this site daily. I choose to post as myself and not anonymously. I have no problem being respectful to other commenters, as long as I am not attacked personally. This is your site and you have the right to decide who gets to make comments. However, there is the appearance that some commenters can break rules while others are censored. It's your site, do as you please. Much obliged, Steven Anderson
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"Meanwhile back in the real world" You've been? Based on your post I thought you had never visited. You can't read either.
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" Hopefully Sam McCann" Some real conservative you are, voting for that fraud.
1 reply "The history of religion and the American national founding does not offer simple support to either today’s Christian nationalists or the liberal secularists, who also tend to claim some kind of consensus existed among the Revolutionary generation. It’s impossible not to notice that much has been lost from the Connecticut Wits’ 18th-century Christian nationalism. They thought deeply about Christianity, governance and the broad social responsibilities of a truly Christian state. If the deists were preoccupied with freedom, the Christian nationalists were as preoccupied with how society must facilitate grace. "
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Looks like things worked out!
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Don't go all making sense there Paul.
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May 10, 2018