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Zandrae Pyreanor
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Shopping in Second Life is often tedious—There is often lots of stuff, lots of it is old and inefficient, and it's almost never what I actually want. It takes forever to find what I want in the marketplace and stores. In a lot of situations it seems like there's actually a dearth of items for sale in some markets. Especially efficient, quality items in those markets. Just compare the number of male clothes items available to female clothes items available. There are markets that are underserved and underutilized. This may be because other markets are more profitable but there are definitely niches that are pretty wide open.
Another thing to consider is that for some niches in SL there is a highly limited amount of choice. For example, female avatars have 7 times as many choices for clothing as male avatars do, and a large amount of male avatars choices are limited to the same t-shirt, muscle shirt, suit top, pants, and so on from the clothing designers that do make men's clothes. If you're looking for period piece men's gear, you've got a handful of limited choices and you can't afford to be picky about the impact of what you get because it's often the only option you can find. It's all about settling. Lewd things for males, particularly males who are of the homosexual persuasion, have very little choice. I can think of one furniture seller offhand that sells m/m oriented stuff. There's really no other choice. ... except to make it myself.
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May 11, 2018