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Mark Padmer
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Devon I assume you are more of a hobbyist or maker? I can give you some perspective. I just attended the latest Onshape Roadshow. Standing room only. It seemed most in attendance were former SolidWorks users, like my company. Seemed to me clear that So Cal SolidWorks users are moving to Onshape. Although, maybe San Diego is different than the rest of So Cal? I have noticed that Onshape seems to be a product of choice for professional CAD users. We had looked at other tools in the past. Lots of low end tools like Alibre CAD is a good choice, or Inventor Fusion. You can still learn how to model and user 3D CAD. We just found for professional industrial strength reliability they are just not in the same league as Onshape or SolidWorks. As for the pricing, My company spent far more than that using SolidWorks. All I can tell us is we have not looked back. and the room of other Onshape users seemed very happy to me.
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May 24, 2018