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Being my last post, here is my advice to a successful capstone project: -Really get to know your client as much as you can. It affects the pace and tone of your entire project. -Try to accomplish deliverables ahead of schedule incase others need more attention than you expected -Use all the time you can. You'll have a much better product if you don't rush. -The presentation takes longer to put together than you'd anticipate. Add things to it as you go so you'll just have to format and edit. -Reach out to Drew when you aren't sure about something.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 29, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
This week has been really busy for our project, but we are looking good. Our presentation is almost done and then this week we will be able to tweak that and write our report. I'm relieved the semester is almost over. Not that I haven't enjoyed this project, but it would be so easy to keep working on it forever if there weren't a deadline. This week should be oddly relaxed for Makayla and me. We will probably change some things but all of our deliverables have been technically completed. We will just need to decide who talks about what... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
There are only two weeks left until Makayla and I present our project to our client! I am ready for this. Everything is coming along well. We are working on a couple final deliverables and our presentation. It's been busy for us this week. I'm having a hard time understanding one of the deliverables, which is frustrating me. I'm not quite understanding it from the fieldbook, so I will reach out to Drew if I need clarification. To be honest, I'm really glad I'm almost done. I'm ready to graduate and stop being in school. Six years is long enough.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 17, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Today was the 2nd project review with Drew. I was a little nervous about it because I wanted to make sure Makayla and I were on the right track. The meeting was very encouraging and it also gave us more direction on some of our deliverables. It actually has made me very excited to finish this project. We talked about ways to "market" the altruistic side of the brand. I really want to give our client a comprehensive marketing strategy that is easy to understand and hopefully follow. Drew also gave us Lynda/LinkedIn classes to watch on Branding Fundamentals and... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
So, I'm going to be writing two posts this week on separate topics because I forgot to write a post a couple weeks ago (sorry, Drew). Last week Makayla and I closed our bridal surveys on Qualtrics. We got about 719 (usable) responses. I was surprised by how much information we collected. A-line dresses were most commonly tried on which actually follows the information I got from the bridal consultants. In our last section of the survey we left a text box for brides to add any information they wanted to share. The comments were generally very emotional (they loved... Continue reading
Posted Jul 9, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
July is here which means Makayla and I have 29 days to finish our deliverables and presentation. I'm looking forward to really bringing all of our research, results, and work together to make a comprehensive report and presentation for Terry. The interviews were interesting to do. I learned a lot of great information for our client. Some questions my interviewees interpreted differently (even when I tried reasking the question a different way). So, that was sometimes frustrating, but each bridal salon does something differently. I couldn't expect all of them to give me the exact information I needed or wanted.... Continue reading
Posted Jul 1, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Last week was productive. We accomplished everything we wanted to. This week we will meet with our client again and touch base on everything we have done for her so far and what we think she needs to know. We want to show her a couple of exercises Drew taught us in class. This week I will be interviewing Bridal Consultants for market research. I am hoping to do 5 tomorrow, but that may be ambitious. Hopefully, someone will be willing to speak with me. It will be nice to talk about wedding dresses and selling again since I was... Continue reading
Posted Jun 17, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Makayla and I just had our first project review. I think it was helpful and gave us an idea of whether or not we are on track. I feel like we are. We have started to work a little bit ahead, too. We will finish the interview questions and have Drew look at those before we get started. Our client hasn't officially approved our charter yet. The only thing that puts us in a tight bind for is the budget. Since the budget is for the market research we may have to make some quick decisions to cut it. It... Continue reading
Posted Jun 11, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Well, this last week I’ve been sick and pretty out of it. I started work on the charter. Makayla and I broke up the assignment last Monday. Luckily, we had a decent amount of it written out already from our initial client meeting. The only thing I’m concerned about is trying to determine what types of promotions the client needs and how we turn that into deliverables. Maybe that will become more clear with market research. Makayla and I are going to meet this week. We want to finish the charter and get the client’s signature on our NDA. We... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
Last Monday, Makayla and I had our first client meeting. I think this will be a great project. This is the perfect time to work with my client. She is at a point where her business will need to start marketing. She is pretty much open to any marketing advice we can give her, which is really exciting. It definitely makes our project more ambiguous, but it gives us the freedom to decide where her business needs to focus their marketing efforts. She did want us to advise her on what promotions she should do pre-launch, launch, and post-launch of... Continue reading
Posted May 20, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
I'm really excited about my project! My client is starting her own bridal company. I was also assigned to work on this project with Makayla, which I'm really thankful for. Our first meeting is tomorrow and I'm looking forward to finding out what the client needs from us. There isn't much to reflect on for now, since our first meeting is tomorrow. In the meantime, Makayla and I have been reviewing the documents to prepare us for what we should discuss at the meeting. We made early contact with our client. Makayla and I also were sure to find out... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2018 at CAPSTONE!
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