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I could start by saying no they weren't first at any of that. But I think there is something deeper here. I have heard this from Second Life friends before. And I have had this argument before. And had fun showing them that they were wrong. But this is deeper. Maybe it has something more to do with a community of people. In a hobby that most people look down at. Outkast wasting their lives. Or losers that had nothing better to do with their lives. Now seeing the possibilities that they're happy might be going mainstream. Wanting to use this resurgence of interest in Virtual Worlds to make themselves look like trendsetters. Like I said earlier Second Life did not come up with anything new. And I do not see in fortnight a bunch of freaks in furry avatars trying to virtually simulate sex acts. Second life never made it because second lifers were a bunch of losers that couldn't figure out life and use Virtual Worlds as a way to hide. This new Resurgence is gamers gamifying what Second Life pissed on.
population I'm guessing most people do not have thousands of close friends on SL. I have hundreds of friends. But my close friends aren't that many. Who cares if there are tons of people I will never talk to. There's no possible way that you could truly talk to all those people. Or would you want to. The marketplace I make most of my models. I'm not interested. But there are tons of web sites that did not exist when SL started that sell models. And I get the added benefits that I can take my models wherever I want. No barriers to bring my models to other platforms. It also keeps the company honest. Charging us too much and we'll simply move to the next. And new programming languages like aframe look two have the possibility of adding all this to a standard web browser. Look up mozilla hubs. If that was ever implemented. Mozilla would blow SL away. Even if a small percentage of their current users started using hubs.
high fidelity you can run the server at home. Prices on digital ocean are $5.00 to $100. The size dwarfs what you can get in SL. VRchat it is free. The size dwarfs what you can get SL. janusvr they are nothing but web sites. You can do everything you can do in SL and more. A lot of the services you pay for in SL are free. The size dwarfs what you can get in SL. Since they are websites and the servers that takes care of avatars are separate and manage the avatars on multiple websites. You can have as many as you want. You don't even need to run those servers. You can but their free. The fact that there are still people using SL is stupid. They aren't even close to being competitive in this market.
You have always had the ability to control who can see or use your works. By choosing where you publish it. If you want to stick with the library analogy. It will raise the cost of running those libraries. More cost, less libraries. You end up with less choice. This cost will have to be made up for somehow. More than likely it will be passed on to the customer or you. This will only reduce the number of customers that are willing to buy your artwork. You'll have less choice on what library to put it in. Maybe what choices you have left don't see your artwork as part of their business model. Meaning you might be left with no choice at all. And for those that just enjoy the creative process and want to share with others. The costs associated with this might make it impossible.
Another good reason not to use platforms that force you to put your content on their servers. The real problem is, this will put an undue burden on smaller companies that do so. It will only help the companies that can afford to pay for those systems. Like Microsoft or facebook. More than likely the only ones that will survive would be programs like Altapace VR and facebook spaces. or you can use software that does not force you to put your content on their servers. Like high fidelity or janusVR. janusVR is probably the best of the two. high fidelity is preparing their own draconian censorship, I mean content protection system.
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Jun 13, 2018