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Classical and Montessori are completely different philosophies. In Montessori, children have "freedom within limits" and are allowed to explore different "works" and take different "lessons" that they later decide to either work on or not and do it for as long as they want. Teachers are there to encourage and guide. Their philosophy believes in waiting for the student to be ready for the different lessons and they don't all follow the same curriculum at the same time (they don't all learn math, reading, writing at the same time and same pace). In Classical, repetition and "excellent practice" is developed. Children are also respected and met at their current level but it's believed to they should catch up and be at the same level eventually. There's a fixed curriculum and there's not much choice within that. While this may seem lacking freedom, it's also important to note that excellence is achieved by perfect practice and not just random tries. As a fellow parent trying to navigate what's best for my child, me and my wife are struggling with the decision on what's best for our boy.
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Jul 15, 2018