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Although this is a significant victory it is only the beginning of a larger battle. It is through gritted teeth that this decision was made and they will continue to put up as many barriers as possible to still prevent cannabis medicine from being prescribed. "Cannabis derived" medicine. What that ultimately means is only products THEY deem fit to be prescribed which currently only means GW Pharmaceuticals products, which are far too expensive and is a pie the PM and at least one of her ministers have their fingers in. The next step is to have them allow Bedrocan to be prescribed. There is some hope as the MHRA have reached out to campaign groups such as Clear for their input and that input has been Bedrocan is prescribed in many EU countries and it should be prescribed here too as essentially it is exactly the same as GWP's products but with a traditional delivery method, which also means it is a fraction of the price. But this government still wishes to continue the lie that raw herbal cannabis has no medicinal value. It's supposedly only once you extract all the compounds (the whole plant as the CEO of GWP is on record as stating) and stick it in a bottle with some ethanol and peppermint oil does it constitute as a medicine. Which of course is utter rubbish. Keep up the good work!
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Jul 28, 2018