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Hello, I have a question about movie references. Let's say I wanna cite the movie Paddington. The release date of this movie was the end of 2014. I need this movie for my seminar paper because I wanna analyse it (with time stamps). So I use the DVD, but the DVD was released in 2015. Should I write: Heyman, D. (Producer) & King, P. (Director). (2014). Paddington [Motion Picture]. United Kingdom: Studiocanal. Or is the date of the reference the date of the DVD-release (2015)? I'm uncertain about this, because if I have a movie from 1959 (Some like it hot) and the DVD is from 2008 and I write this : Wilder, B. (2008). Some like it hot. United States: Ashton Productions. then it's a bit weird to write "Wilder (2008)". I couldn't finde consistent information about that. Some websites say the date is the release date of the movie, not the DVD and you just say [DVD] as the format and others say the date is the release date of the DVD.
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Hello, is anybody there, who can answer my question above (after 5 MONTHS)?
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I'm sorry, I mean the speech is from Martin Luther King, but in your reference entry the author of this entry is not King but Smith, the author of the book. (and for a magazine article you don't write the day, just the year and month)
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Hello, I'm still confused about citing a published interview from a magazine or a newspaper. And google is not my friend (I think) because I can't find consistent information about that. I know (and you wrote it above in your text) that I have to use for example the normal style for a magazine reference, if I've read the interview in a magazine. Or when I've read the interview in a journal article I have to use the reference example for a journal article. But who's the author in this case? A) The interviewer/the one who conduted the interview and than wrote the article? Or B) the interviewee? Let's use as an example your introduction with the quote about an interview with Johnny Depp. And maybe Smith was the interviewer and wrote the article. A) Would it be in the reference list: Smith, J. (2009, March 4). Interview title. Magazine title. Retrieved from http://... And as an In-text citation: In an interview Johnny Depp pointed out that "everything is fine at the moment" (Smith, 2009). Or B) is the authors name in that case of a published interview not the interviewer (Smith) but instead the interviewee (Depp)? And the reference entry is: Depp, J. (2009, March 4). Interview title (Interview by Name of the interviewer). Magazine Title . Retrieved from http://... And In-Text: Johnny Depp (2009) pointed out that "everything is fine at the moment." I hope you can understand what I'm trying to tell, english is not my native language. But I just want to know: is it A) or B) ? Because in your example about citing a speech you've also cited a speech from Martin Luther King from a book and King's not the author in your reference entry but the author of the book. Thank you
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