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Niels Lauritzen
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I think the young people today do not make use of the vast back catalog of music available to them on demand. They grew up on music videos and single hits that they can download and play over and over or make them their ring tone etc. It is all about fashion and peer pressure, what songs are my friends listening too? ok I'll download that and memorize the lyrics and we can sing them together and achieve twinship. Since I am an oldster I rejoice in being able to add the best of every single singer over 5 decades into my library. There are some glaring omissions: cannot get most of my reggae songs from early 80s , they are only on vinyl it seems, and the mississippi blues artists of color of the 50s are very hard to find online. I do not like any 50s whitey pop music, sorry. And most 60s mono audio pop is simplistic and not good. Maybe that betrays my age but it is a blessing and great to be alive in order to shuffle play thousands of great songs!
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Aug 27, 2018