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What about the nuclear power plants around the world that will begin to melt down with the coming collapse of the industrial civilization and the capitalistic financial system. What is the probability of NTHE?
What about the global dimming supplied by the burning of fossil fuel? The theory as presented by Guy McPherson: If we stop burning fossil fuel, the particulates that reflect sunlight provided by burning fossil fuel will quickly dissipate and that will cause an increase in earth's temperature. What is the probability of NTHE?
Hi Gorge, Our property on the White River near the town of Tygh Valley, OR. was the venue for SOAK 2018 (Portland Burning Man). I had a theme camp this year (Love is all that remains). My contribution to SOAK was sponsoring Guy McPherson and his partner Pauline to come from Belize and share their outlook. Guy gave several scheduled presentations and had random conversations with the attendants. He also filmed a YouTube video while at the event. I believe I have a basic understanding of his theory on ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE leading to NEAR TERM HIUMAN EXTINCTION. He believes that this event could happen at any time. In your opinion, what is the probability of this occurring in the near term or at all.
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Oct 4, 2018