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V Mer
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There are various paths of spirituality. The path of 'Bhakti', where we pray to a supreme God is most common amongst religions of the world. Then there is a path of Yoga through which we meditate. There is also a path of knowledge - this is to realize that we are not different from 'the one'. I have been religious and prayed to the Gods, followed RSSB & Buddhism as well as been a seeker of the ultimate realization / consciousness . I feel immensely blessed to have been able to experience all of this and would only like to say that one must follow whichever path he/she likes and feels connected with. A Guru is someone who shares his experience with us and seeks nothing else, it is we who create the protocols and rules. Even when you ultimately realize that it Is indeed You - yourself - who is the one, it is ok to pray, do seva, meditate and follow rituals that make us a better being, I do.
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Oct 6, 2018