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I'll quite bet, that almost no Lefties can face any of the considerations you lay out, about the real prospects of such a war. They've always had the MSM at their backs, and it had always carried the day for them, until 2016. They're still banking on this Russian hacking stuff, a Blue Wave next month, or some such, to bring him down, and return things to "normal". If there's no Blue Wave (i.e. if no Houses change hands), or if Trump creams their leaders with indictments/ convictions on FISA etc., then they'll start to face the music of which you write. BTW, Franco also had help from the Luftwaffe, while the Left got zip from the Red Air Force. Spain's food supply didn't depend on a super-vulnerable high-tech, JIT delivery system, so, that war will be paradise, compared to what we'd see. It was your vivid comments at the Treehouse that brought me here.
Toggle Commented Oct 11, 2018 on Imagining a new civil war at Posse Incitatus
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Oct 11, 2018