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Paul, I so enjoyed your stories and getting to know you through them and in this blog! Sharing the Self in a new environment of people can be scary when we feel judged, but completely comfortable when we feel accepted. And there is no better way than to stand in front of future friends in a story-telling class, I have found. We just had Veteran’s Day, but I think we should have a Teacher’s Day right afterwards, because you surely have made a difference in many lives, too. Thank you for your service!
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As a beginner in storytelling this blog was an eye-opener, an education, like an extra, intellectual wisdom course tracing the spoken word to its spiritual roots! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, John, to present your blog. I can never be just an observer, privately staying within myself again, I must revere the power of the spoken word in its rightful place now, speaking less from hurt or to hurt, but more when I see injustice or a need for kindness.
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Cindi, I practically rolled with laughter when I heard you tell the first story! I could never produce that in others! What a talent you have to be natural and entertaining! I’m sure you can draw In people with all types of stories you will let us hear! Good job!
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Just visited that beach last week in Maine! I have had my share of memory items to consolidate! I’m hoping the dwindled-down remains will find a home where they are appreciated, probably not family, as my son already advised me of. It doesn’t take much or many items to bring back moments of earlier times. Sometimes, a scent will do...
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Oct 12, 2018