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scenes 1:02 - "If you don't like Trump as a person, then all else follows." That would point to people like Paul. But he's never met Trump and most of what he claims he doesn't like about Trump is based on some lie about Trump that Paul wants to believe. I think it's more that Trump haters don't like the IDEA of Trump. Some one who would rub their faces in reality. They just can't handle it and so they end up hating the medium that brings them the message they don't want to hear. OTOH - I've never met Trump, but from what I've seen and heard about him that is accurate, I don't think I would want to keep his company. But Trump is running for POTUS, not "My New Best Buddy". He's far from my first choice, but here we are. Vote for Biden (or whatever place-holder is inserted) or Trump. Personally, I'd like to live out my life without the need to shoot humans dead. But sometimes needs must.
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EF 3:53 - "...potential population overshoot..." Perhaps a few more decades of unlimited mass illegal immigration will help? I'm not worried. Humans have shown themselves to be quite adept at getting rid of excess numbers of other humans if the availability of resources for life become scarce. One must remember that we are shutting down our own consumption of fuel such as coal so that later when the CCP takes over there will be plenty for them to ship back to China.
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George 12:05 - It's worse than that. Notice that Paul wants to know why Reagan didn't "do something" about it. No POTUS is in a legal position to do anything about a matter concerning the House or Senate ethics committee. He just doesn't want to face the fact that he's cheering on a fascist govt that runs innocent citizens through the legal mill to break them financially and politically.
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Clueless Paul: "Also Reagan was President then. Why didn't he do something about it?" Paul can't read. The post had to do with congress. And the point was proving that Trump is being brought up on fabricated crimes. Nothing he did was illegal, Paul. Interesting that Paul and the left think using the govt to go after innocent people to win elections is OK. That's "their democracy".
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Funny how Paul and the other lefty-looney Biden Butt-lickers haven't swooped in to point out the deficiencies in this post. Maybe it's too long and they fell asleep after the 2nd sentence. And yet - They'll show up later in some other post to claim total knowledge of economics. Hilarious.
Pretty interesting - Congress has paid 17 million in hush money for sexual "misconduct". In other words tax money spent to cover for crimes. What fed employee got hauled into court for this? I'm sure Paul is shocked and appalled at this news as he is most upset at this sort of "hush money" crime. Right, Paul? You lefties are so full of shit, you can't even get off the couch to write a rebuttal. In 1983 there were 2 congressmen found to have had sex with 17 yr old aides. The R was booted from office but the Dems cheered their guy on and he was re-elected. It truly does help to have no morals if you are on the left. The great part is that Massie points out that even more tax payer dollars have been miss-used in an attempt to "influence" an election by trying Trump in court on a complete stitch-up.
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fishy 8:06 - Stacy Gates: "That is literally a part of the oath that they take to be right wing." Literally! It looks to me that the American leftists and Dems have adopted a tactic of complete insanity as a way to further their objectives. It's actually not a bad way for them to go. They certainly can't display any competence or achievements. And how do you form a reasoned argument against madness?
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Winner of today's "least self-aware" award: "Rep. Maxine Waters stood at the podium in front of a federal judge to tell him of the nightmares that stemmed from a Texas man's threats..." The US Atty. adds to the merriment: "Threats to harm or kill elected officials are anathema to our nation’s values and must not — and will not — be tolerated,” U.S. Atty. Martin Estrada said" I'm surprised they didn't add a quote from Schiff about how terrible it is to threaten public officials. No one is above the law, but there sure are a boatload that are invisible to the law.
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scenes 9:06 - "Start a war." Add to that - grow the fed govt - big time.
Paul - "By financial ruin Scott do you mean..." Did you watch the video, Paul? Of course you didn't. You have no idea, Paul. None. BTW - hows that new California state budget coming along? Hmmm?
You only have to watch for 4 minutes if you haven't time for it all. Paul won't watch it because there's nothing about Trump. We are sliding down the hill to financial ruin.
fishy 11:47 - re "the March of Dimes Syndrome" I was first turned on to this issue by Mailer back in the 60's with The Idol And The Octopus. I just might still have my copy. Don't always agree with him, but he was spot on with the observation that ANY organization is exactly like a living organism in that it wants to not only survive but to grow. What organism has the capacity to understand or care for the reason for its existence? Well - a few humans, perhaps...
"Anything beyond that is simply part of the welfare system" That's how the Dems want to "save" it. They uncap the limit on income used to determine your "fair share" of "contributions" but keep the cap on how much you can get out. It will become a straight out welfare scam. And it will still go broke.
"and a surveillance-industrial complex..." Yes - Didn't they get the message that you need to boil frogs slowly? "Microsoft delays controversial AI Recall feature on new Windows computers" Whoa! They'd better figure out a way to slip that little darlin' in a bit more slyly. Already your cell phone and your car can rat you out. Big Brudda' be watchin' you!
scenes - "My working theory is that people at the lower end get more out than they put in..." Theory? Actually, that's one of its 'features'. and "have a nearly infinite ability to demand healthcare..." Well - since the majority of folks think this is a "human right" and that the gubmint is the provider of our rights - Do the math.
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scenes 7:03 - "Non well-organized groups who want cash..." Those would be called citizens. Go ahead and try to get the SS system pulled back to something sustainable. Just try. Even Trump is promising he won't touch it.
Toggle Commented Jun 16, 2024 on Trump’s November Chances at Rebane's Ruminations
"Didn't vote for either Clinton Scott. Thought you knew that." I did know that and it has nothing to do with what I wrote. "Do you remember when the Republicans made good character a major requirement to be President of the United States?" You wrote that, Paul - And that was what I was referring to. Try to keep up - not everything is about you. "More precisely a Porn Star. Do you doubt that Scott?" Screws people for money = whore. Do you doubt that, Paul? The camera is so everyone else can watch her be a whore and she can make more money. "Scott write:" (sic) You know, Paul - they have ESL classes in Nevada County. Maybe you should sign up.
What a total moron: "If moral character is not an important factor in leadership what is?" Who said moral character is not important? We are all sinners in the eyes of God. Bill Clinton forcibly raped women and his pit-bull wife went after the women because they threatened her food source. Then she and Bill made a huge display of "believing all women". These are not people we want running anything. The Clintons and the Bidens and Obama only gain money through selling out their office and our country. Trump doesn't need money. He didn't and won't sell out this country. So you take your pick of what sin you want in office. Paul picked a lying, perverted, crooked man who sold American foreign policy for money. Trump possibly screwed a whore. Gee - what's a Christian to do? Write in Jesus Of Nazareth on the ballot?
There are too many people in the blob that will not allow Trump back into power/office. He was naive the first time and trusted too many people who had resumes that made them appear to be solidly on his side. If Trump is allowed back in, he will clean house. It won't be a matter of folks going to jail - it will be entire divisions of leftists stripped of power and left in an empty office with nothing to do. He might win the election, but we'll have to see who gains solid control of the House and Senate. If the Dems control both houses, they will simply start up the impeachment machine 24/7 and the Senate will confirm no one. If Trump wins and has a sympathetic Senate, I would worry about his health. One of the big questions is who will be his VEEP? Getting rid of Trump after he's elected might turn out to be a huge mistake for the Dems. There's time for so many events to occur. And the nation is going to hell no matter who wins, so it's all just a big shit show as far as I can tell. There is no good here - just a matter of when the aircraft runs out of airspeed and altitude. This is typically a simultaneous event, but who knows - maybe airspeed will go to zero and the plane will then lose altitude? Amid the screams in the cabin we'll hear the left loudly announce how they meant well. Swell. Hmmm... I wonder what movie they'll show on that flight?
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scenes 2:33 - "He said that rich guys are allowed to grope wimmen." I strongly disagree - he simply affirmed that there exists a cohort of babes that ALLOW and even WANT wealthy and powerful men to to grope (and more) them. This is actually a small percentage of women. Latest exhibit A: "Ex-Patriots coach Bill Belichick dating former cheerleader 48 years his junior" Paul would have us believe this is true love and she would crawl into bed with Bill if he was an Amazon delivery driver.
California leads the way, again! "California has No. 1 US wage gap between haves and have-nots" Remember when the left used to go on and on about the Gini Index? After a heaping helping of Democrat rule - CA is worst. All political factions have some hypocrisy, but the Dems are nothing but hypocrisy. And yet they thrive. Wonder what happens when the bill comes due?
"Scott, this is who you want to be President of the Unites States" Paul Emery still showing up here lying through his teeth.
California leads the way! In debt. But wait - what if we make companies pay retro-taxes? It won't balance the budget and it will drive business away even more.
I hear Ron Klain and Susan Rice mentioned quite a bit as well as Samantha Powers as the actual "deciders" of policy. I wouldn't be surprised if it were those folks, but I don't really know. Years from now some one in a position to know will write a book about it. Maybe.
"It isn't like Biden is behind any of that." I've seen versions of this long before Biden. Large cities used to be run like this in the 1800's. It's mostly a feature of a govt entity getting a hold of large amounts of money. Then a portion is siphoned off for good deeds (various kinds of vote buying) and it becomes part of the bio system the govt entity operates in. Humans being what they are tend to over-do it once in a while. Tammany Hall became an embarrassment and provided the other side with an opportunity to gain back power so they could cook up their version for a bit. The California High Speed Choo Choo Train has become the scam of the century, but they managed to include enough power groups (cities, counties, unions, politicians) that it will go on and on like Mrs Winchester's house. But it does provide a steady flow of millions a year to the CA Dem Party, so it's all good.