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Poor Bobby 11:59 - " it would neutralize special interest lobbying and actually allow people to govern themselves..." So Bobby's goal is to get rid of 'special interests' like the NAACP and the Sierra Club. I see. And THEN we could govern ourselves. First of all, Bobby - there is and has been for the last couple of eons a large cohort of humans who just don't seem to be able to 'govern' themselves in any sort of situation. I realize you might have magically done away with them in your new Eden you are fantasizing about, but let's stick to reality here. Pure Mob-ocracy doesn't get rid of lobbying, it just moves the lobbying to a different level and style. Look Bobby - you're a 'people' and I'm a 'people' and so are George and everyone else who posts here. Just what kind of govt is it that suddenly lets everyone get pure and happy when we get rid of 'special interests'? More to the point - say we have pure democracy and 51% of 'the people' vote to confiscate scary black guns? Now what? We got rid of the NRA in this scenario so everything will be peachy keeno? It's amusing that the left reviles such a large percentage of the population, yet is confident that things will get better once that same group has more power at the ballot box.
scenes - "My guess is that multi-party systems are an effect, not a cause. There's an underlying substrate, cultural or otherwise, that causes them to form." Amen. Remember that Trump was actually a 3rd party who ran as an R but against the Dems and the established Rs. Lincoln and the Rs became a 3rd party as the Whigs imploded. If there is an actual need for several parties it will happen. As long as the Rs and Dems can put together a narrative that includes enough checked boxes for all sorts of disparate groups, they will be our 2 main parties.
Walt - The only thing the Dems care about is that they didn't carry enough states to win the EC and the presidency. They don't have to worry about how left-looney they have become as long as they can swing states like Texas and Florida into their house. With an increasing number of the brain-washed young turning 18 combined with changing demographics of the formerly solid red states (CA used to be a red state, remember?) and a failure by Trump and the Rs to do anything about rampant illegal immigration, I would say we can expect a Dem in the White House in the next term. The economy is always the joker in the deck and stuff does happen. Increasingly, free stuff has been the winning promise even if once elected the free stuff promoters end up doing nothing.
AVMan 2:28 - "Jeez,,,The F-35 sounds about like the Bay Area bridge and bullet train..." And that would be the same govts that the left want to run our health care. What could go wrong?
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HuffPo had a great article on why we should do away with the electoral college in this country. The 'problems' with the electoral college are mostly its features, not bugs. One of the 'problems' was that there might be a tie. And couldn't that happen with the popular vote? Can you imagine a popular vote POTUS election that ends up separated by less than 1% of the total? Recounts into the next millennium. Do away with the electoral college and our next civil war is assured. Trump won the popular vote in over 5 times the number of counties as Hillary. No wonder the blue mob wants pure democracy. We are a republic with our rights protected by a Constitution. The left and the Dems want mob rule. History has shown that democracies in countries with a non-cohesive populace always end badly, very badly. And if the Dems really want to 'pack' the court - gee, why not start right away?
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DB at 12:30 - Gotta love it! Senor O'Rourke hasn't 'earned' his nick name. Maybe if he had joined MS-13 instead of that nerdy hackers group. Meanwhile - Fox got so fed up with being called liars they actually went out and hired one!
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BT at 7:31 - There's no traction in that old story. Just more 'sectarian' violence. No way to tie it to Trump or the NRA. Yawn.. turn the page.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sandbox - 14mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Oooooze - "The killer said he was inspired to massacre by Trump, not Chelsea Clinton." Are you sure it wasn't Jodie Foster? Then it would be her fault, right? We could blame the killings on the killer. Nah - what fun is that?
Toggle Commented Mar 16, 2019 on Sandbox - 14mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Remember - we only have 12 years left! I'm trying to remember the exact year the countdown started. Was it 10 years ago? 20? C'mon, lefties - it's settled science! How much time do we have? Tick, tick, tick...
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2019 on Sandbox - 14mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
AVMan 11:11 - The fact that you can't answer his question is the illumination. Seems all you lefties can do is simply parrot some talking point or just repeat what George writes. Case in point - Ooooze claims that 'reds hate electric cars'. When asked for proof, none is forthcoming. Instead he launches into a virtue-signalling mode of worry about the condition of the planet. Our air is getting cleaner, Trump hasn't stopped anyone from buying electric cars or hybrids. There is no proof that any rule relaxing has harmed our dear planet. Your cherished beliefs and self-proclaimed weeping for the planet do not excuse you from the responsibility of backing up your BS with facts. As soon as I see the left's eco-idols actually living in the manner they expect the rest of us to, I'll give them some credence. Ooooozes heart felt desire for our planet always seems to involve some one else changing their lifestyle, some one else losing their livelihood, some one else doing without. And as always - the taxpayers have to pay for whatever hair brained scheme the left comes up with.
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2019 on Sandbox - 14mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Oooooze - There's very little you have figured out, buddy. "Haven't figured out why reds hate electric and autonomous vehicles so much." I wasn't aware any conservatives 'hated' electric or autonomous vehicles. Perhaps some sort of proof of that BS remark might be forthcoming?
Toggle Commented Mar 15, 2019 on Sandbox - 14mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Hilarious - from Paul (who claims he's not into killing babies) - "After that there needs to be evidence of severe danger to the woman's child..." And before that the child gets 86'd without qualms from Paul. It gets better - "or do you believe the moment of conception is the sacred moment..." Why do you keep dragging religious terms into the discussion Paul? Is science too difficult for you? The moment of conception is the forming of the double helix - the completion of all of the information of your being. After that you're just a constantly transforming glob of cells until you die. If you claim you're not into killing babies then you must know the exact second each and every human life becomes a baby. We await your expertise.
Toggle Commented Mar 14, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Sorry Russ - according to Ooooze, since no one came to your door to harvest a ballot it doesn't happen anywhere. Funny how in N Carolina they 'stopped it' because R's were accused of doing it, yet in Ca where it's legal, it doesn't happen. Quite strange. And of course the Dems are much more intelligent than R's but when it comes to to voting the highly intelligent Dems haven't got a clue as to how to pull out their IDs. Here in Idaho, us hicks all seem to know how to present our IDs at the polling place. Not a problem for us. What's the issue for you Dems and lefties?
I really loved the NPR bit on our brave new world. There were several really hilarious fantasies like electric helicopters for all in the 2030's and 'everything' being electrified. The ominous part was the admonition that it would, of course, have to be a 'collaborative' effort once everyone was convinced. I'm pretty sure I know how the govt 'convinces' everyone. I would have thought the human race had seen enough of that in the last 120 years.
Oh yeah - Bobby's 3 (count em) choices: "1) forget a college education and settle for $20K or more less annual income on average 2) forget going to a top tier university like the rich kids who are dumb as rocks but can buy their way in 3) get a pile of student loans whether they are going to a top tier university or a state college especially if you want to get advanced degrees." A tiny mind like Bobby's can only imagine those choices. There are plenty more choices that offer good paying careers - most college degrees aren't worth the paper they're printed on.
Bobby just can't help himself - "Well pal, nowhere did I blame conservatives or even use the word." Yet in the same post - " I used trump as an appropriate and timely example of this scandal because he is a spoiled rich kid and has been very secretive about his transcripts..." And "..not unlike political donations in the era of Citizens United." This has nothing to do with an 'era' of CU. And when will we be seeing Obama's transcripts? Or Moo-Shell's thesis? Oh, of course - that's different. "...and another example of how people of wealth use their money to game the system to their advantage..." Yes, it's an 'example' but how pertinent is it to the average college aged person? How about the Asian Americans that bust their ass to get into good colleges and univ. and can't because they are 'over-represented'? Trying to say this has nothing to do with your hatred of conservatives is a stupid lie. You gave yourself away.
Bobby @ 12:04 - when I saw that story I figured Bobby would gleefully post a link to it and declare that this is the reason po folk can't get a good education. Like clockwork there it is. C'mon, Bobby - how many actual kids got in because of this compared to the thousands of students entering college every year. Yes, it's a serious issue and needs to be dealt with, but our govt education system top to bottom is rife with incompetence, feather-bedding, ridiculous salaries and completely unnecessary job titles and majors. "In the meantime regular folks have to run up massive student load debt and actually go to class and take their own tests." No one has to run up massive debt loads. It's their free choice. Can't pin this on the conservatives, buddy.
Paul 6:27 - I've mentioned this to you before. You didn't get it then and I see you still can't figure it out. Part of the problem is you apparently didn't go back to your previous post I cited. Some one else here (fish?) told me I may as well try to explain a card trick to a dog.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Poor Zucky - doesn't he know any leftie can already read minds? They always know what we're REALLY thinking. I say go for it! Chairman Xi will pay big bucks for it.
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul at 1:49 - So Paul, I take it you'll be working for Trump's re-election?
Toggle Commented Mar 12, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Bobby C at 12:21 - Do you lefties possess even one brain cell? What part of ILLEGAL don't you morons get? George and his family followed the rules. The US didn't let just anybody come to this country after WWII even if they were in a bad way. There is no vetting any more at the border. Your leftie sob story about all the poor folk at the border being refugees from certain death are false. It's catch and release and they very seldom, if ever show up for the hearings. More illegality. Then it's "oh well - they're here so let's just give them citizenship and skip all the other stuff that the folks that followed the rules had to do." If they are fleeing violence then they should present themselves at the proper place and time to the authorities. But no - they just come across with an attitude of "to hell with your rules!" Those are not the kind of people I want in this country.
from Ooooze - "Scott 10:09- Scratching my head trying to connect GM and houses with petroleum exports. You guys pivot on a dime when confronted with facts you don't like." Uh - that might be because I wasn't connecting GM and houses to petroleum exports. I was referring to your idiot remark about how wonderful (not) Obama was as pres. And exactly what 'fact' was I pivoting from?
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Ozz - "Yes, ten years ago Obama came into office and turned this country around when no one thought he could do it." Please. You mean Obama turned his buddies on to great deals and screwed the bond holders of GM. I had no idea some one could hand 54 billion tax payer dollars over to a corporation and get it going again. No idea whatever. Say - here's a brilliant idea! Let's give every company in the US 2 or 3 multiples of their worth tax free and see how good their bottom line does. Obama is just a genius. Actually Obama caused the turn around to stall out and sputter. The housing market would have turned around in just a couple of months without one single dime of govt money. All that needed to happen was for the govt to tell the banks they were on there own. Houses would have gone for peanuts for a while and then the market would have boomed. Not one dime of govt bailout would have been necessary.
Toggle Commented Mar 10, 2019 on Sandbox - 8mar19 at Rebane's Ruminations
fish - But scary black guns and we're all gonna die seems to be working just fine for now.
Don 8:03 - "It's nothing short of remarkable," said Ryan Fitzmaurice, energy strategist at Rabobank. "Ten years ago, no one thought it could happen." Well, at least you didn't Fitzbaby. I love the experts that climb out of their own pit of ignorance by proclaiming that 'nobody' could have known.
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