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Paul 8:42 - Pull a string in Paul's neck and he spouts the same exact line for hours. "I'll repeat it again I would vote for you...' Bull Puckie! That is another BS line from Nevada County's leading liar. I'm not running on the Dem ticket, Paul. I quite remember you being incensed that the person you would vote for had to be a Dem ticket. Now you've changed your tune. How many other little 'adjustments' will you be making? And yes Paul, you've said that - over and over. Trump is a threat. Just what is the threat? Our lowered CO2 emissions? Lower food stamp usage? Highest non-white employment ever? EVER! Maybe that's it! Too many darkies working for your comfort Paul? Is that your problem? Not enough wars to suit you? Paul has nothing positive to say about any of the good folks he's promised to vote for. Nothing. Just a parrot on a roost - "Squawk - Trump bad!" Why? "Squawk - Trump bad!" Go on, Paul - let's hear your praise for the Dem candidate you're be voting for.
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Paul 6:32 - "What is your source of information Walt that convinces you that Trump will be re-elected?" Personally, I can't say I feel 'confident' that Trump will win re-election, but the brightest sign that he will prevail is any of the Dem debates. What I'm curious about is what Paul sees in the Dem clown car that has promise for a better America?
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Poor Paul - he promised to vote for anyone the Dems nominated and he now realizes he'll have to vote for some one less intelligent and less honest than Trump. I haven't read anything from Paul praising anyone from the Dem party. Maybe one of them can raise the unemployment level of non-whites? Is that what Paul is hoping for? Or maybe increase food stamp participation? What is it Paul is for?
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Laugh-a-minute with the left. Zucky will police his own self - thank you very much. Money quote: "Facebook released new governing documents for an independent oversight board that can overturn decisions by the company itself." Independent of what? It's clear that Facebook will set up and pay for the committee. Say - why not have Standard Oil set up an 'independent' committee to watch over its pollution issues? That way, we won't need an EPA to pay for. I know my friends and I in our neighborhood would be glad to set up a 'court' to take care of all the legal issues we might have. Now where's Judge Roy Bean when you need him? And I'm sure it will be super duper 'diverse'. Moderate left all the way to bat-shit crazy left. Nothing the left hates worse than a free market. It always ends up with way too much democracy going on. And those stupid proles don't understand how to be democratic properly like they're supposed to.
Toggle Commented 13 hours ago on Sandbox - 12sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Damn - I need to get a new dart board!
"Can't feel sorry for a pack of whiners who do nothing but whine." Hmmm - sounds like the Dem candidates for POTUS. Say - if anyone doesn't like Trump, they could exit for better political climes. Canada? Venezuela? "...move out among the cactus and kangaroo rats." Where is that?
Don B 4:20 - A relative of mine (resides in Cali and wishes he didn't) relates his last medical visit. He was given a sheet of paper with a list of questions such as "are there any fire arms in you house" and what "sexual orientation do you identify with". He said he just put N/A on all of them and the receptionist didn't say a thing. Push back is the best answer.
J Boring at 3:10 - Because they want tax subsidies, increased budgets etc. And please do list some citations. Just because a few dolts got together and wrung their hands while putting out daily press releases for the masses to demonstrate their political correctness doesn't constitute any real threat of any kind. The weather changes in California. A lot. It's a drought and flood cycle that's been going on for eons. Any business in this state that relies on the weather conditions of a certain sort would do well to make sure they have sufficient resources to make it through the lean times and bank the surplus from the good times.
The leftys posting on this topic are just hilarious. The fact that they can continue to enjoy life and travel to anywhere they wish somehow 'proves' there aren't serious and growing problems in the once golden state. I'm sure Marie Antoinette was quite pleased with her life before her head became separated from her body. Seems the reality for others in France wasn't all party hearty at the beach. As far as the charge that we conservatives are just old cranky racists - well - you're only as old as you feel and I feel pretty good. Cranky? That's laughable. Racist? Um - I think you're looking in the mirror, dude. The racist deal is, as was earlier pointed out just a bad crutch for a argument with no foundation. California is still a pretty place with great scenery and if you can afford it - great. You might, though, want to check the stats on who's coming in and who's checking out. The good news is that in the long run, housing prices will come down!
With all the lies being told during the debate (even by the moderator) I would have thought that Auntie Emery would be over here just bursting with anger. Strange, because I could have sworn he counts every little single lie... Could it be he's partisan? Our little Emery?
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox - 12sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
BT - "And all the problems, including homelessness, are growing worse." Well - there you go again. 'Bitching and moaning'! Just whistle a happy tune and go to Tahoe or some other whitey-white happy place and everything will be swell.
Walt at 9:21 - A small correction is necessary. The solar mandate will cost far more than 20K to the consumers. That cost has to be mortgaged. And it raises the value of the house. It will increase the taxes. Don't forget to add maintenance. A lot of folks can't or won't go up on the roof to clean them and will have to pay for them. The controllers and panels don't last forever so you'll have to replace them before your 30 year mortgage is up and now you're paying double. And it's one more thing to insure. Increase the insurance payment. And just wait until the trees your neighbor planted start to block the sun - call the lawyer! You will still have to pay the power company, because you are still connected. Those foggy or cloudy days will run the bill up. Forget natural gas - the leftys are working on banning that, so what heats those new houses on non-sunny days? Ha ha ha - yeah, it's going to be swell!
Oh, the Jiggles is hitting his stride. "How logical is it to waste your lives bitching and moaning and believing you will have one gram of influence over how this state will be run a decade from now." I spend about 15 minutes a day (average) on this web blog. And I don't just bitch and moan. Jiggles might learn that if he would just read once in a while. I have several interests and hobbies, not to mention the volunteer work I do. My life is pretty damn good, but others are struggling and Jiggles just wishes we would stop talking about it. One gram of influence? That's rich coming from a lefty. Why - the very idea that we citizens would DARE to try to have a say in how our country is run!!! Don't we conservatives understand that we need to just pay our taxes and knuckle under to our betters? You lefties are complete morons. California is increasingly run by what you leftys wanted and you're scared to death of what is to come. California is already fast becoming the MOST unequal in income of all the states. And who and what is causing it? Not the Rs or the conservatives, that's for sure. "I don't expect anything but a spurious answer, for you don't have any answers." If you mean I don't have any 'answers' to California sliding down the rat hole into a chaotic mess - you are correct. I predicted it years ago at a dinner party at George's house. Sad to say - I was correct. Demographics are a stubborn thing and the playing field was tilting left-ward at an alarming rate. So we left to find another state run by adults who understand that water runs downhill. I take no joy in others' suffering. I have family and friends still in California. It's just sad.
Jiggly - "Bitching and moaning and looking in the rearview isn't my thing." That's right, Jiggy - you make sure you look where you're stepping so you don't step in the crap on the street and you whistle a happy tune while ignoring the rising tide of misery around you. California isn't trying anything new. Lawlessness, corruption and poverty are actually pretty old news. And what is new about rent control? It's been tried for decades and it's proven to make things worse. Now - the gig economy is new, but Jiggy's buddies are trying to kill it. Trying something new just because it's new is a pretty stupid way to go, but no one ever claimed Jiggy was very bright.
Jiggles - 7:25: So, when Obama was pres the govt just got all the rooms and resorts for free? Love how the lefties pretend to be so concerned about money when Trump takes office. And - Welcome back, George!
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sandbox - 12sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
OK, Paul - you're on. Please break down the US fed budget and show us all what part of it is "Trump's deficit". Because last time I looked, the budget is overflowing with spending baked in since the 1930s. Because Paul has no memory, I've been harping about the fed deficit for years. Paul is quite upset with the deficit only when it's "Trump's deficit". And Paul wants to elect folks that will blow the deficit through the roof. But that's OK, because it isn't "Trump's deficit". So c'mon big boy - show your cards. What is "Trump's deficit"?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Hilarious - "...and whether or not a large airliner actually crashed into the Pentagon is still a topic of debate." Not with the folks who were there and saw it happen. Hey - don't we have 'friends' who are from Japan and Germany? Boy - it puts WWII in a whole 'nother light! Bobby please - lay off the Cap'n Crunch and Ding Dongs.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on “Never forget” what? at Rebane's Ruminations
Total comedy from Emery - "That's the opposite of Trump with his running up massive deficits..." From the maroon that wants to vote for any Dem candidate for pres and wants free health care for everyone. You have no idea what deficits are.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Some people did something. With box cutters, which are still available without a universal background check.
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on “Never forget” what? at Rebane's Ruminations
Jiggles - "In the 70's and 80's yes, 1970s and 1980s. The Mount Tallac cross used to be there all year round. It has been missing the past 8 years. Did you know that California had something called a drought?" Did I know that California had a drought? I just told you, Jiggly, that California had a massive drought. You can read, can you? And your times frames are pathetically small. You need to look at the climate going back thousands of years before you can even start to have a idea of what the climate has been doing. California has a drought and flood climate as far back as anyone can tell. You don't have a bit of science on your side - just a bunch of old man remembers his childhood blather.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2019 on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Walt - Forget trying to reason with panicked cattle. Just get out of the way and wait for them to all run off the cliff. We keep passing one 'common sense' gun control law after another and it never does any good. Now the bit is in their teeth and it's going to be national. And they are going to find out about something called 'reality'. Make felons out of 10s of millions of otherwise law-abiding citizens and just see what happens. The Dems have already set the standard of local govts telling the feds to pound sand. They're too stupid to realize that works both ways. Hell - they're just too stupid. Example number one - Biden.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2019 on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
"They used to be permanent snow fields, now they are ephemeral..." Used to be when? Was that when Tahoe was 20 feet lower for enough time for 30 - 40 inch diameter trees to grow to maturity? You leftys are hilarious when it comes to AGW. "Well - I remember in my day". Sorry - that isn't even close to enough time to mean squat. Folks walked on dry land across the land bridge from Russia to North America. Then global warming started. And the sea level has been rising ever since. Do try to learn a little earth science, boys. There is no rock with a line drawn on it by God that shows "THE SEA LEVEL". It's gone up - it's gone down - it's gone back up. Climate alarmist Obama just a bought a friggin mansion right where he claims it's going to flood. What does that tell you? It's a crock. Your hero Dr Mann is a fraud. And there goes your hockey stick BS right out the window. What else do you leftys have? Oh - look - a hurricane. First one ever. Good grief.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2019 on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Well - MM at 8:32 certainly sums up the left's attitude. Thanks for being honest. Admitting that your solutions are bad for the environment but it's OK because you're on the side of the angels.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2019 on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Steven at 8:18 - And just what is your logic, here? We were talking about wind mill generators killing birds. Are you saying it's OK as long as cats kill more?
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2019 on Sandbox - 5sep19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Crabb is a typical lefty - "As for my bad attitude when I come here, it's just a reflection of the hate and contempt I see from most of the comments. I really don't give a shit whether you like me or not." Your attitude is your responsibility, Bob. You look pretty childish trying to blame others. I get tired of your typical left wing BS about how conservatives don't care about birds or the environment or poor people or whatever. Just because our solutions don't match yours is no excuse to claim we don't care. The fact is that the left and the green weenies constantly try to minimize or coverup the damage their 'solutions' to so-called global warming are causing. And the same bunch constantly lie about the true carbon footprint of things like electric cars. Saying you don't care whether I like you or not is no excuse to smear and lie about people. If you have an accusation to make against me or anyone else, you have the responsibility to prove the point. Well - as an adult you do, but if you just want to blame other people for your rude and insulting behavior there's nothing I can do but sadly shake my head.
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