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Barry P. 6:50 - "What is trumpism Paul?" Paul 7:01 - "Blind support and obedience to Trump and his ideas Barry." OK, Paul - Name the people that post here that have 'blind obedience' to Trump? This should be good.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox - 12jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul 12:43 - Paul now sides with the never-Trumpers at NR. What a surprise. "President Trump "urged a crowd to march on the U.S. Capitol and pressure his vice president and Congress to abuse their authority" to overturn a free and fair election that Joe Biden clearly won." None of that is illegal or violent. As to the election being 'free and fair' - that is their opinion. Trump never instructed anyone to do anything illegal or violent. Unlike many Dems in the last year who did.
Toggle Commented 3 days ago on Sandbox - 12jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
from Duh, a very ignorant person: "What ever happened to letting private enterprises refuse service to whomever they want?" You might want to talk to small businesses way back about 60 yrs ago. Seems it was left wing judges said you can't do that. Sucks to be you, Duh.
BT 7:09 - "Where does he go to get his credibility back" Several areas come to mind. Most of which aren't polite. But they're accurate.
Paul's indictment of Trump: "So let's walk down Pennsylvania Avenue". Damn! Why are people allowed to do that?
Paul - "The rioters and looters were encouraged by the President to march to the Capital after the demonstration and that he'd be marching with them." They weren't 'rioters' when they were outside the Capitol. Funny how the left can march to the Capitol but no one else can. Did Trump tell them to commit violence or loot, Paul? Waiting.
BT 6:22 - Yep. The reality is that she was stupid. And stupid hurts. The list is long. Lately, it's been black drug addicts, but white chicks are in there. When will she get her statue and heroine status? Never. Wrong skin color, wrong cause.
Paul 5:36 - "marauding hoards pillaging and looting the Congress. All this because of Trump demonstrators running wild with little or no resistance from police or the military." Better go back under your bed, Paul - they're coming for you next. The various business owners that watched their life's work go up in flames while the police under orders to stand aside did nothing would like to take you out back and explain a few details of reality to you with a baseball bat.
fish 5:48 "And I care ever so deeply about what he thinks......" See? We conservatives are sensitive and caring.
fish 5:28 - That kind of 'humor' and 'outrage' according to Duh is not acceptable.
Duh 3:21 - "Thought I better keep up with Charmin's outrages" They aren't outrages, moron - I'm merely pointing out reality. And no - you can't keep up.
Duh at 3 something - It wasn't humor and it wasn't outrage. Those were your stupid ass comments. It was merely something I noticed that you can't deny. Sucks to be you.
A good clue as to the moral compass of the people we are up against. They pivoted from All Cops Are Bastards to crocodile tears because the flag wasn't at half mast for the 'bastard'. In a millisecond.
re the Union ed. Sooooo much BS, but the biggest thigh slapper: Wait for it Say it in a stern authoritative voice. "As long as it works according to the rules that we all must obey." 'All'? Like the govt officials that lie under oath and are never charged? Like rioters trying to burn down buildings with people inside who are let go without charges? Like millions of people entering the country illegally and are given tax payer protection and free goodies? People who destroy public property and are never even arrested or charged? 'All'? If the authors of this drivel didn't like what they saw in our nation's capitol, they should have objected to the same lawlessness that strikes directly at our rule of law a long, long time ago. It's way too late, now.
Don 3:04 - Idiots think they can brown-nose between Biden's cheeks and maybe still get invited to the DC cocktail circuit. No - I don't think any swat team will ever show up at their house. That would be a waste of time. These weenies are useful tools for the LSM. They'll probably end up being the equivalent of the Vichy govt in France. The Dems can say - "see, we even let an opposing party exist". I'm sure they will have their little data base - they'll need it to sell to the Dems to raise their cash.
Duh 4:20 - "There have been riots before and for many reasons. But there has never been an attack on our Capitol." And that's the point, isn't it? You can threaten, harass, beat on, and loot/burn down private citizens and their businesses - and that's OK with the Dem leaders - as long as you're a lefty. You can vandalize, tear down, and destroy public property - including fed property and as long as you are a lefty - you're good. But don't you dare make Queen Nancy feel a little uncomfortable. Lethal force for you and then we spit on you and fabricate all sorts of lies about you and Trump and we also forget all about our encouragement of violence the summer before. Sorry, lefty-losers. The Dems are on record as saying rioting and violence is good and should continue. All I'm hearing now from Dems is hypocritical BS.
BT 10:30 - "...and one for everyone else." Oh, not everyone. Just the ones deemed "enemies of the state". Emperor Xi approves.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 4jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Sorry to disappoint you leftys. My principles, ideas, and world views come from a much deeper and far more vast pool of knowledge about human nature and world history than that possessed by you. Trump was a guy I voted for despite his foibles. He was a far better pres than anything the Dems could put up. Now he's gone as presidents do come and go. How in the world his electoral defeat erases my ideas and life style is beyond me. You claim everything will be great now with the Harris (and possibly Biden) shit show. Yet in the run up to the election and even afterwards not a single lefty can honestly say a good word for either one of the failed hack Dems. All I'm hearing from the left is the yowling of the rock apes screaming for retributive blood. How that makes our world a better place is quite beyond me. The funniest part is calling a small group of riotous trespassers "white Isis" and "insurrectionists" and it shows just how far gone into non-reality you leftists are. You clearly have no idea what a true insurrection looks like. Our country needs to get back to work and stand up against our true enemies (principally Russia and China) instead of playing facist censorship games against opinions you don't like.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 4jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Duh 5:52 - "I hope more MAGA morons head to Parler. It will make it easier for Secret Service to track their anti American plots." Golly, Duh - we thought that was your job.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 4jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Hunted 8:35 - "It's hard to come by people like us these days, and its fellas like us who'll be running things real soon." Wow - another left wing intellectual. Who knew there were so many?
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox - 4jan21 at Rebane's Ruminations
Paul 8:22 - I take it from your post Paul, that you have no problem with school custodians beating baby elephants to death while riding bicycles made in Mexico.
Paul 7:14 - "The most disturbing thing..." Yeah that sounds waaaaay worse than people burning businesses to the ground and Biden saying it isn't real - it's just an 'idea'.
A total idiot @2:55 - Hilarious! Since you were addressing me, why would I ask you to 'name' myself? You claimed I believed all of Trumps lies. I asked you to name one. And I followed by averring that you couldn't do it. Looks like I was correct - you can't. It would be easier for you just to plead insanity coupled with a permanent OD of badly manufactured recreational drugs. Get some sleep - a bunch of the yellow ones will do the trick.
Duh 7:34 and 7:36 Duh is especially slow-minded this morning. Boise is in the state of Idaho and I made it clear on George's blog my wife and I are enjoying the company of our family in Texas. That's a different state, Duh. Please do try and keep up. Perhaps your personal physician can adjust your meds. It could clear up your paranoid delusions. Worth a shot, anyway.
Barry 9:40 - "I suppose that was the line drawn by law enforcement and she crossed it. The whole thing is horrible." I could have told those idiots that broke into the building they would face lethal force. The same politicians that encouraged the left-wing violence against innocent people will always decide it's a different story when they are personally threatened. They care about no one but them selves. Remember the mayors of Chicago and Seattle? They openly allowed all sorts of violence and destruction when it was some poor schlub downtown, but the instant the 'mostly peaceful' protestors showed up at the mayors' homes - all units were to respond and drive away the protestors. The taxpayers' watched their buildings burn while the police stood by idly. Don't you ever dare to actually go after the Dem power structure - they'll happily gun you down in a heartbeat.