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M is going for the 'purple prose' gold. "Now the (sic) must trek to the border where they are gassed." Oh the horror!!!! They MUST trek to the border!!! Probably at gun point. Box cars weren't available, apparently. "...where they are GASSED"!!! Yep - 'gassed'. Probably in their sleep. The Russians and Chinese are falling on the floor laughing at this kind of nonsense.
Paul 12:23 - There were no quotes or information from any ranchers. Just the biased opinion of one Trump hater. Most all of the folks living along the border are screaming for security. They have to put up with a reality you have no idea of. BTW - despite the news of chaos at TSA lines at the airport, my gorgeous wife and I just came through security at DFW in about 5 minutes. Your results may vary.
Bonnie - 7:28 "The top of the walls had sharp glass to keep unwelcome people out." When we visited our friends living in Mexico the husband remarked that he could tell if an ex-pat Americano lived in a particular casa or a native. The ex-pat's house just had a wall around it but the native's had broken glass mortared on top of the wall. (some even had concertina wire) And he was a die hard leftie Clinton fan!
Russ - "All those illegals Boardman wants to let in are going to be disappointed as the job they are seeking dry up as automation takes over simple repetitive tasks." and "I would be interested in the solutions posed by lefty readers. What are we going to do will all this surplus uneducated labor?" To the first statement I would say it won't really matter to most of them. To the second statement I would say the left and the right already have advanced the idea of a govt handed out 'wage' ie 'free money to live on'. Apparently there is a strong belief system that has endured through the ages that money is just a manufactured abstract that can be conjured up from thin air and good intentions. That idea has failed every time but the current batch of smarties knows they'll do it right this time. I wish them well or at least I wish them to be at the front lines when the mobs take over.
In all of this I notice that the good folks decrying the wall (fence, beaded curtain, whatever) have not once offered any sort of proposal as to just how we stop the illegal entry into our country of the millions of law-breakers. This whole bit of business is just stupid and sad. California's new gov just announced that he offers “sanctuary to all who seek it”. No limits were mentioned. Brown is on record stating that 'everyone' is welcome in California. I have asked before and will ask again - What laws can I openly break and thereby be rewarded for by the govt? Trump or no, this all leads to bloodshed - history has sadly shown this to be true.
In my usual search for what others are thinking or writing, I stumbled onto this little essay in Daily Kos: When conservatives complain about lefties, we use actual leftie quotes and articles. When lefties want to complain about conservatives, they are in a bind since there are no actual quotes or articles they can use. So - what to do? They make up an olio of some conservative bits and pieces heavily laced with fabricated BS that is contrary to conservative reality. As the author admits: "These themes are not always consciously perceived or stated (or even universally accepted) but they are believed, to varying degrees of intensity, ranging from casual to fanatical, by most hardcore conservatives:" Yeah - no actual conservative has ever thought or stated such a thing, but this is what you need to believe. Because it's not like you should ever actually listen to conservatives or read anything they write. Another difference found along the great divide. And these folks are blaming Trump for dividing America? I can hardly wait to see what the left will concoct as the great boogie man after Trump.
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from the left at 4:21 - "The entire "homogeneous" idea perpetrated in a thousand ways here every week is nothing but code for complete, rank, despicable racism...period. Anyone who countenances it is complicit as fuck." And calling the folks you just lost the debate to 'racist' is code for "mommy, help me"!
DH 3:51 - I see the left has lost the debate and is reverting to the go-to of mud throwing. It must just grind on the left that their ignorant view of conservatives is wrong.
scenes - "What I have yet to see argued is just what advantage there is to importing moar and moar people." Because the 'type' of folk being "imported" tend to vote a certain way. After stupidly denying it for years, they're now admitting it with a smirk.
Steve goes off the rails - "It is simply not true that immigrants are not assimilating..." That wasn't the contention Steve. You just deliberately changed what was originally stated. Obviously some are assimilating but there is less and less need to. The illegals end up being defacto citizens without learning English or our Constitution or following the law. And please stop with the cultural celebrations BS. That's not the problem and you know it. We have politicians that clearly have more allegiance to other countries than our own. Again I ask - if the newer members of this country are sooooo assimilated why do we have to print anything in any other language than English? You're supposed to know English to be a citizen.
"I am sorry George, but you guys are completely incorrect about cultural assimilation not occurring with the current generation of immigrants." If that is true, why does the govt now print in 57 languages? It didn't used to and everything was fine. Assimilation doesn't mean learn how to order at McDonalds.
Steve and others on the left - My legal immigrant ancestors arrived in this country waving the American flag. Not the country they came from. They learned English and would never have dreamt of 'demanding' anything from their new adopted country. They became Americans, not some hyphenated BS weasel-worded sort of citizen. This country is no longer on a singular path laid down by our forefathers. The left decries here and elsewhere how bad these men were and how we need to 'update' our national govt to pure democracy (mob rule) and get rid of some of our treasured rights. No matter what actual religious practice they personally conducted, everyone in the US used to believe our civil rights were bestowed us by our maker. Now the new modern man feels God is un-needed and the govt will hand out our new rights based on whomever happens to be in power at any given time. The left wants to usher in the sort of dystopia AOC is braying for. It cannot move that fast now and will patiently wait another generation if needed to have a smaller and un-armed opposition to deal with when the latest version of government-knows-best is instituted. We can be a nation of all different skin colors, nationalities and social customs but we can no longer function if we are not basically on the same page with fundamental ideas of governance and freedoms. That sort of 'diversity' leads to civil war. If you don't believe me, believe history.
R Cross at 1:38 - Wow! Our nation's founders built a form of govt that was the envy of the world and Bobby is questioning it? Never in the history of the world had a form of govt and social system produced a county in which so many people could be born poor with no social standing and work their way up to the top. But of course the lefties urinate on it because not everyone ends up equal. Perhaps after another 8 million uneducated people with no assets pour in and vote themselves gifts from the producers we'll achieve Venezuela.
Paul - the specific prediction was for the northeastern US. An area that has seen prodigious amounts of snow fall ever since. There was also supposed to be ocean water covering downtown Manhattan streets by now. California historically has experienced significant droughts long before us white boys even got to Plymouth Rock. You can pay 10 bucks for a gallon of gasohol but it isn't going to change the weather. This is a losing battle for you Paul, but please go ahead and play. You just might learn something. We are already past the time when world wide disaster was supposed to strike. The climate alarmists have been proven wrong every time. But they just keep coming up with new disaster deadlines that keep the money rolling into their bank accounts. And Paul - AlGore thanks you!
Too easy - "...will lead to disaster and yet you disregard them." Uh - because they've been predicting it for decades and they've been proven wrong? Remember the 'end of snow'? How'd that work out? "Hand-picked so-called experts brought on for promotion are not reliable balanced sources of information." Yeah, Paul - that would be the 'scientists' paid to promote climate fear. AlGore leads Paul around by his nose. C'mon, Paul - a twenty foot steel barrier makes it far far easier for the Border Patrol to keep illegals out than just a line on the ground. If you want to debate that... oh wait - that's right - Trump won't let us debate that!!!!
Paul loses his mind - "Trump is preventing that from happening." Really? How?
Sorry M - that article provided little proof that this is an ongoing problem. They actually admit a lot of it could just be people looking for a place to park without any intention of being a part of any animus against Tesla owners. 2 photos actually show that Teslas would still be able to access the ports. Fail. You have TDS and see an 'army' that doesn't exist. There wasn't any proof of any kind that linked this to Trump. Rude or inconsiderate peoples' parking habits cross all political lines. You can come out from under the bed. It's OK - really.
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2019 on Sandbox - 3jan19 at Rebane's Ruminations
re the charging station story - What a nonsense article. How many times has this happened? Twice? Call out the National Guard! M and his sort are easily led by poorly written articles with few or no facts and citations. Is this really important to M?
Toggle Commented Jan 4, 2019 on Sandbox - 3jan19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Oh c'mon, Paul - "I won't use the persons name out of respect" Now we'll never know!!! Oh puleeeeeze!! Who is it, Paul? "I mean being called a Nazi by Todd with no evidence other than having a German name is disgusting." You mean like Trump?
Toggle Commented Jan 3, 2019 on Sandbox - 28dec18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Bobby's at it again - "Cons either ignore the lies or swallow them hook line and sinker, which is it and why do they continue to do that?" Factually wrong, Bobby. We neither ignore the BS nor believe it. Trump was elected because he was as tired of the usual nonsense in DC as most Americans are. And because the Dems ran a lying cheating thieving hypocrite harpy against him. He's installing judges that follow the law and the Constitution. He's trying to dismantle the web of un-needed regulations that beat down our nation's wealth producers. He's trying to do something about China's ongoing trade war against our country. Lincoln put Grant in charge of the Union army despite his obvious failings because he would do what the other generals would not. This is all old news around here but Bobby and the other lefty's just can't be bothered to pay attention. They'd rather stick to a fabricated narrative because it makes them feel better.
"Mitt Romney should be considered a swing vote" Amazing - seems it wasn't that long ago that Romney was Hitler. How time flies.
Herr Holst "They are not here to debate,..." Actually sir, it's the lefties that refuse to engage in debate. I've asked many many times for facts, examples and/or further explanation and the lefties just run away. How about you, sir? Would you care to provide us with your views and your side of the story?
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2019 on Sandbox - 28dec18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Bobby at 9:38 - "The comparisons between current right wing rhetoric and the brown shirt rhetoric of depression era Germany are not that dissimilar: nationalism, racism, divisiveness, huge increases in defense "offense?" spending at the expense of all else." No wonder poor Bobby and the left are so frightened. If they could just stop fabricating BS about the 'right wing rhetoric' and actually pay attention to the real numbers in the budget, they would see that reality is not the boogie man they are hiding from under their beds. The welfare state is expanding, Bobby. No conservatives are cutting you off from speaking or thinking as you wish. Bobby might want to check out the video I posted the link to. Does the left really believe that it can't happen to them? How many times in history have we seen 'progressive' regimes set up shop and go right after the left wing 'useful idiots' that helped to put them in power in the first place? It can happen here. If you don't fight for all the rights, then you will lose them all, eventually.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2019 on Sandbox - 28dec18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Don at 2:32 - And this is spoken as the Chinese launch their carriers. Interesting.
Toggle Commented Jan 2, 2019 on Sandbox - 28dec18 at Rebane's Ruminations
Happy New Years everyone! Here's a great bit of news from J Peterson. He and many from the left and right are dumping Patreon. The discussion is important on so many levels. Who has a collar around your neck? Lefties should pay attention. Do you really think this will never happen to you?
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