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I realize the bill goes nowhere in the Senate, but the Dems are showing their hand on this one. Ignore the cute name and check out the details. Federal equality protection for folks who 'decide' to be or act a certain way.
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George at 8:31 "Giving the pregnant mother the legal right to kill her offspring may still be the easiest solution for a society no longer able to afford care for unwanted babies and single mother families." Although - our society can afford it. It's just a matter of priorities. That fellow who said something along the lines of "we can kill them now or kill them later" blundered only in that he was honest in public, not in private. The really sad thing is - we don't 'kill them later' we just warehouse them. The only humans we regularly kill are the most helpless. Speaks volumes about our society.
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Hooray for Chicago - "I’m looking ahead to a city of safe streets and strong schools for every child regardless of neighborhood or zip code,” Lightfoot said. “A city where people want to grow old and not flee. A city of sanctuary against fear where no one must hide in the shadows. A city that is affordable for families and seniors and where every job pays a living wage. A city of fairness and hope and prosperity for the many, not just for the few, a city that holds equity and inclusion as our guiding principles.” After a few years of the new lefty brigade running things, Chicago will resemble Venezuela. Get ready for the excuses. Something like - "I just said 'a city', I didn't mean Chicago!"
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L:9:27 - We've had 6 days of rain in the last 8. New snow visible in the hills above us. Global warming. Science IS settled, just some of the humans haven't figured it out. It's always about what WILL happen. Later. Sometime. Maybe.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox – 19may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
BT - The Constitutional Crisis nonsense is just the latest spittle blowing by the left. All they have to do is utter the phrase over and over and the press just blasts it out as gospel. Notice there is never any attempt to explain just exactly what the point of order is with this so-called 'crises'. The left is now in full blown 'big lie' mode. If you say it enough times, it becomes reality. When pressed, all adherents cave to the fact that they really have no idea of what the hell they're on to. They just point to the fact that a lot of others say the same thing, so it must be true.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Sandbox – 19may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
re the new Perpetual Motion Kontraption - "Mike Halverson, IEC’s largest investor, tested an IEC Earth Engine at his manufacturing facility. The company says it ran for 422 hours" Wow - that's like almost, FOREVER! I've seen Italian motorcycles run longer than that. Turn the page.
Ha - "It’s pretty obvious they’ve bought into the whole scheme, but are too chickenshit to admit it in public." Well, it must be! I have absolutely no idea what the hell a 'QAnon incident' is. But some how 'it's obvious' I've bought into it. Sorry Crabby - you shit yourself on this one. Nothing but a total BS lie. 'It's obvious' means I'm lying and have no proof. And Crabb is too chickenshit to post his BS here. He hides on his own blog and smears others with his lies. What a guy.
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Well - the guy isn't too bright, so it would make sense to appeal to the stupid. "“That’s what they are saying you have to do to win the Democratic nomination. Well, I don’t believe it,” Biden declared. “I believe Democrats want to unify this nation. That’s what the party’s always been about. That’s what it’s always been about. Unity.”" Uh - what? Unity? Unity in what? Oh, who cares! Just get with that UNITY, man! We'll be united! Oh boy! The NAZIs were united - the ChiComs are getting the Chinese untied. It's wonderful! Lemmings are united! We do really deserve the leaders we elect. Not angry - just united!
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
The WSJ article is pay-walled and the other link is self serving fluff. The gist of the whole deal is this new push-me pull-you magnet that is 'asymmetrical'. One pole is stronger than the other. Supposedly. Until I can see a nuts and bolts run down on where the 'free' energy is coming from, I call BS on this. I got really suspicious when they used the example of the satellite sling-shotting past a planet. That only provides a temporary boost. Not a constant 24/7 as promised. You don't need to spend a dime putting up a big deal internet page if you have the real stuff. Bottom line - what does it cost per unit of energy on a year round basis? I've got old Popular Science mags with breathless front page BS about 5 cent a kilowatt solar panels 'just around the corner'. From the 70's. Now where is that corner?
Toggle Commented 2 days ago on Scattershots – 18may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
It's hard for me to seriously consider anything about Trump's immigration policy as it only works if we control the border. And, like our national debt, there seems to be almost nobody in power that cares to do anything to control it. The Dems want more of both and the Rs just hope it doesn't get out of hand until they leave office. Yippee.
"“Don’t move forward after reading this like everything is normal. Don’t shake your head at Alabama and then keep going about your day. Realize that this is a warning,” said Disney film director Ava DuVernay. “It’s Alabama and abortion today. It’s you and your rights tomorrow. Your silence will not save you. So speak up.”" Because 'Bamy runs the country! Certainly Newsome has sat up and taken notice! "Golly Beave, maybe we better have a ban on abortions in California as well!" - says the Golden State's newest Gov. I'm sure the pregnant women in Alabama are being forced to stay in state. The left continues to lose it's mind.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
To add to my previous post about Biden - There's a lot of truth in this article.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
fish 6:21 - "Well….the best part of Joe Biden is the "Joe Biden Gaffe Factory"™…you never really know if it's Joe "going off the rails" or a couple of overheated neurons firing at random and bringing us another "Shotgun Joe Biden" quotable moment!" Not if Biden gets the nod. The MS news media will simply ignore his gaffs. They won't exist. Biden will become the 'calm, intelligent and experienced voice'. Or something like that. You wait. Trump will find himself running against a combination of Einstein, Gandhi and Mother Teresa. The MS news media will make him that. All previous incarnations will be non-entities.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
fish 12:05 - Yeah, right. This is campaign garbage talk. Good luck ever getting it enacted. They don't even try to control the border - how would they control firearm sales? Can you imagine any of this becoming law? Prohibition will look like a cakewalk. Notice there are never any details. You can get a "Federal Firearm License" or just buy whatever from Jose just across the border. From the NYT (Matt Stevens) "Aspects of Mr. Booker’s 14-part plan are among the most progressive gun-control measures suggested by a candidate seeking the Democratic nomination for president and are likely to face sharp criticism from gun-rights advocates like the National Rifle Association." Progressively idiotic. Sharp criticism? Laughter, more like. No wonder Biden will get the nod for the Dems - he's smart enough not to go off the rails like these other loons.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Another marker for how far American 'higher education' has fallen - Harvard? Any student that signed that petition should have been shown the door. Maybe the local community college has something more in line with their needs. Harvard? Maybe just turn it into a mental hospital. The inmates are already there. Lefty-ism IS a mental disorder.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
Don at 4:34 - Big red flags for me. Going from the Maine to the Gulf Of Tonkin Incident, we have been sucked into stupid stuff based on holes in ships that turned out to be not quite as advertised. Steady as we go, I say.
Toggle Commented 7 days ago on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
re - the global warming post: The alarmists are always telling us what 'will' happen. Best to ignore the failures of the past - just keep the proles up at night worrying about what's coming. The link is to an article from some outfit called MIT. I know what MIT used to stand for but this bit of lunacy has me thinking this is a much different MIT. It turns out from the article that India has plenty of water but they don't have the infrastructure to distribute it properly nor can they manage to make it potable. And get this - 'climate change' will make it worse. So - the article admits the Indians can't do what others have done 150 years ago but 'climate change' will make it worse! Is there no end to the evil that climate change 'will' do? The only problem is that 10 years from now, there will be even more Indians than there are now. I guess we'll have to blame that on climate change.
Well - when you've painted your own good self into a corner - start 'imagining' a door! from Bobby - "rag heads, liberalism is a disease, kids are stupid, public employment is the employment of last resort ..etc etc." just off the top of my head .. You don't think such characterizations are a type of derision? If such characterizations are not divisive and hateful with causes discontent among fellow citizens... what are they.." OK #1 - Rag heads - Islamists that take the good word to heart and butcher innocent folks. Well Bobby - if upsetting these fine folk upsets you, we sure do apologise. #2 - Liberalism is a disease - Now actually, that's leftyism. A classic liberal is nothing of the sort. If not a disease, then what is the problem? Their thinkers don't function, so something is adrift. #3 - Kids are stupid. All of them? I call total BS on that one. Cite the quote. #4 - "public employment is the employment of last resort" Yeah, I can see that statement really making sane folks rush out to shoot the next public employee. Bobby - you really want to go down the line and check out an office full of public employees? No one is saying all public employees are otherwise unemployable, just most of them are. How long do you think most of those paper pushers would last in an office where you could be legally fired at will? #5 - " If such characterizations are not divisive and hateful with causes discontent among fellow citizens... what are they.." Not hateful, dude - just the facts. And the facts have often caused 'discontent' - something you didn't claim originally.
Bobby 10:55 - No, he doesn't. Unless you have any examples, we're done here. Have any other baseless BS to spew, Bobby?
And Mr Pellien has never criticized a single person in his entire life! re the S Moore episode - nothing new under the sun: I remembered that the innocent little lad from Chi-Town played hard ball right off the bat.
"I hope George's blog didn't cost MIM some longtime supporters." Well run along and tell simply everybody all about that nasty, nasty man and just maybe some how we can wring our hands and hope there's no fallout. Gracious! As Bugs would say - "what a maroon!"
MA at 11:47 - You see Michael, I actually read the links you lefties provide. That one from the American (some) Civil Liberties Union was a howler. "Millions of Americans Lack ID. 11% of U.S. citizens – or more than 21 million Americans – do not have government-issued photo identification." And the percentage of them that are not eligible to vote? Oops! I'm kinda certain that buying and possessing a firearm is a civil right, but you try to do that in the Golden State with no ID. I have yet to see any lefty complain about that. The only reason anyone would oppose voter ID is to facilitate voter fraud. If you don't have an ID and want to vote, why not call the DNC and have them help get you one? They're free, Michael. We await your swift and clever retort.
MA at 10:29 - Uh, you did read what I had written? For the slow ones in the class, I'll repeat, but this time I'll type slower. The left claims that making folks show ID at the voting locations somehow precludes non-whites from being able to vote. This point was made once at a Dem rally whose attendees had to show ID to enter. I have been made to show ID at: the airport, the doctors office, the pharmacy, the DMV for vehicle registration, the liquor store, and now if I want to purchase legal MJ at the Potty Shoppe. Are the white boys downtown accused of keeping non-whites from ANY of these activities? Not one single time. Yet when it comes to voting... Somehow, I'll bet MA still is scratching his head.
The lefties loved to post here all about how Trump wouldn't get elected, couldn't last a year, Russian collusion, was going to be impeached... Turns out they were wrong and it aint fun no more having to be served crow on a daily basis. "We are speaking to a bunch of fossilized fence posts." Oh yeah - you lefties are so hip and cool with all the new 'ideas' such as pooping in the sidewalk, denying medical science, getting rid of civil rights. We conservatives are mindful of truths lasting thousands of years while easily adopting into a society ever changing with the new technologies coming into play. "We are the counterpoint that makes this place interesting." True that. To a point. Your writings here demonstrate how a rational person can go off the edge following slavishly to your hatred of ideas and facts that don't align with yours. I have yet to see a single left winger posting here put up any sort of on-going debate with facts and reason. I would be sorry to see you all go, but if this blog is triggering you, then hie off to your safe spaces and mommy will be there to comfort you with warm milk and treacle.
Toggle Commented May 10, 2019 on Sandbox – 9may19 at Rebane's Ruminations
re the field 'trip' to the Pot Shoppe - If you had to show your ID and sign your name, then only white Republicans can possibly be able to enter and purchase goods according to our left wingo friends that post here. They constantly remind us that having to show ID when voting is obvious voter suppression. And a uniformed guard? A clear reminder of Selma AL if there was one. But this is different? Right.