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Good Morning. MM, isn't is strange that all these politicians jump on a plane for a "surprise" visit to Ukraine? Why? Did they travel all the way to Ukraine to assure Zelensky that his money will arrive? Something is very weird. Also, Steny Hoyer was on the House floor shouting "we are at war!"
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Happy Easter! Happy Birthday to your mother Narciso! MM, get well soon!
Yeah, let's transport Canadian oil by train and have another Lac Megantic disaster. Funny how the death of 47 people and the devastation of a community just goes down the memory hole.
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Iggy @ 1:29...I had that exact thought, Obama is the cool kid and Biden is the kid with cooties. Another thing I noticed in the video that there were a few Marines (?) in the group who looked like they were attending certain people. One in particular was assigned to Pelosi and she held his arm for support. So,she's walking around either drunk or feeble and needs to be helped by a strong, young Marine. I'm not sure I like living in interesting times. :)
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Jane, I'm the oldest of six. My two younger sisters are 11 and 13 years younger than I am, so do the math when I got a clue. :) I had a friend in high school who was a sweet kid. When we were juniors (probably age 16) her parents were expecting a baby. She was so upset, she became a "mean girl." I think she found out where babies came from and for whatever reason, was very angry with her parents.
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Good afternoon! I finally finished the book "Queen Victoria and the Romanovs." It has been on my Kindle, but I've been distracted. My impression is that especially in the later years of Victoria's reign, you can see WWI a mile away. She continued her beloved Albert's belief that intermarriage in the royal houses of Europe would strengthen bonds. Victoria's beloved grandaughters Ella and Alix were killed by the Bolsheviks less than 20 years after her death. Victoria opposed both marriages and although she thought Nicky charming, she feared for them living in Russia. Ella led a spiritual life after her husband's (Grand Duke Sergei) death in 1905 and the Bolsheviks still threw her down a mine shaft.
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Good afternoon! So, actually on topic...two time Maine gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler was arrested today on four counts of child porn. I mentioned yesterday that Maine State Police searched both his houses. Ugh. He's a "beautiful person" who is just a disgusting pervert.
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MM, E.B. White wasn't from Maine but had a small farm in Brooklin, Maine. He loved living there. I have a book of his essays and his memories about traveling to Maine from NYC are delightful. He used to take the train and then in later years drove to Maine. He writes about I-95 being built "all the way to Augusta" Ha.
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Ha. Eliot Cutler sold his mansion in Cape Elizabeth to a Bush relative for $7.6M and then bought a single family house in Portland. OMG! Probably a hovel. *snort* The 47 acre property in Brooklin overlooks Blue Hill Bay. The Maine State Police are tight-lipped and Cutler told the Portland Press Herald "no comment."
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Good afternoon! So, this morning we were at the vet's with Scout. He's okay, just showing his age (11) and had his annual appointment. While waiting, hubby checked the Maine news on his phone. Well, the Maine media is full of the news about Eliot Cutler, who ran as an independent for governor in 2010 and 2014. The Maine State Police searched both his houses in Portland and Brooklin. Cutler was a protege of Ed Muskie back in the day. The interesting thing about Cutler is that he was considered a spoiler during the the those governor's races because the results meant the *dreaded* Paul LePage won those elections. Those results were the impetus of ranked choice voting in Maine. On a personal note, Naskeag Point is dear to us ,because our late sister-in-law loved her summers there and we visited her several times. She is buried in the Brooklin cemetery a stone's throw from E.B. White.
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Hi Steph! Speaking of the Braves, they are playing the Red Sox at Cool Today Park on Friday. We might go over if we can find tickets that won't break the bank. :)
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Good afternoon. Yes Clarice, the world is crazy. At this point, I pray that my niece's husband won't be deployed to Poland or Slovakia or wherever. I haven't commented much because we're dealing with a family kerfuffle. Does any JOMer have experience with a sibling's second spouse? Speaking of world peace, ha!
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"Davy! Davy Crockett! King of the wild frontier!" I'm so old! Ha! Another lovely day in Florida. We're having the shower steamed cleaned and grout repaired. Very exciting!
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Good afternoon! I just learned something upsetting. I'll be vague, but...I've been texting my sisters because we're trying to plan a 90th birthday party for my mother later this summer. We've decided on a date (we'll be up north the month of July). The next step is head count (trying to round up Mom's adult grandchildren) and venue. One of my sisters has a son-in-law in the Army. She said, don't count on them because he might be in Europe by the summer. What?!! Because of Ukraine? She said "possibly." My niece is part of the family readiness program on base and my sister told me that she has heard "things" from the "people in charge." I don't like the sound of that at all!
Yes Jack, me too! I have to sign in every time. We have friends from Maine who are here for March and April. They came over to visit this afternoon. I think they're in culture shock. No masks! Ha!
Happy Birthday Jane!
MM, the geological name for the springs is cenote.
Good afternoon! Hubby asked if I wanted to take a Jeep ride this morning and I jokingly said, "yeah let's go to Warm Mineral Springs." Warm Mineral Springs is about five miles from us and is the center of a fairly strong Eastern European community in North Port. There are two Ukrainian churches in North Port. The springs have been an attraction for Eastern Europeans for years. Although we didn't go this morning, we went there one time out of curiosity. The park is owned by the city of North Port and until recently, the facilities have been in rough condition. I believe there are some upgrades in process. The springs are a sinkhole and fed by three vents, one is 95 degree water that mixes with cooler water, keeping the water in the 80s. The air reeks of sulphur (the springs have the highest mineral content of any natural springs in the U.S.) If you are an random tourist, you might feel out of place. It isn't a fancy spa. :) It is the domain of the Eastern European community and I can only imagine that tensions are running high.
Davod...well, a family reunion with the Kaiser, George V and Tsar Nicky would have been a hoot. :)
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Good afternoon! I just ordered a book on Kindle titled "Victoria and the Romanovs." With a subtitle "Sixty Years of Distrust." Victoria is fascinating because she was such a little busybody. Her machinations of intermarrying her children into the royal houses of Europe made for some *interesting* problems. She was Queen during the Crimean War. I know nothing about that war except Florence Nightingale. :) My limited knowledge makes me think it was a precursor to WWI, a total bloodbath. I'll give a book report when I've finished.
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All the best Jack!
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Good afternoon! Davod, about 10 years ago Tim Horton's built stores and tried to get into the New England market. Many of those stores are now closed. You can't break the brand loyalty of Dunkin Donuts in New England. Munchkins v. Timbits wins every time. :)
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Good afternoon! Yay! I'm able to sign in again after being blocked. MM, yummy! My favorite is oatmeal raisin. The Amish market here makes home baked goods and the cookies are awesome. I used to bake all the time when the daughter was growing up. My raspberry crisp and carrot cake were favorites when the daughter was a little girl.
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New thread.
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Good Morning! Freeze warning in SW Florida tonight. Global warming baby!
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