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If Mueller is a white hat (he isn’t) then he and Trump perpetrated a fraud on the country and the rule of law. You can’t restore the rule of law by breaking the law. Washington is not Andelain. (Gratuitous reference for Narcisco)
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Ex, a 100 calories of grapes or 100 calories of Oreos? A 100 calories of sugar free yogurt or 100 calories of added sugar yogurt? 100 calories of popcorn or 100 calories of bread? I’m with ManTran, calories are a very poor method of deciding the value of what to eat. I’m a fan of Dr. David Ludwig and his book, Always Hungry.
TK, regarding the variable pool pump, I just had to make the decision when replacing my main pump (the joys of pool ownership). Pretty easy for me based on the length of my pool season in WI, the amount of time I plan to maintain ownership of the house and the large price difference. 16 yrs ago I would have gone with variable if they had been available. I do run my pumps 24/7 For you in CA, I would imagine a longer season and higher electric rates make it a sensible choice.
Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?
Henry, I just read your 11:12 on Evers’ task force. One of the business leaders m3ntioned is my partner in golf league. Will have to ask him about it.
PDJT: Bob thx for the input on potential FBI Director candidates but I have to ask, what about yourself as a candidate? RM: Mr President, I am only here to offer my take on what to look for in a candidate. PDJT: Fine and well, but if you were asked to serve your country, could you, would you? RM: Mr President, there are statutory impediments to that occurring. PDJT: Bob, you leave those to me. But before I expend any capital on doing so I need to know your level of interest. RM: Mr President, I would be honored to be given such an unprecedented honor. PDJT: Well we will give this its due consideration. So who lied about their perspective of/in that meeting?
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Henry, for a utility, estimated billing is lose-lose. Estimate high and you generate calls for the call center. Estimate low and you just push off those calls till the actual higher usage is billed. I worked for a utility that chose the later until they implemented automated meter reading.
Jane, any chance they told you that you had Alzheimer’s and you just forgot? 😉
Predicted to be the hottest day of the year in Madison, Wi. The local utility had two transformers explode by their Blount Street plant at 7:45am. The plant is a coal plant converted to gas. No peaking today. Oops.
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Cooking is art, baking is science. If you are willing to throw out a bad result and order pizza you can attempt cooking anything.
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Amom, I read JimNJ’s post as referring to those nonblocked posters who respond to the blocked TomR as trying to be clever and just clogging the threads and wasting our (his) time. While I probably have an issue with that on a different level I do not believe it was aimed at you.
In the early eighties Madison addressed desegregation by “pairing” upper middle class neighborhoods with low income neighborhoods. This was not system wide. Initially it was just two pairs. Children were bused between the pairs. The school district being the cowards that they were chose schools from the upper middle class neighborhoods that had strong parochial schools that parents opposed to busing could send their children to. Today Madison loves to tout their quality schools while ignoring the minority success gap that is pushed in the corner. I watched Boston’s busing implementation from the front row. Never understood why they didn’t just do 1st graders the first year, 1st and 2nd graders the next year, and so on. Might have reduced the protest levels. It’s not like the problem occurred overnight or had to be resolved overnight either.
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As seen on Twitter, @thebradfordfile Dear @CNN: I saw your interview of E. Jean Carroll. Her story sounds a lot like an episode of Special Victims Unit—Episode 11, Season 13 Discussion of a rape fantasy in the dressing room at Bergdorf Goodman's. At 42:15...
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Mel, spent last week3nd in Door County. Highest lake/bay water levels I have seen there over the last 25 years. Some permanent docks bayside are nearly underwater. Cana Island Lighthouse, where over the last decade you could drive out to, now requires a boat trip.
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CH @1:27 All women are bi. A man needs to figure out if it’s sexual or polar.
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I’m still catching up but need to say the NJ-Jim needs to stick to his normal hours. ;) And CH responding to the number of “gay” friends as two dozen. Shit, I don’t even have two dozen friends. :). At my oldest’s wedding there were 5 “Mother of the .......”. 5. Imagine coordinating dress colors.
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Jim, I can only speak peripherally re: UW MedSchool. I didn’t attend but have met many who have and they are all top notch people. UW University Hospital is phenomenal for both the clinics and hospital portion. The Pediatric Oncology wing holds a special place in my heart. Amazing people. Madison isn’t a bad place to live during school either. Liberal enough that homesickness from CA will be minimal. 😊 I know a lot more about the Neuroscience Training program.
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Narc, thanks for reading the State Urinal so I don’t have to. You don’t have to be crazy to live in Madison, but it helps. Madison is doomed by geography. Downtown is an isthmus, between 8-10 blocks wide at its narrowest. In the center is the state capital square. Traffic is a mess as is, dedicating lanes to rapid transit is nonsensical but I’m sure they will do it.
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Not sure but I think Beasts has been interviewing for 1st Mate on the Subterfuge. SFW
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JiB, Sounds like the Governor’s Ball was a disaster. Hope Frederick still had a fun and safe time.
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Iggy, as one of 7, we had all but two of the toys. We never got hurt from them. We were particularly clumsy however. My poor mom had to make 54 trips to the ER. They definitely left off some doozies, water pressure rockets, Jarts and caps. We would scrape the powder out of the caps and make “bombs”. A little brother nearly lost a eye when one of the bombs left a 2 inch piece of glass embedded in his forehead just above his eyebrow. “Don’t tell mom”.
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Two men sitting in a bar and one says to the other that his longtime wife was growing distant and unapproachable. He said that she ignored him most of the time. His friend suggested that he take more interest in what she was doing and give more compliments. He took the advice to heart. Entering his house he could see her cooking at the stove from the entryway. Remembering his friends advice he yelled out, “that smells great, what are you cooking?”. True to form she didn’t turn around but just ignored him. Not to be put off he went to the kitchen door and resaid, “that smells great, what are you cooking?”. Again he was ignored. Walking to within 6 feet of her he repeated, “that smells great, what are you cooking?” This time she turned and said, “for the 3rd time, it is chicken cacciatore”. He scheduled a hearing exam the next day.
A-Mom, I had spent years dealing with my MIL and her hearing loss. Definitely runs in the family. Looking forward to my wife’s progressive loss. My MIL definitely had frequency loss. More trouble following her daughters than SILs. I think her loss was also related to “processing”. She couldn’t pull the relevant conversation out of a mix. I tried hard to get the family to not have multiple ongoing conversations around her and whenever possible to face her directly. Loss is loss. No amplification will allow the freq to be heard. I’ve always wondered why the isn’t technology to freq shift. It wouldn’t sound normal but it would be heard. We tried a lot of tech to little avail. We had a sound bar close to her for tv time that supposedly helped. VOX was the mfgr. At one point we thought apple’s active live listening might work but at 94 we ran into the old dog new tricks conundrum.
TomR, Clemens was pulled for a pinch hitter having thrown 139 pitches. He had had no hits in 3 earlier plate appearances.
I read here about the Gillette ad, haven’t seen it but have a question, the Dad is showing the transgender how to shave facial hair, right?
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