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Here is the bottom-line—despite being hired in late April (or early May) of 2016 to stop an unauthorized intrusion into the DNC, CrowdStrike, the cyber firm hired by the DNC's law firm to solve the problem, failed abysmally. More than... Continue reading
Posted Mar 17, 2020 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Why does the name of Joe Biden's former Internet Technology guru, Warren Flood, appear in the meta data of documents posted on the internet by Guccifer 2.0? In case you do not recall, Guccifer 2.0 was identified as someone tied... Continue reading
Posted Mar 12, 2020 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Ken, Get a damn sense of humor. But the fact that Bernie honeymooned in the COMMUNIST Soviet Union and extolled the virtues of Fidel Castro for years is not a Republican talking point. Deal with reality instead of rolling around in your lefty fantasy world.
James, This has nothing to do about personal feelings of dislike for Bernie. I despise his politics and his hypocrisy, but I'm looking at the empirical facts. Does not have a damn thing to do with my feelings about him. If he scoops up more delegates tomorrow than he did in 2016 then he is a big winner. If he does less, he's a loser. You may be a Canuck, but that does not mean you are devoid of reason does it?
Jim, Not true about 3 million still to be counted. California stated they have counted 97% of the votes, which includes the mail ins.
Walrus, An interesting prediction. Time will tell. You are on the record with this prediction and will merit praise for your prognostication skills if you're right.
Petrel, Very valid point. You may be right.
Leonardo, You clearly do not see the point. This is not about mathematical theory. Take the case of Bernie's performance in New Hampshire in 2016--150,000 plus votes. In 2020, 76,000. This has nothing to do with only "two" viable candidates. You must be a Bernie supporter and are trying to conjure up an excuse for why he is slipping. His percentages in both Iowa and Nevada were down significantly. But keep deluding yourself.
If Barr and Durham were going to play ball with the Deep Staters and the anti-Trumpers they would not be attacked as is happening. The hysterical over wrought accusations leveled at Barr last week are merely a symptom of the fear seizing these seditionists.
Sid, Are you the Crackpot Pot calling the kettle black? Have you been asleep for the last three years? Your claim, "Trump hasn’t done a whole hell of a lot for the average frustrated working people in those states" is beyond ridiculous. If Democrat leaders embrace your kind of nonsense they are most certainly dead politically. In Trump's last two rallies, held in state's in the grip of winter weather, had combined ticket requests totaling more than 300,000. Hell, the Washington Redskins could not draw 100,000 fans if they gave away tickets and offered free blow jobs from cheerleaders. We've never seen anything like the Trump appeal. Yet, people like you keep trying to pretend it is not real. Good luck with that.
How dare you refer to the Europeans as "REVOLTING." Who do you think you are? They are not REVOLTING. I think it is more appropriate to refer to them as ANNOYING. (Sorry, couldn't resist the opportunity to go full Rosanna Rosanna Danna on your excellent piece.)
Eric, Have you been awake for the last 10 years? The reason Iran is in control of Iraq is because of our actions. Not theirs. Ours. We put Iranian-backed Iraqi Shia in power. What the hell do you think was going to happen? Your ignorance of Iraq and Iran is representative of most Americans and explains why the Government can feed you boat loads of lies and you happily, eagerly swallow this garbage.
So, by your logic, the U.S. is the biggest threat. True? We're spending far more on building out all of our military branches than is China and Iran combined. And we continue to build bigger, "better" nukes. Or are you saying because we're Americans we can pretend that other countries count these acts by us as of no consequence.
NBC News? Now there is a new oxymoron. Binney is not discussing a "theory." The tactic of these fascists is to label anything that challenges their bullshit propaganda as a "conspiracy theory." The documents that Wikileaks posted from the DNC contain the relevant metadata showing conclusively that they are all in FAT format. Meaning? Were downloaded/copied to a storage device, such as a thumbdrive. With respect to NBC News there is no arguing with stupid. Unlike a mentally incapacitated person who operates at the level of a five year old, NBC has no medical excuse for this kind of retarded conduct.
I think you meant to write JUNE 12 vis April 12.
Are you kidding? They absolutely did use it. The reports that comprised the dossier as of September was being briefed to Isikoff and Corn, among others. The Clinton campaign, using surrogates, made sure of this. You need to pay more attention to what is actually going on rather than try to excuse inexcusable, unlawful conduct by the FBI, the CIA, the DNI and the NSA.
Scumbags? The only scumbag is you.
Given the track record of the Washington Post, I would advise caution in believing this report. I watched Senator Graham on Hannity. He is pretty adamant that a fraud was perpertrated on the FISA Court. The bottom line is clear--Barr knows that crimes were committed and will ensure that those responsible are held to account.
The internet was abuzz on Thanksgiving Eve with a report by the New York Times, Review is Expected to Undercut Trump Claim of FBI Spying. Here is the lede: The F.B.I. never tried to place undercover agents or informants inside... Continue reading
Posted Nov 28, 2019 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
There is great impatience, even frustration, over the slow roll out of the results of Inspector General Horowitz's investigation of the FBI's use of FISA. From what we already know from the public record, there was clear abuse and even... Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2019 at Sic Semper Tyrannis
Heart wrenching and instructive. Thank God we still have men like you to remind us what honor and duty entail.
Cameron, Marcy Wheeler is an Empty Headed crazy person. Devoid of logic. Lacking in experience. But damn certain of her stupid opinions. If her blog was printed on paper you would not be able to use it as toilet paper. Even her prose causes chafing.
That's not right. It was September 2017.
You're not wrong in criticizing Trump's personnel choices and inaction. When he entered office he was warned about the SES/SIS holdovers and the need to get his own people in place. He ignored that advice and is suffering the consequences. Trump played a character on TV of being a shrewd, tough judge of talent and ability. In reality, he is a bit of a goofball. That said, his basic policy positions are solid with respect to putting America first, enforcing immigration laws, and disengaging from the foreign adventurism that has defined US foreign policy for the last 75 years. My hope is that he now finally recognizes the threat.