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Eleanor Fang
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It is interesting that in today's age of technology and social media, sentiments of divide and dissent are amplified and more acutely felt than ever before. As you mentioned at the end of your Pro-Market paper, professor, deeper schisms in recent history (such as the Civil Rights era) have produced far more divisive times. It does seem, though, that the echo chambers and tools of mass communication available today create the possibility of hyper-rapid circulation of ideas, the unprecedented speed of which contribute to their rapid distribution, adoption, and intensification. I often feel that new technologies allow spreading news/ideas quicker but also intensifies and evolves them due to the ease of consumption and availability of tools to add to/build upon any given trend by any person. Based on your research, do you feel that meaningful analyses can be conducted on intersecting identity cleavages as you mentioned in The Cultural Divide? To what extent do you feel that the nuances within intersections can be teased out?
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Jul 18, 2018