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Thank you, Mike, for this programme! Btw,great Russian socialist and theoretician colonel Piotr Lavrov (Peter Lavroff) took part in Paris Commune himself. He wrote a classical book on Commune, highly appreciated by Lenin among others. In 1919 Bolsheviks republished it. Mid-April 1871 Lavrov was sent by Commune into propaganda mission abroad: as foreigner he could travel outside Paris. As to russian socialists of 1870s-1880s, their views on Paris Commune were formed neither by Bakunin, nor by Marx, but were very close to those of Marx.
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Thank you very much for your wonderful podcast! Some small details: Mexico 1924 was not the first country "in the world", which establishes diplomatic relations with USSR; Trotsky lived 1935-37 in Norway (not Sweden). Maybe, it's worth to notice that in 1930s Mexico was not the first in Latin America to nationalize oil: in 1937 Bolivia was pioneer in it - against Standard Oil (high point of "el socialismo militar"). Best wishes. Elena Ivanova (Leningrad)
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Dec 24, 2018