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Hi Joe, question from someone new to the sport. I've religiously followed your "Your first triathlon", made it to my first race, and loved it. I was wondering what's in between this point (after my first race) and something more advanced like your triathlon bible. I did briefly read the introduction of it, and you suggest to take it back after 3 years of experience in the sport. I would be more than happy to just repeat the same 12 weeks training over and over, but I am not sure this would be the right approach (I don't remember reading it anywhere). So, in short, what kind of training is recommended in between Your First Triathlon and The Triathlete's Training Bible? Thanks!
Hi Joe, I am following your "Your First Triathlon" and have a question. I couldn't find yet a race that fits my business schedule. That doesn't affect my motivation, and I am already at week 8 of your suggested training plan (for experienced runners -- if that makes a difference). I was wondering what adjustments to the plan I should make if I don't have a race in one month from now (that is, 12 weeks after I started). Should I keep repeating one (or more) week's schedule? If so, which one(s)? Thank you.
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Hi Joe, I'm going through Your First Triathlon, and have a question about the run workouts. I've run for several years, at average level (10km in 40min), and have decided to try your "training plan for experienced runners". For some reason, I feel quite uncomfortable with the target you suggest of at least 29 right-foot steps per 20 sec. I can complete the 45 min workout all the times (Run #21), but I was wondering whether the uneasiness with this cadence is purposefully provoked, or not, and so whether I should work on it or just run as I always did. A normal run of mines over 10km in Zone 3 (40-45 min) corresponds for me to a cadence of at MOST 25 right-foot steps/20 sec. I'm 1,81m tall and weigh 67Kg. Thanks a lot!
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Hi Joe, (apologies in advance if this comments section is not the best place for my question. I am also very new in the "community".) I just finished reading your "Your first triathlon" and have a very simple question regarding the bike training. For frequent travelers carrying a bike around the world is not the easiest thing. Not to mention carrying the bike trainer. It seems to me you discarded the option to work out using a electric bike in the gym (I think they are called stationary bikes...?), always mentioning the bike trainer instead. Is it very ineffective, or it could work? Is there any model of such bikes that would work? At the same time, do you know any resource (articles/books/etc.) with tricks and tips about triathlon training for frequent travelers? Thanks a lot, I loved your book and already purchased the "triathlon bible" (but will wait a bit before reading it). Kind regards
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