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I don’t understand the ugly name calling. When you think about it El Camino while it’s striped for four lanes, doesn’t really work like that. The left lane is often taken up by left turns at the intersections or to one of the many residential driveways along ECR. We’re often lucky that the driver ahead of us actually signaled more than 3 seconds before they’re to make the turn. So it’s not really a full lane. The right lane is taken up by someone slowing to make a right turn, a stopped Samtrans bus, a fedex or UPS can because there’s no place to stop. Or a broken down vehicle. Or a utility truck. Or a flooding or an extruded tree root. ECR, to borrow the current parlance, is really a 4-lane RINO. Four lane Road, In Name Only. It really functions like three. A turbulent 3 at that, because we all have to make all these lane changes to get thru. If we’re honest, this is really the starting point. Ideas to improve it is to have cut-ins so there are at least intermittent shoulders for deliveries, emergencies or util work. And strategic NLTs and smarter signals. Let the name-calling resume.
Toggle Commented Jan 11, 2021 on Bye Bye Eucalyptus? at The Burlingame Voice
This is the thing that people miss when talking about El Camino, with the poor pavement, the poor drainage and the dangerous sidewalks. The traffic signal infrastructure is also falling apart. The wiring is almost completely shot and is at the end of its useful life, so you will be seeing more of these outages as the wires and underground conduits fail. The poles are 40-50 years old, the vehicle and signal head frameworks are rusted and just barely hanging on to the decrepit poles. Already made this comment to the ECR project website. I hope it's not overlooked.
Toggle Commented Jan 8, 2021 on Serious Street Stupidity at The Burlingame Voice
It was seemingly done quickly, relatively speaking, and it was indeed a quick short term fix. But the work was in fact done by Caltrans, not by Burlingame. Per Caltrans: “In regards to the pavement plans, the pavement repairs done in El Camino Real were not part of a plan, but rather a decision due to multiple service requests.”
If only this was more the approach: The best (municipal) investments – the ones with the highest financial rate of return – address a real and urgent need experienced by a human. Consider this simple 4 step approach: 1. Humbly observe where people in the community struggle. 2. Ask the question: What is the next smallest thing we can do right now to address that struggle? 3. Do that thing. Do it right now. 4. Repeat. The key to the first step is humility. Emptying our minds of as many pre-conceived notions about the problems and solutions in a place as possible, we humble ourselves to observe as a proxy for lived experience. We are trying to understand, from the perspective of those who struggle to use the city as it has been built, where the struggles are. A great way to observe is to walk with someone – literally treading the path with them – to understand how they struggle.” - Chuck Marohn
Straight from Caltrans funding document. Project budget and milestones. Anticipated start of construction is August 2024. Project 0K810 Scope In the cities of San Mateo and Burlingame, from East Santa Inez Avenue to Murchison Drive. Rehabilitate roadway, improve drainage, and upgrade existing curb ramps and sidewalks to ADA standards. Schedule/Milestones Complete prelim design/environmental 11/1/2021 Complete design/ROW certification 11/1/2023 Advertise Contract 2/1/2024 Begin Construction 8/1/2024 Budget Construction Cost: $86 M Total Project Cost: $121M (including design, right of way, environmental, construction engineering) Source - Caltrans 2018 SHOPP (p 381 of 409)
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2020 on El Camino "Renewal" at The Burlingame Voice
Driving thru the street It was once a straight old line What’s the point of that It was working all too fine ... “Tell you what we’ll do A circle we will sell” With plants, and signs and lights and stuff The results are LOL. Oh flashing beams, flashing red, What does all this mean Why not simple traffic lights With red yellow & gre-en Lots of signs, a ton of paint, Just four million bucks The town’s confused, no one’s amused Council couldn’t give two
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2019 on Roundabout Comes into Focus at The Burlingame Voice
In honor of yet another set of flashing lights on our Jingle Bells of a roundabout - red this time - and in the season: Flashing lights, twinkling lights Burlingame laid an egg Drivers speed, they don’t heed, Pedestrians have to be-eg Radar signs, diverging lines, Everyone has their doubt But that’s ok, city hall rules They love their roundabout
Toggle Commented Nov 30, 2019 on Roundabout Comes into Focus at The Burlingame Voice
I agree with holly. When it comes to transportation on City streets, Pedestrians are a Hazard to themselves and others. Go to a playground (or a treadmill) for God’s sake. Or get out of the way. People driving got places to go. We don’t have 10 seconds to spare.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2019 on Bad Dieting Ideas at The Burlingame Voice
Holy cow. Went by last night. From now on I will wear my sunglasses at night.
The roundabout will also spell the end of Stacks outdoor seating. Maybe Stacks altogether. The roundabout will bring 10,000 vehicles a day of California Drive traffic right to its front door and next to its curb. Before it was buffered by being tucked away from the traffic. But now, it's part of the roundabout. So although the usable sidewalk there is now 1' wider, and it will have a wall (ok, steel slats) and some grass, who wants to eat with 1,000 vehicles an hour whizzing by so close to your omelet. Traffic calming my crepe.
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