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I agree with holly. When it comes to transportation on City streets, Pedestrians are a Hazard to themselves and others. Go to a playground (or a treadmill) for God’s sake. Or get out of the way. People driving got places to go. We don’t have 10 seconds to spare.
Toggle Commented Jan 23, 2019 on Bad Dieting Ideas at The Burlingame Voice
Holy cow. Went by last night. From now on I will wear my sunglasses at night.
The roundabout will also spell the end of Stacks outdoor seating. Maybe Stacks altogether. The roundabout will bring 10,000 vehicles a day of California Drive traffic right to its front door and next to its curb. Before it was buffered by being tucked away from the traffic. But now, it's part of the roundabout. So although the usable sidewalk there is now 1' wider, and it will have a wall (ok, steel slats) and some grass, who wants to eat with 1,000 vehicles an hour whizzing by so close to your omelet. Traffic calming my crepe.
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Jan 2, 2019