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John Christiensen wrote on 31st July "DMI somehow has not captured that, but could be a flaw in the DMI volume assessment." Their volume map currently lags reality compared to satellite photos and therefore I assume their volume graph does too. As long as it finally catches up of course not an issue. Will be something to watch closely at the minimum time period. Even if it overestimates as long as it overestimates same each year not too much of an issue. As a note Bremen ice extent map closer to reality.
Wayne said July 31st "Look at Today's JAXA map, no favorable weather conditions and look at all this melting." You do realise melt occurs from the bottom as well as the top Wayne? I find people always tend to favour their pet area when it comes to melting over others, ie melt ponds etc etc. This can lead to bias and incorrect predictions due to each melting factor not being correctly weighted ( a tricky enough problem as it is).
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Aug 4, 2018