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If they start selling low cost diesel cars in canada, i might buy one because for me low consumption is a must but wait i don't drive a lot these days because im too poor but im still happy if they sell a lot of clean diesel in north-america
Unfortunatly we cannot run our cars with these very costly technologies. I posted on YouTube yesterday a video call 4 ways to stop climate change by abr. I explain a little bit how my c.c.p engine works and also how the extrifuge generator works. The quality of my camera is awful bad and we can't see what i written on my papers but you can listen to my voice and i will show my diagrams on a better surface later on. Ir is time to stop buying gasoline.
The big problem with actual engine configuration is that the engine itself compress too much and do not expand enouph so to compensate they add fuel and burn it just before the power stroke with diesel or gasoline. I invented recently the abr c.c.p engine that produce power with it's own cycle. c.c.p mean central compression piston. You reduce the compression pressure and boost the expantion power just by using the c.c.p and it produce power without any fuel. It also work in 2 strokes configuration. I posted some diagrams in my facebook page, andre brien.
Not only there is an over-supply of raw lithium but the government of Quebec also have a surplus of lithium batteries since yesterday evening where they announced that téo taxi is now bankrupt and they want to get rid of 250 electric cars and many charging stations.
Hey folks teo electric taxi in montreal just shut down their business. It is because their batteries are worn out and they can't simply just not be able to operate their business and their costly cars are now completely worthless. They invoked all kind of weird reasons than this simple thruth like all other bloggers do in this website. Sooner or later all car consumers will follow my advise that the thing to do is to buy the absolute cheaper car paid cash and keep it 20 to 40 years. Stop false science and false reports and stop polluting with horrible batteries.
Harvyd, Wait till consumers carefully do all the testing of these products that are even impossible to test by the top scientific community, researchers, professor, businessmans , engineers, motorists, designers, marketers, journalists, racers, transporters, road builders, transportation passengers, farmers, electric charge mobil circuit designers, natural ressource provider, car racing drivers. Actually all the testing of ice engine have been done and all consumers have seen great improvement of power delivery over the years and are more eager to test the future combinaison of cylinder combinaison and transmission and driveline. There is a new trend of hard core maniacs consumers in north America buying used little cars to maximise the longevity of them, see scotty kilmer on youtube, he is enforcing what I told years ago to stop pollution and cost which is easier than ever as car cost less and less to build and last 30 to 40 years with minimal maintenance. It's been two years that im testing my manual Hyundai accent and I seen great improvement compared of my old neon 2005 which was better than my mazda 323 92 which was better than my mazda 323 89 which was horrible but better than my Toyota tercel 83. I still promote that reliable cars with no range issues and and minimal downtime along the long roads are perfect to perform tests while you just enjoy and use them while you doing so. Also ambiant air is the fuel use by ice engine so it simplifier by 50 the complexity of mobil transportation compared to electric circuit that are very hard to conceive when use disconnected from constant impedance fixed source.
Volvo and all gearhead and all climate change associations can take a look at the c.c.p engine diagrams and explanations that I posted recently Here is the link.
on the exhaust stroke, the remaining pressure can power an exhaust track electrical generator and with this electricity we further compress ( in a tank ) some air that will further down be injected in the engine for further expansion. The pressure in the air tank should constantly be a little bit higher than the circuit it enter. This pressurized air can be introduced just before the power stroke and ignition. We can use cheap gasoline if we ignite the fuel by compression just before or at top dead center. Every and all cars of today ignite the gasoline before top dead center losing heat and further pressurizing the piston in the opposite way that where it is going, creating big losses of power.
I posted a very basic diagram on the oilprice dot com discussion website, The post is called central compression piston engine. it was posted some hours ago by me ( abr ). We can see where the c.c.p is positioned compared to the main piston that is connected to the crankshaft. The c.c.p is controlled by a special camshaft but I didn't posted the diagram yet, but I can say that it control the up and down movement at any time. This ccp camshaft mechanism need many gear and levers and pivot and hydrolic circuits and probably 2 camshaft lobes. I will post this later. On the compression cycle the ccp is going to his top position before the main piston, this provoke a low compression job reducing drag on the engine. Than just before the power stroke the ccp is going toward the main piston compressing the cylinder while the main piston is powering the crankshaft. Maximum pressure happen at 20 degree past top dead center where the crankshaft-piston angle is at a more favorable angle to transfert the pressure into work. Then there is more pressure work done to the crankshaft because gas pressure only expand in the axis that do the work, from top to bottom in a very narrow expansion chamber.
There is a new design on the market for a new novel piston engine that nobody ever studied. if you are interested it is call c.c.p engine, c.c.p stand for central compression piston. It is a smaller diameter piston in central position into the expansion chamber that boost the pressure and it do a different ratio on the compression chamber. reducing drag pressure. It is supposed to produce 6 time the normal power of the actual otto cycle one piston engine. All gearhead of greencarcongress and internet it is time to jumpstart this industry and stop right away climate change.
I recently invented 2 new electric charger to power transportation and houses and factories. One is call abr extrifuge surge generator and work by acceleration and deceleration and dynamic weight transfert, it don't need fuel and produce electricity while driving the car. The second one is a 2 piston per cylinder engine call abr c.c.p ( central compression engine ) . It greatly reduce compression losses and also boost the power stroke by dynamically altering the expansion aspect ratio that become a very long stroke ratio. This give more power to the engine all along the power stroke. A normal car should do 200 m.p.g. If you want some diagrams and explanation I can email them to manufacturers and gear head. It is time to pollute less and stop climate change. .
HarvyD, please admit that you said the exact same thing 10 years ago and it DIDN'T been realized in any way since...
It is observable that harvyD and also in part elon musk WANT to programm and control for their needs where people go, when they go, how they go and where they live and how they live in a big crowded ultra cold electronified and 100% connected buildings. Give them the O"K and they will slowly change you in a coward useless social bot robot ( they already succeeded with all the journalists) . After that they will also organize and connect all the country on earth and moon and planet mars. After that each and all activities will disappear because there will be a shortfall of wind and sun and platinum and lithium.
It is well known by HarveyD and only few peoples and harvyD and all the bloggers and journalist and scientifics didn't emphasis that important data years ago so the problem remain ( destroying all aqua life for decades ). But the fraudulent big money grants is going well since years and years ago and are growing destroying the economy.
60% of articles in this website have no comments and the remaining 40% have only few comments always from the same bloggers. Also nobody in all the medias is talking about green car congress and all the articles publisched here are read by almost nobody. That's why lately green car congress and the scientific community is re-publisching the same exact articles as 5 to 10 years ago, LOL.
It is almost the same article and same comments as years ago, LOL LOL.
It's the same article as 7 years ago.
It prove 2 things: first. They lack talent because they NEED 32 years to achieve their goal. Second: the main reason is that they will be paid big money to let petrol be king up to 2050, lol.
It will be a 9 billions loss. Even in this website, almost everyone is operating a gas car, their wife and grown kids and all the family members and all the neighbors have gas cars. It is the same in Europe and the investment for car manufacturers is DECIDED by bankers and goverments, not by car manufacturers anymore, that are only struggling now since the climate change affiliations took control of policies endangering democratic capitalism. It is impossible to power everuthing by strait electricity and electricity is the worst method for Mobile energy, electricity is only for stationary apparatus. If einstein were here, he would tell you the same thing as me.
Batteries are not good enouph to power cars, so imagine trucks loaded and airplanes. IT's evident if your factor-in all the impedance ratios. All normal car drivers already figure it out naturally and only pseudo scientific scammers are advocating this battery mayhem.
We don't need higher priced fuels paid by tax-payers. What we need is more high-end petrol extraction technologies. Try to efficiently extract crude oil from the tar sands in canada with better method and refine this crude on place and reach all the canadian market and the port of Vancouver. Actually canada lose money with these awful policies concerning tar sands.
I said before to elect trump and now look gas prices have declined , ev sales are at the bottom ( done democratically by me and 99.5 % of drivers ).
ev are not selling nowhere in the free market and the only fews that are sold benefit of irregular subsidies.
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Aug 9, 2018