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Elijeshca Crous
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Thank you Chelsea! I will adjust my reference accordingly :) Thank you!!
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Dear Chelsea, I have a reference for a 7th edition of a book; and would like to cite a chapter from the book. is the following citation correct: to add the edition in brackets after the title followed by page numbers in brackets? For example (the book title and edition is italicised): Roussel, L., Thomas, P. L., & Ratcliffe, C. (2016). Leadership Theory and Application for Nurse Leaders. In L. Roussel, P. L. Thomas, & J. L. Harris (Eds.), Management and Leadership for Nurse Administrators (7th ed) (pp. 25-47). Retrieved September 13, 2018, from Kind regards, Elijeshca
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Thank you for your feedback Timothy! Elijeshca Crous
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Hi Timothy, I have a UN document that I would like to cite. Its an annual report, so I see it as 7.03 Technical and Research Reports: Corporate Author (pg 203). The issue is: the report (retrieved from uses a sales number (instead of report number)... I thought to cite the document as: United Nations. (2018). World Economic Situation and Prospects 2018 (Sales No. E.18.II.C.2). Retrieved August 27, 2018, from Can you please assist with the most correct citation for this type of report?
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Aug 14, 2018