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Rhys William Roark
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I was especially taken with two of Rachel’s posts, given my own historical interest in the Middle Ages: “Ordinatio & the Last Whole Earth Catalog” and “Hayles & The Canterbury Tales Project.” I was interested in how Rachel links our reading of Hayles “How We Read” with the Canterbury Tales... Continue reading
The timing of these particular readings, especially McGrail’s “The Whole Game: Digital Humanities at Community Colleges,” was very interesting, informing my subsequent (and a bit circuitous) blog post. Late last week, Professor Doc Martens of my Library Management course (LIS 5023) directed me to some writings by John Buschman, dean... Continue reading
I am interested in this sense of digitally-based visualization and the concept of a, or the, spatial turn as discussed as a general principle by Richard White (“What is Spatial History”) and more particularly in terms of the history of art by Paul B. Jaskot, et al, (“A Research-Based Model... Continue reading
Reading both Thiebault and Stone’s articles on information visualization, and enjoying them both esp. in a desire to connect my interest in art history with digital humanities practices, I was especially taken with a comment made by the latter: “Some are concerned that digital tools are outrunning literacy in the... Continue reading
PART 1 I took special note of Michelle Sidler’s article “Open Science and the Three Cultures” looking at the disciplinary partitions that have been erected over time dividing the humanities from the social sciences from the physical sciences, and esp. how in the US, the last has been especially privileged... Continue reading
I really enjoyed Clay Shirky’s article “Ontology is Overrated: Categories, Links, and Tags” and for several reasons. First, interested as I am in philosophy and philosophical issues, “ontology” grabbed my attention, even if here its focus is in LIS apart from wider philosophical musings, but in common with them on... Continue reading
I am responding in particular to three of our readings for the past week, those of Ramsey, Underwood and Clement I found the first two to be very complementary to each other, especially for someone like myself who teaches college classes both in the humanities (history of art) and the... Continue reading
From our readings, I was most taken with Katherine Bode’s “Literary Studies of the Digital Age” (2012), discussing the both the potential merits and criticisms of Franco Moretti’s use of social science quantitative methods in humanities-oriented research such as literary studies (And supplementally, finding useful Moretti’s own “The Slaughterhouse in... Continue reading
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Aug 30, 2018