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Chuck Allen
Southern California
Photographer, Pilot, Businessman, General All Around Man-About-Town
Interests: Photography, Flying, Business, Family, People, Friends, Outdoors
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This post was the perfect, if not wee bit ironic, segue from 'Fuji X-T3 Available For Order' ;) It is all spot on, however. I'm a old film guy, now attempting life in the digital world. Maybe I'm just old. While I do get and (albeit hard to admit) love technology, it seemed considerably simpler back in the film days. My fading recollection is that choosing the right film for the job, getting the composition and lighting correct, timing, decisive moment, correct aperture and shutter speed - were all more important than how the very few buttons & dials on old film cameras worked. I read your site almost daily for a lot of reasons, but for one very important reason - it's not just about gear, buttons, dials, knobs and menu systems or the latest number of autofocus points available. Internet 'Photography' sites these days seem to focus almost exclusively on gear. How the new gear works. What's better, faster, quicker, more powerful than the last version. Which menu systems are better or worse than the others. Sadly, very few sites focus on the art of photography, the composition, lighting, creating emotion, printing. Keep up the good work and great site. When I do upgrade to the next latest, greatest (which surely I will), I will click through from your site :) All the best!
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Sep 7, 2018