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One of the hardest things to face while being at college is the loss of a family or friend. While attending Norwich I have been through the loss of my grandmother and have been around for the loss of a few of our classmates. This school had managed to make me feel thankful for choosing it during that time. The amount of love and support I had received was so mind blowing to feel so loved during such a hard time. So I hope for any of you going through anything during this time of craziness or anybody who needs anybody to talk to or vent to during this virus and also unfortunate loss of our classmate know that we are here and we are willing to help. I can’t speak for every cadet at Norwich but as a rook even to my rook siblings and friends in the corps... Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2021 at In Their Words
Something that Covid will never take from us guys is the pride we have for the campus we go through. This past week I received one of the biggest achievements Norwich cadets receive. As I waited patiently differently than many of the Norwich alumni have before I received my junior ring in the mail to my porch. As a junior I am so thankful for being given the chance to receive my ring and for everything Norwich has given me. There is nothing that makes you feel more accomplished and ready to finish Norwich off with a big hurrah then receive this beautiful piece of Norwich. So as you go through your experiences at Norwich remember why you came, why you continue to proceed and finish it off right. I hope you get a chance to experience Norwich and all the fun with it that I have been able to... Continue reading
Posted Mar 26, 2021 at In Their Words
some thing that I’ve learned at Norwich is that if you feel you are not succeeding in a class you should talk to as many people as you can and get help with as many resources as possible. I have had some problems with the CJ course that I have been taking and I have realized that the support system that Norwich gives you it’s something like no other. I have gotten help from the writing center the academic achievement center, and so many teachers who have known that is long as you try it is all that counts. Knowing that doing classes online is not the same as in person I know that a lot of you may be having a hard time with one or a few courses. So make sure while being at home and for those of you freshman unfamiliar with the resources in which you... Continue reading
Posted Mar 13, 2021 at In Their Words
I have to say this semester is so bizarre with everything going on. But for the many of you still on campus we are here if you need any advice or anyone to talk to. For those of you at home or going home I know it stinks that you are on campus and not in person but you have to think of the pros of being home. I know sometimes it is hard all you can think about is the cons but it is for the best and safety of all of us. And to those many kids who are thinking of going home but feel a they will be named a “quitter” if they go, that is not how it works. You will not be considered a quitter and I feel as it is something you have to think about and do on your own. I hope you... Continue reading
Posted Feb 10, 2021 at In Their Words
One thing that I will never take for granted about Norwich university is there awesome resources in which are open to us as students. No matter studying from home or studying at school in your room there there are many different ways in which people can get help. I know I take advantage of the many resources from the counseling center which is good for freshman year and during times like we have going on now, to the writing center helping you write essays, to the tutoring given, and lastly the nursing office where you have a nurse who will help if you need someone to talk to or help getting checked if you feel sick. I know it is so much easier to try and take care of things on your own as this is something I did for a long time but try and take care of the... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2021 at In Their Words
In every school there is one thing that people choose about the school in which they decide on. What made you choose Norwich? As I go into my junior year second semester at Norwich I think of the many reasons why I had chose it freshman year verses now. My list has not changed for the worse as instead has grown drastically. From the second you join in the corps of cadets as a rook or civilian life as a freshman there are many reasons to be grateful for the school in which you have chosen. Out of all my reasons the two that are the biggest reasons for me are because of friendships, leadership, and the staff. I have never been so greatful for the many friendships I have made, the leadership roles in which I have had a chance to put myself in, and the staff I have... Continue reading
Posted Jan 31, 2021 at In Their Words
I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy on campus. But while everyone is stuck in their rooms remember the reason on why everyone is in there. Be as safe as you can so you don’t get stuck in your rooms for the whole semester. I unfortunately am at home this semester due to this virus but each and every one of you have a chance to get that free bit and enjoy campus if you all stay in rooms for the amount of time needed. I know this is something that is t easy at all but try and if you need any help or anyone to talk to there are resources for this. I know it’s more exciting being able to see the beautiful scenery of our wonderful school but what’s better than that is everyone’s safety. Stay safe and have a great semester everyone Continue reading
Posted Jan 30, 2021 at In Their Words
Hey guys I hope everybody is having a great first few weeks back at classes again. I just wanted to talk to you all and let you know that I know sometimes specially for you guys stuck inside of your rooms on campus for quarantine it may get lonely And may make you very depressed and sad. But I want each and everyone of you to know that if anybody ever needs anything or someone to talk to there are so many resources and people on campus who can help you with that. I know it’s probably not that easy and it doesn’t feel like you really have that chance to talk with people but if it comes to a point were you are not sure what to do there’s so many people that can help. And if you or somebody who doesn’t feel this way but has a chance... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2021 at In Their Words
Guys just remember just because thanksgiving break is over and you are home please remember to keep going! We are almost done the semester just about one week left and we are there and will be doing finals. Do not give up just keep doing what needs to be done for classes and homework. I know sometimes people choose to slack over the last week or so but just remember if you slack now it will still show in your total calculated grade. Keep pushing for your best and don’t give up! Just thought I’d post a little inspiration here because I know covid and not being at school has sucked but just keep going and finish strong!! Continue reading
Posted Nov 30, 2020 at In Their Words
I hope each and everyone of you Norwich cadets have an awesome Thanksgiving. I am grateful for every single person and all the people i’ve met from Norwich University. As you have dinner with your families tonight remember all the things that you may be grateful for and all that memories you were grateful of having. From freshman to senior year you always have some thing that you can think about on this very thankful day. So I hope everybody enjoys their day with their Family is enjoying their Thanksgiving dinner. Freshman I’m sorry that you never got to have a Thanksgiving dinner with your rook siblings seniors I’m sorry you didn’t get to have your last one with your platoon but I hope you at least get to be comfortable and thankful for the amount of time you had on campus this semester and being allowed to go home... Continue reading
Posted Nov 26, 2020 at In Their Words
As you go through your four years through any school one thing you learn and will continue to learn is to never take things for granted. As a junior at Norwich I have realized that there are many things that I may have taken for granted when it came to being in school compared to being stuck at home doing school work from my bedroom. Unfortunately due to Covid so many peoples memories, time, and activities have changed from what they had believe the year before it would’ve been. As a freshman college is a little different from senior year of high school but it’s still your first year you’re missing a little bit of due to having to go home early. Sophomores realizing you’re not freshman anymore and not rocks and you’re able to actually do things you’re having that time taken away from you, juniors all these junior... Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2020 at In Their Words
When I first started at Norwich freshman year I know some thing that I went through that I feel a lot of other freshmen who have never been away from their parents as well went through is being homesick. But do you freshmen who may feel this way or may think this way you’re not alone, There are still so many upper class men who feel the same way that you do even if they may be 1, 3 or even three years older. I feel at one point and some thing that we all feel. As you go on throughout freshman year One thing you have to think about is the idea of transforming that family from home into a group of friends you become very close with for the next three years at Norwich. I know freshman year I came in not knowing anybody. Then as time went... Continue reading
Posted Nov 1, 2020 at In Their Words
I know right now due to the coronavirus this is some thing that may be hard for many students but one thing I really want two look on is the amazing things you can do off of campus and the bonds you can make with student friends from campus. Freshman year coming in new it was hard to make friends but as the last two and a half years have gone bye I have made some awesome friends that I wouldn’t trade anything for. With the coronavirus circumstances I know it’s very hard to do but another thing that I absolutely love about Norwich University is that amazing views and many things that the state of Vermont has to offer. Between the many things during the winter of skiing and snowboarding to going on hikes during the summer and fall, to finally being able to go apple picking with a... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2020 at In Their Words
Happy Halloween! While you were given a chance to live a Norwich University cadet life on campus one thing that I urge every single grade level student to do is to open themselves up to the many different opportunities and activities that are given by the Norwich University staff and school. Just as anybody going into a different school year as I got into junior year one thing that I had been so grateful for is the many people and the many opportunities and activities that I was given the chance to take a part of at Norwich University. From the different activities given as a rock to sophomore year than many different movie nights, fun activities, and dress up days given by the Norwich university staff and facility. Well being able to partake in many of these activities I had did so many different things that brought me together... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2020 at In Their Words
I don’t know about many of you but I know when I first came in to school freshman year I had all the expectations of being able to fly through classes just as I did in high school. But one thing I came to know is it takes effort in time put into work in order to do your best in every class you work for. One thing that I hadn’t really learned and understood freshman year is the idea of time management. But as I got into my junior year second half of the first semester I really know how much Norwich has helped to change this and help teach me life management skills in order to continue doing well in whatever I decide to do. From freshman to junior year I have managed to help my GPA grow due to the amount of time taken on projects, homework,... Continue reading
Posted Oct 31, 2020 at In Their Words
Dear Corps rooks, for many of you who may not know me my name is Audriauna. I am a junior in the Corps of Cadets currently Studying from my home in Rhode Island. One thing I want you guys to try and think about while you were sitting in classes or your dorms at Norwich University is how lucky you guys are to be able to have the chance to be in Norwich during the circumstances. I know many of you may not feel as if this is something to be so excited and thrilled about but if there is one thing I wish it would be to be on the campus went with everybody and all my friends playing the sports I love to play and living the life of a college student. Unfortunately due to the coronavirus this is some thing that has been very hard to deal... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2020 at In Their Words
Hey guys, One thing I want each and every single one of you to know is that as you go through Norwich each year remember to try and get to know as many people as you can. Doing this really helps make your time At Norwich so much more memorable. Freshman year I was one where I didn’t do much I just played on the rugby team which is my family and has been from the start. But other than sports I didn’t do anything more. But as I’m going into junior year I have friends from working with Sodexo at Dunkin, The many clubs I am a part of, the many classes I have taken, and the many people I just started a conversation with. Yeah that’s right just randomly starting a conversation, this is some thing that has grown my friendships by so much because as I converse... Continue reading
Posted Sep 30, 2020 at In Their Words
If there is one thing I wish I could have taken advantage of earlier within Norwich It would have to be the many resources Norwich offers to us students. For the students on campus and off, Norwich offers resources such as counseling, tutoring, and writing center help. As a junior I never really took advantage of these three resources on campus and now I am thinking that maybe this will be the year I take advantage even though I am not on campus the first semester of the many resources the school has to offer. Knowing this is something the school provides and is added into your tuition is something that you should remember to take advantage of. Each and everyone of these resources is something that can help you to make your life as a student 100 times better and easier. If you need someone to talk to, need... Continue reading
Posted Sep 28, 2020 at In Their Words
Although this virus maybe making things difficult for many of us students, I am hoping many of you are still taking advantage of being enrolled in Norwich’s classes and having the chance to be apart of this student population from near and far. As a junior in the corps I surely miss being on campus, between my friends from the corps and my rugby friends I would like to wish this virus had not come just as anyone else these days. But while many on campus and others are home I hope that everyone knows the campus is still your home and you always have people there is you need any help from school or any other help you could need. Unfortunately not everybody got to come back so for any of you students lucky enough to be on campus and those off make sure you check in with one... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2020 at In Their Words
If you guys ever get the chance to Study Abroad while being on the Norwich university campus take the chance and go for it. This experience was the best experience I could’ve ever had and I wouldn’t trade it for anything unfortunately Covid did get in between me and my stay on the island but I still got a chance to explore more than I have ever known about the islands and I wouldn’t ever tell other people that Study Abroad isn’t one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Below are many of the photos I had taken throughout the semester at the University Of Virgin Islands. From finding many different activities to do on the weekends just studying history of the US Virgin Islands taking classes with many different people from different cultures to meeting so many new friends and having a good time all while studying and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2020 at In Their Words
I bet you many of you freshman can't believe that it is already time to go home for one of the longest breaks we have here at norwich.well your right it is here and you are recoginized cadets and you will be departuring from campus this week. Day by day people are leaving campus to return to their homes or where they will stay for the break time. I hope everyone comes back after this semester because this schoool has some of the most amazing experiences that any college could give you. jus one month from now while many of you maybe noting the days come faster of when you will have to return to campus, while everyone is comig back I was gven the oppertunity to study in the U.S Virgin Islands which is where I will be. If you ever get the chnace to study abroad do it... Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2019 at In Their Words
wow time sure does fly by. Last year during this time I was recoginized as a norwich cadet. This year freshman were recoginized a little differebut but hey thats okay just remember one thing as you go along and finish off this year. Do not give up on anythng you have learned here ass a rook it will be helpful to you in the long run, dont be one of his newly recoginized kids who ruins everyhting for everyone. Have fun but just remember you still have just as many reponsibilities as you had before as you did now, you just have to keep yourself accountable and finish the year out. Continue reading
Posted Dec 9, 2019 at In Their Words
It's crazy to know that one week after we get back from break we leave for our Christmas break. These net few weeks are going to go by fast then I am excited to have a chance at studying abroad next semester. If you ever get the chance to sign to study abroad make sure you do it while you can because sophomore year is the best time to do it. Hope everyone has an awesome week off and comes back ready for exams, one thing to remember is don't slack off and do nothing over break make sure you are doing as much as you can to make sure you are keeping with the last minute assignments and getting ready for finals. Continue reading
Posted Nov 19, 2019 at In Their Words
The most exciting holiday here at Norwich is this Thursday it is a time where you grow together and have fun with your platoon. If i could go back to one day at Norwich last year it would be this day because we were all together the whole platoon and cadre. This year most of our cadre will be here while others have graduated early. Take time to slow down and have fun while these next few days pass by. But remember you are never as close to your rook siblings as you are freshman year so take it slow hang out and have fun. 18-1-1 for life Continue reading
Posted Nov 17, 2019 at In Their Words
The best time of the year is when you get so close to Thanksgiving break to where you start counting down. After all your hard work you realize how fast time passes. This is when the fall seasons of sports begin to die down and the winter ones start up. You realize that grades are coming out soon and you have finals to prepare for. Just two weeks from now we have break for Thanksgiving then two week after that is the first day people can begin to go home for a long break. Remember just because time is flying by make sure you are still doing what you need, not slacking and keeping up with all your corps obligations, I noticed this time last year is when my grades went down the hardest and I promise you that if you do study and get ready for exams over break... Continue reading
Posted Nov 11, 2019 at In Their Words