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Alexa Turner
New York, NY 10036
Interests: "Skin care is important" is just one of those things you accept as accurate, but have you ever stopped to question "Why?" What are the benefits of appropriate skin care? Why should you go to the trouble of twice per day cleansing, moisturizing and other remedies to enhance or maintain your skin's health? To comprehend why skincare is so crucial; first, you need to know why your skin is so important. Your skin is the body's first line of protection against every potential threat present in the environment. The healthy skin provides a barrier which prevents millions, maybe even billions, of pathogens from entering your body where they can lead to infection, illness, and distress. Since the outer"wrapping" which protects your body from the elements, your skin is additionally the wrapper which helps people realize that you're you and nobody else. Your skin tone, texture and how it wraps around your features creates the appearance that makes you. So, a healthy integumentary system (the skin) boosts overall wellness and can increase (or break ) your confidence as you go about and interact on the planet. Similar to any other portion of your body, what you feed it and the way you treat it will determine just how healthy your skin will be. Cleansing removes impurities that develop on the skin's surface. Contaminants range from dirt and natural oils which may do nothing more than dull your complexion into environmental toxins that could penetrate the skin and wreak havoc in skin tissues or in other body tissues. For optimal skin care, you should cleanse twice per day --morning and evening--using a gentle, soap-free formula. Your skin can only do its protective capabilities if it has enough lubrication. Over-cleansing and dry environmental conditions (such as those inevitable in climate-controlled buildings) strip organic moisture from the skin. Moisturizing after twice daily cleansing restores sufficient hydration required for optimum protection.
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Sep 27, 2018