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Scottish Scientist
Interests: Renewable energy
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Good. Now we are motoring! Power to Gas (P2G) is best for (solar, wind etc.) farm-scale energy storage for most farms where there is no possibility of farm-scale pumped hydro. P2G is excellent for mopping up all the surplus farm power because any energy which P2G can store is an efficiency gain compared to the 100% loss of all curtailed generation. Grid managers should cease paying curtailment payments and spend the same money more wisely offering incentives to farm operators to install farm-scale energy storage. P2G is not as efficient as pumped hydro so the primary grid-scale energy storage will be pumped hydro, reverting to secondary grid P2G when all the hydroelectric reservoirs have been topped up. Independent Scientific Adviser for Scotland * Wind, storage and back-up system designer * Double Tidal Lagoon Baseload Scheme * Off-Shore Electricity from Wind, Solar and Hydrogen Power * World’s biggest-ever pumped-storage hydro-scheme, for Scotland? * Modelling of wind and pumped-storage power * Scotland Electricity Generation – my plan for 2020 * South America – GREAT for Renewable Energy
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Oct 6, 2018