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Roger Lahaije
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Last year I did my first olympic distance with a HIM 6 weeks later. I did not really do any intense training sessions, just the volume I personally felt was necessary. I finished the HIM with a lot of climbing in it in 5:57. So after that I decided to follow a training program which had about that 60% of intensity stuff. On my peak weeks I trained 12 hrs. So a year later I finished yesterday another HIM with considerably less climbing in 5:37. This time it was a struggle: cramps, knee aching. I am 50 now. But i hoped the change in training method at least would have made it easier for me. So my view is that next time I would again do more low intensity larger volumes and integrate a little bit of intensity, maybe 20%. I had hopes of doing an Ironman next year but after yesterdays race I have strong doubts. The only positive thing is that I finished the swim under 40 min.
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Jun 24, 2018