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And, my previous comments is a graphic example of why I usually keep my emotions and opinions about other posters to myself.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Clouds On The Blue Horizon at JustOneMinute
I don't usually bother with other people's comments that try and prove a point, but this one sort of got to me: Theo,Feb. 15, 2:11 a.m.: "Once again, I respect that a distinction can be made between the two cases. They are not absolutely identical. But I think that the most likely reason that someone would favor prosecution of one and not the other is partisanship — in other words the desire for a two tiered justice system." When I read this I immediately thought "rubbish". Everything the average person hears about the law and justice, explained to us over and over again by prosecutors or defense attorneys -- and I'm not talking about Law & Order or other television shows, I'm talking about cases that grab national attention and/or just local attention -- is that motive counts. Motive is taken into consideration. So, Theo, you love to debate arcane and/or minute points of a discussion. That's fine. It's your right. But you can't have justice or people's motives on jom defined as how you view purported crimes because you are an 'impartial' attorney, a legal scholar, a sociologist and educator. It doesn't work that way. Right's right. Wrong's wrong. Jury nullification. Whatever.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Clouds On The Blue Horizon at JustOneMinute
One thing I've always wondered about is why these grand juries and trials have to be held in DC. So many times over the years I've read about trials being moved because of the risk of publicity ruining a jury pool. They moved the Timothy McVeigh trial from Oklahoma to Denver because of the pretrial publicity. Now, I realize the bombing and loss of life is a different crime, but I think the plot against our president was just as evil in a different way. It has engendered such hatred in our national mood. The media's poisonous coverage has turned Americans against Americans. What wise man can lead us to a more normal national mood? This is the 25th anniversary of the OKC Murrah Federal Building bombing. Area newspapers and the four major networks every newscast has a picture of one of the people killed and then a list of names of people and organizations who helped in recovery. Sometimes I'll start the day looking at a beautiful young face of an innocent employee, or a young child or baby killed in the day care, and then lists of names honoring those who survived, and then a list thanking those who helped -- police or fire departments, local and from other states, whose lives were changed forever. Sobering, as well as a reminder of how hate destroys so much and wonder why ... every time I've visited the memorial I just wonder why ...
Thomas Collins: "I think the more likely outgrowth of McCabe walking is that any indictments in the investigation of L'Affaire Get Trump will be of minnows or at most sea bass. Sharks will continue to be allowed to swim and circle." You've said this from the very first (if I'm remembering correctly) -- and, I've always wished it was not so because probably 99.99% of your posts have been thoughtful, reasoned, and intelligent. And, for some reason, in the back of my mind, I've always realized (in spite of my desire to see these cruel, devious, evil people punished) that they probably would never be exposed and punished. I use to say in all of the discussions that I always had hope that right would triumph. Perhaps a majority of the hope I felt was that Trump would triumph and not be found guilty in the Mueller investigation or any subsequent Democratic charges and attacks. So far, so good on that. Maybe that is all I can count on -- that he will come out of this, unbowed and unbeaten. That will be a win, as far as I'm concerned right now -- and, that he will win reelection.
This is funny -- Dave Chappelle on Jussie Smollett.
If swamp people would keep their mouths shut instead of constantly appearing on major television networks and writing million dollar NYT (lying) tell-all books, I might think they actually 'turned' and our Justice Department officials are busy working up the ladder, aiming for the biggest prizes. But until a Clapper, Brennan, Yates, Comey, or that worn-out, long-haired hag, United Nations representative of Obama's gets charged with something, then I think their cases are being stapled and stuck in an old dead file drawer. That's how I've come to view justice in Washington, DC.
Isn't there something he could have been (legitimately) charged with? Justice Department drops investigation into Andrew McCabe
Magic Mike Bloomberg will surprise a lot of people and may end up being the 'default' Democratic nominee. He's spreading his wealth buying votes in various cities, ameliorating grievances about his own perceived violation or injustice against blacks in NY's 'stop and frisk' program. He was recently in this state railing against President Trump's racism. Tulsa is ripe for his rhetoric, as I'm sure other cities are, too. Bloomberg promised $150 million dollars in north Tulsa. "Just 12 days before the annual celebration of Black History Month, Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg — standing in the Greenwood Cultural Center in the heart of the historic Greenwood District — unveiled a multibillion-dollar plan to excavate African Americans from generations of inequity. "The billionaire businessman and former New York City mayor on Jan. 19 announced a broad and ambitious proposal to increase black homeownership by 1 million, double the number of black-owned businesses and triple black household wealth. "The motivation for the Greenwood Initiative, he said, was to dismantle systemic institutional barriers that had been instrumental in hindering African Americans from achieving and sustaining the same successes experienced by other groups."
Toggle Commented Feb 12, 2020 on To Dixville Notch And Beyond at JustOneMinute
Ripping up the speech -- she fought her temper all the way through his grand moments, but lost her composure and dignity at the end :) -- she couldn't hold it together. Isn't that satisfying -- she's small and spiteful and thwarted. She'll never impose her will on him -- she might think she impeached him, but that man's will and determination won't be quelled by that old woman.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
anonamom, 9:48: As I said, I didn't mean to post that without researching her and accidentally hit post -- I'd never heard of the woman/author, so was curious why she said that. I've read so many idiotic, weird statements by leftists, I (wrongly) thought she was one because it was linked by a leftist.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
Porch, I just read your: "Those bitches in white" to my husband, and he immediately pointed at the Pelosi's tv image and said, 'that big bitch there' -- she's been bothering both of us with her act -- trying not to act like she's poisoned by hate, rage, and envy as she listens to President Trump list his accomplishments in upholding our American values. Man, I despise that woman. She must have had three or four stylists working on her all afternoon -- she's got her loose facial skin pulled taut, it's probably looped several times around her ears.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
Simena's dress is great. Blue, not white. Maybe she's auditioning for VP. :)
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
That McAllister woman -- it's weird, she wrote a book with Dan Bongino. She did say "so-called conservatives". Think she wants more attention.
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
Hey, I must have hit the wrong button. Wasn't ready to post that. Was gonna say, I've never heard of her, but her tweet was so arrogant and puzzling, it made me chuckle. Had intended to research her for a bit before I posted that. Which I will do now. What about Buttagieg would attract a conservative?
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
Some woman named Denise McAllister* says: "Many so-called conservatives and libertarians will leave GOP and vote for Buttigieg. Guaranteed." *Author “What Men Want to Say to Women (But Can’t)”—Coauthor NYT Bestseller “Spygate” I'
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
tom collins, 4:06: when have the democrats ever let rules stop their political goals? (I'd forgotten she is so immature:) -- no, change that, I knew she was immature (plus a lot of other things), it had slipped my mind that her age 'might' make her ineligible :).
Toggle Commented Feb 5, 2020 on State Of The Union at JustOneMinute
Jane, 3:24: "BTW here is my theory on Iowa. First of all, all the people running the software are ex Hillary employees. So I think it was done to help Biden who will, if nominated ask Hillary to be his VP, and then be let go for his obvious dementia." Jane, your post is as interesting as considering a battle between a snake and a mongoose. I don't think HRC would take the VP position. Think she'd insist on the top spot, but, what do I know? :) All of the combinations are repellently fascinating. Biden/HRC. Sanders/OcasioCortez. Warren/Buttigieg. HRC/Buttigieg. Biden/Gabbard (I'll bet he'd like to sniff her hair.) What about Sanders/Abrams?
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2020 on Caucus Night Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Jane, ll:07: "There are a lot of conservative gays out there - the ones who pay attention. And I do think gay marriage is pretty mainstream these days. Where is it still illegal?" I've been gone to yoga--so am answering this now. I didn't comment on whether gay marriage is legal or illegal. I didn't intend to get into a debate about gay marriage. I was talking about the 'power' behind the 'push' for it: "US News & World Reports - Every time they have voted on marriage—32 states overall—they have voted to preserve traditional marriage." But, again and again, judges overturned the decision of those voters. Obergefell v. Hodges decided it in the Supreme Court. My comment was simply about the commitment, the money, and the power behind making it legal. This was not a comment about your friend (Amy?) or any gay married friends you have. It was about the dedication and money behind fighting those expensive battles in court.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2020 on Caucus Night Open Thread at JustOneMinute
Now this is funny -- from twitter, Carpe Donktum: "BREAKING: Beto O'Rourke declares himself the winner of the #IowaCaucuses"
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2020 on Caucus Night Open Thread at JustOneMinute
I still don't think Pete Buttigieg is a joke -- never have. I've always thought he is perfect for the democrats. He'd be a great VP for them, might even be what he's working toward. He's innocuous in appearance. Looks like someone's kid brother. Neat in appearance, appealing grin, tastefully attired. What I've always feared is his husband--gay marriage. Just think of the 'power' behind that movement. Didn't voters in several states vote 'no' when the question of gay marriage appeared on their ballots--and then, suddenly, it sweeps the nation that gay marriage is embedded in our culture. I've read that his father is a communist. Just think of the way Mayor Pete must have been raised. He is a perfect Democratic candidate.
Toggle Commented Feb 4, 2020 on Caucus Night Open Thread at JustOneMinute
TK and Porch: People like you and everyone else here at jom are what makes this site so valuable. I chuckled when I read the 10:39 because of the 'spirit' behind it. If I were alone, without the jom resource from people all across this great land, I would feel like my life -- it's time span, love of country, and meaning -- was bound onto a road that leads to destruction. That those corrupt ugly people -- the leftists, the Islamists, the media -- have destroyed the beauty and will of this country exemplified by people of Flight 93 -- Burnett and Beamer, the stewardess, all of the people who fought back -- it just can't happen!
tk, 8:51, clarice's post of Yaacov Apelbaum's research. I signed up for Apelbaum's blog posts last fall and read all of them. The latest on The Fifth Column and Pro Iran Movement in the US is the most sobering. Even though I scanned through to the end, what that scan of the article reveals is breathtaking, sobering beyond measure. It gave me a stomachache. His research details such evil -- active, swarming, and growing like metastatic, cancerous corruption in the USA -- that it's beyond my capacity to express myself. It couldn't happen without the left and media's assistance. They not only hate us as individuals, they want to destroy our country. As I said, I am beyond words.
Theo 10.54: Next you'll tell me that Frank Baum wasn't the real author and hired a bunch of different people to write all of the Oz books. Thinking of my disappointment learning Carolyn Keene was about 20 different authors who wrote the Nancy Drew books.'s just full of surprises and disappointments. :)
Porch, We'll still all die from Ebola because John Bolton ran off the guy who was over the NSC's global health thing, because Trump. Or, we'll all die of the new virus...again because Trump hasn't replaced him. //sarc off//
JM Hanes, you just made me laugh, this is why I love jom -- think I'm addicted to this place. It's like a 'living' book. Sort of like the book in Oz that I thought was magic when I was a little girl. Think it was Glinda the Good Witch who would read it for up-to-the-minute events. I loved Frank Baum's OZ books.