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my 2011 Denali refuses to break down @andrwken I hear that a lot, actually. I know a lot of auto industry folks esp. service techs and many of them own Gen IV powered Silverados and GMCs. I've heard a few complaints from guys who probably did not keep the vehicle serviced within specs, mostly guys tell me their Chevy/Gmc V8s are rock solid. Posted by: papajim | Feb 15, 2019 12:05:51 PM Impeccably serviced. Only use the good Mobil 1 oil (group IV) at 6000 intervals. Had the axles, transfer case, and trans fluids changed at 150k. Found no filings in any of the gear oil. At 200k, has a very noticeable piston slap for the first 30 seconds of start up, but has never thrown a check engine code. I did have a stabillitrak fault at 150k for the steering wheel position sensor. fixed for less than $100. Replaced the compressor for the air ride at 125k $375. Most impressive is all the Denali bells and whistles still work. From heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, all power functions on the seats, dvd player. I always expect the bells and whistles vehicles to become more problematic as they age, this one has exceeded my expectations. I hope they continue to make them this well.
@andrwken Yup. I think Bergstrom owns a franchise for every major and minor auto brand. Good for selection and choice, bad for price and personal service. There is one bright spot though. When things are as cold as they are this time of year you can use buying a truck in a place like Houston or Pensacola as an excuse to get out of the cold for a few days. And you might save some money. If I was a salesman in Texas or Florida and thought I could sell you a truck, I might get my sales manager to spring for your 1-way plane ticket. Just a thought. Fly and buy. Posted by: papajim | Feb 14, 2019 2:28:02 PM Not a bad idea. Maybe I'll drive one home this spring when I'm down south. Problem is my 2011 Denali refuses to break down. Hard to part ways with a bulletproof, paid off vehicle.
Rewriting the software to address multiple hardware failures in the wild would be considered a failure by most quality control groups. The root cause is not the software, it's the patch to address when the hardware fails. Posted by: andrwken | Feb 14, 2019 12:50:10 PM HA! Please leave it to the professionals. Problem this country has is the blind try to lead. Posted by: Frank | Feb 14, 2019 3:28:55 PM Oh please. Talk about the pot and the kettle! I've got 20 years of wrenching on cars, along with 20 years of high level technical troubleshooting and management of multi million dollar industrial equipment. I am well versed in root cause analysis, predictive and preventative methods to keep this equipment running. Now do yourself a favor and try to at least say something intelligent, and see if you can add something to the discussion. We know you can't, because your an internet keyboard warrior with no background other than you can make a lot of posts under a lot of different usernames. It's always a pleasure to watch ignorance feign intelligence. Keep up the good work Frankie....
Cannot much disagree, but Mark Williams is a journalist---not a gypsy fortune teller. However the easiest way to check the numbers in your area is to look at the advertisements you see in your local paper, TV and Radio. If your local dealers are dumping all the cash on the hood, you can be sure they're suffering from excess inventory. There are many reliable sources for determining what this month's factory incentives include, but the dealers and distributors like to keep some of that for themselves if they can get away with it. If the dealer feels confident about his inventories he doesn't have much drive to dump the cash on the hood. By the way, I'm talking about the small town family owned dealerships. A lot of Ford dealers fit that mold. Most of the really good family owned GM and RAM dealers got killed off back in 2009-2010, but the Ford shops survived. Now they are the ones getting hurt. There may be some big metro franchises that are owned by big corporations---I don't want to mention their names but you know who they are. Some of them own NASCAR teams, some are Wall Street heavy hitters but I have no experience trying to bargain with those shops because they will not deal anywhere near as feisty as the family owned shops. Those are the guys I like to deal with. Posted by: papajim | Feb 13, 2019 6:25:41 PM Well if he doesn't want to be considered a gypsy fortune teller, he should provide facts to back up some of the comments. I'm not calling him a liar, just would like to know where the info comes from. DMV registrations? In my area, there are no small dealerships anymore. You can buy any brand of care you want, but you will basically buy it from John Bergstrom. Really sad, as there is no competition when the same guy sells all the pickups in the area. Almost seems monopolistic. Not going to gauge much about discounting around here.
A safety recall is a defect that can cause an unsafe condition. The speed sensor failing isn't the defect. It's the fact that the signal is lost and the PCM isn't applying the right strategy under the condition and causing a downshift to first gear. Parts like speed sensors do on occasion fail. Should a manufacturer replace every part that eventually fails? Should ball joints and tie rod ends that will eventually fail and could cause an unsafe condition be replaced for free forever? If the recall was for a harness that gets rubbed or shorted due to a manufacturer defect that's different. You, like always make an uniformed bogus post. You're a technician huh? The fact that you don't even understand this article tells me a lot about your technical skill level. Posted by: Randy S | Feb 13, 2019 2:41:01 PM I wouldn't call a transmission speed sensor a "wear" item. Enough of them have failed to point out this software defect, which has provided enough proof to warrant and force a recall. Cost engineering is probably the driving force behind why they are having problems with the sensors. If the sensors weren't failing in any noticeable quantity, do you really think it would be recalled? Rewriting the software to address multiple hardware failures in the wild would be considered a failure by most quality control groups. The root cause is not the software, it's the patch to address when the hardware fails.
There was a time when I shied away from Ram (then Dodge Ram) because of alleged liability issues. Then I owned one. Put 107,000 trouble-free miles on it before moving away from pickups. Best truck I ever had and I had several in both GM and Ford. If I were in the market for a new pickup, would I buy a Ram? Without a doubt, I would! You know GM is in trouble when articles on this site refer to the Chevy as "the slow selling Silverado." Pretty much says it. Posted by: Dale | Feb 13, 2019 10:54:24 AM Then your not looking very hard. A lot of forum complaints for the broken rear view mirrors that hit the window, 12" touchscreen lockups, and the "clunk". I warned you guys a while back that anything that Fiat puts their hands in ends up worse reliability-wise than the Daimler designs before it. Hate to see how these behave out of warranty.... As to the Silverado, Ask Mark to provide some detail to the "slow selling" Silverado claim if GM is not releasing results. Are we just guessing? Ram and Ford's ramp up of the new truck saw slow sales initially. Why should it be any different for a GM truck released 6 months after the ram?
Clint is babbling again because he keeps trying to remind himself he can’t buy a GM truck no matter how much he wants to. He needs a Ford because Frank told him so...
Just see that GM is the new class leader in towing, up to 35.5k...I wonder how long that leadership will last? Also, confirmed the 401 horsepower, 464 lb-ft of torque for the new gasser...I am enthusiastic about this new gasser...I do wish GM was offering their 10 speed, or at least their 8 speed to pair with it. Not sure why GM doesn't pair their 8 speed, as it is rated to 738 lb-ft of torque, so it should be up to the challenge. Posted by: Texas1836 | Feb 5, 2019 11:47:46 AM \\\ Do you have any link to provide on the 6.6 being linked to a 6 speed? All I found is that it will be paired to a new transmission, assuming the 10 speed.
Even though I am most respectful of their methods, their reliance on a mostly liberal, coastal, old, white, college-educated readership for their raw data (customer sat surveys and vehicle surveys) means there's a slant to the findings that cannot be explained away. You will notice that GM usually gets lousy scores from CR too but generations of consumers have made a different choice. If CR had all the answers, we be riding bicycles and taking the bus by now. Posted by: papajim | Jan 27, 2019 9:28:19 AM \\\\\ The biggest knock on CR to me is that they rely heavily on their own membership. This creates a situation where over a long period of time, the readership now buys what CR recommends, and no outside input is available to boost models\brands that may have improved. They just buy what CR recommends. It's skewed towards whatever brand they have been pimping for 20 years. That's also why the methodology is an ancient chinese secret.
Toggle Commented Jan 27, 2019 on 2019 Ram 1500: Recall Alert at PickupTrucks: News
I guess the eTorque Ram is having a lot of problems with electrical issues and defective battery packs...Posted by: Hilti @Hilti Guess? That's the key word. Why do you presume that "Ram is having lots of problems"? My reading of the above story found nothing that backs up your comments. Not saying you're wrong, just don't understand it Posted by: papajim | Jan 25, 2019 5:15:32 PM Lots of forum posts with unhappy owners This is fiats first crack at a complete redesign on the ram. I wouldn’t get my hopes up for class leading reliability. But let’s all get giddy over the biggest touchscreen you can get in a truck....
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2019 on 2019 Ram 1500: Recall Alert at PickupTrucks: News
Yeah but how many gears will be torque limited now? A drivetrain upgrade would have been better
Ram has one year to get as many sales as they can. I can't believe the amount of people complaining about the issues in these trucks already. The rear view mirror problems, the startup clunks, squealing brakes, and frozen Uconnect. I hate to say it, but no matter what the truck looks like, this truck is starting to scream Fiat quality. Seems some of these Fiat redesigns have me a bit worried that the build quality is heading in the wrong direction
Big gas engines aren’t a dying breed, not yet. They are an attractive alternative to the diesel price premium and limited fuel cost benefit. Most reasonable data suggests that the 6.6 engine will be based on the larger bore 6.2, but will utilize a taller deck height for a longer connecting rod and specific intake with increased plenum and runner volume. The L92 headflow is sufficent to support a 6.6L engine to around 6,000 rpm. Given current engine management and current camshaft profiles, these are EASY 440-450 hp around 5200-5400 RPM, with peak torque in the 450s, around the 3300-3600 range. That’s bread and butter HD work truck engine. Run all day at the torque peak, the 10 speed keeps it there. GM was playing with a big tall deck V8 and a 5.3 based V10 before the financial crisis. They abandoned the V10 because the bore swept area and resulting internal friction losses were greater than an equal sized V8. Further, DOD V10s aren’t smooth in V8 or V6 mode because of the odd crank offsets and/or bank angle. GM has top folks in their V8 program as evidenced. Tvtheir slow methodical advancement in tech, while Ford jumps around between concepts. But that horrible torsion bar suspension... 3500 HD, with the high cap front bars for a snow plow, is absolutely punishing. Posted by: James | Jan 7, 2019 9:23:44 PM \\\\\ My god, Real conversation from people who know what they are talking about, how refreshing. Reminds me of the original brick. I definitely like the numbers they would get in a design that would be almost bulletproof.
Well hopefully for competition sake, both GM and Ram HD trucks improve their reliability based on news report out today for 2018 vehicles: The Least Reliable Cars in America: Chevy Silverado HD We're surprised to see the Chevy Silverado HD on this list. Fullsize pickup trucks tend to be very durable vehicles, but owners have had major engine problems, says Consumer Reports. Less troubling but still irksome are issues with noises and leaks along with the truck's in-car electronics package. It's worth noting that this rating applies to both the Silverado 2500 and its twin, the GMC Sierra 2500. Ram 3500 HD The Ram 3500 HD is ranked dead last on Consumer Reports' list of the most unreliable vehicles in America for 2018. Owners say they've had issues with the truck's steering and suspension, fuel and emissions systems, and engine cooling while also noting strange noises and leaks. Posted by: supercrew02 | Jan 3, 2019 3:42:03 PM It's consumer reports. go look up how they determine those ratings. Oh yeah, they don't divulge that. It's not worth the paper they print it on, or the digital transfer they send to you.
I hate to think that Car and Driver's assessment was correct: "It's staggering just how stark the difference is between the Silverado and the two other trucks here. One logbook note called the Chevy "a $70,000 kick in the nuts." Technical editor David Beard wrote, "I like the engine in this truck, and that's it."" Posted by: Walt | Jan 3, 2019 1:51:04 PM \\\\ That same group praised the GMC Denali and it's open pore wood and materials. I didn't realize they are both totally different trucks, right? Car and driver is about as good at their job as consumer reports...
"Turbo engines and 10-speed tranny will not last long bud! Posted by: oxi" I guess that explains why Semi's use naturally aspirated engines mated to 4-speed transmissions. Or do they? Posted by: Walt | Dec 28, 2018 1:49:38 PM Design format is not as important as the designer. In the case of Ford the last 20 years. Engine development has become a marketing tool, not a design for longevity
And all this at the time Fiat is closing the gap between its 3rd place position and Chevy's 2nd. And with the new Silvo tanking in head to head 1/2 ton competitions even with its as magical and common as a unicorn 6.2 V8. Sorry Chevy fans the new truck is not testing well or getting good press. Its being outclassed by the all new Fiat, and middle of its life Ford. Add to that Chevy has decided to ugly up the fronts of the 3/4 and up trucks and its apparent that someone is F ing up there. I wasn't expecting Chevy to screw up at all and especially not so badly. The good news is they could rush a midcycle refresh and get a good interior and grill going and learn how to tune the 10spd properly. Still leaves them hurting in the modern engine dept with the 4 cyl appearing to be outclassed by Ford's 2.7, both fielding small diesels (looking forward to that contest), and still lacking anything as modern, powerful and good as 3.5, 3.5HO or 5.0. Sorry the 6.2 cant hang with the 3.5HO. Come on Chevy get it together or youll be stealing more tax money. Not that your fans care. Posted by: Clint | Dec 27, 2018 11:36:47 AM //// Nice Ford and Toyota article and you pour the wine on about Chevy? GM lives rent free in your head clinty. Just buy one already, with a 6.2 (I’ve owned two of your unicorns already and will be getting a 3rd soon). Maybe you won’t be so bitter going forward.
At least Ford did something to fix those Pintos and Explorers. Unlike GM did by just replacing the switch with another one of the same batch and knowing it. Garbage Motors should not even be in business anymore. And you inbreds continue to try and polish that turd of a company. Posted by: Tailgate | Dec 22, 2018 8:17:09 AM //// Your lack of knowledge is astounding. You maybe should research how Ford handled both of those recalls. Then do yourself a favor and limit your input to conversations that make you look bad. Then just use your old username Frank
I'm pretty sure GMs faulty ignition switch will kill more innocent lives in the future than this defect. So there's that. Posted by: Dudlydooright | Dec 22, 2018 12:08:05 AM ///// Kind of like all the people killed in pintos and explorers. So there’s that. Or we could stay on topic about the current issue and the nonstop fire and safety recalls that keep showing up in these trucks... Definitely a trend of negligent quality control in these vehicles.
Ford will see a nice jump in sales when they make the fire extinguishers standard equipment. A lot of trade ins for piece of mind.
Strength is shown in the payload and towing numbers where the Ford has a huge lead. As one poster noted, the Colorado will look pretty in the driveway. However, as the specs show, that's why you'd buy it, not to do any serious hauling or towing. If you want a mid-size truck that you can preen over while your neighbors admire its look, then either truck will do. But if you want the truck for functionality in the real world, the Ranger is your choice. Posted by: Dale | Dec 16, 2018 10:46:13 AM LOL uh huh Everyone here knows that Ford is legendary for inflated towing and payload numbers. I'm willing to bet this Ranger is saddled with the same awful IWE 4WD setup that's failed over and over again on the 2015 and up F-150's. A combination of cheap plastic gears, unreliable vacuum pumps, cheap solenoids, cheap check valves, and vacuum lines. And that 2.3 Ecoboost... famous for blown headgaskets and a real problem with heat causing the ECU to pull timing and boost because it can barely run right on 87 octane fuel. This truck is going to be a reliability nightmare for service departments for the next 3 to 4 years. Posted by: The_Truth | Dec 18, 2018 11:18:19 PM Sounds like the original "Brick" post.
The design has some real world utility to it. I applaud them for trying to keep the box sides down, makes it easier to get at your equipment. The step in front of the tire is a great idea, and goes in line with the low line of the box from the perspective of accessibility. Front end wise, it's a lot of real estate, but is it also to deal with cooling on all the high powered diesels nowadays? Sale will tell if it's a winner.
@andrwken You can join up with gms and tntOnline and be three stooges. The combined IQ would still be less than 100. Posted by: Just the truth | Nov 20, 2018 6:16:39 PM Yep. Frank
@gms I do not post links. Google will find it for you. If you can't find it you want understand it. Posted by: Just the truth | Nov 20, 2018 11:49:00 AM Look. You don’t post links because the internet doesn’t have data to support what you pull out of your butt. Just prove your point. For once.
or is it just another 1/2 ton marketing stunt like the 6.2. This engine obviously would be right at home in one of the government pretend trucks and possibly the edge it would need with the coming ranger. Posted by: Clint | Nov 19, 2018 10:11:51 AM IF your looking for a 1/2 ton marketing gimmick in a 6.2, look no further than how many 6.2's showed up in F-150's. The pretend Ranger has similar numbers to the 3.6V6, you really need to stop. Your sounding more like Frank everyday.