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Can't argue too much with the results here. I owned a 2019 Ram for a total of 6 months, what an absolute piece of garbage truck. It leaked water on the inside, had endless electronic glitches and failures, and the proverbial last straw was a clunk in the suspension that FCA could not fix. Their quality sucks, their service sucks, and quite frankly, if you took away the beauty of interior there is not much to write home about with the mechanical package. I bought a new Sierra AT4 with the 6,2 and 10 speed. So far the huge difference between this and my old Ram is in the driving, the GM feels as if had plenty of engineering done to provide a better driving feel. The whole truck feels more responsive, and much MUCH more powerful than the Ram. As a bonus, I'm getting about 2mpg better too!
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Nov 12, 2018