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Gus, may your son thrive joyously in college and be a credit to God, his Country, and his Family. That is what my Grandfather wrote to me when I was a boy. I am so glad that you reached out to Mr Frau, PiP.Thank you!
The Frenchman beat Ricky Bobby? Zut alors!!
I wonder if Abe and Trump went to Benihana? Isu kurimu? I can imagine Trump off the cuff with the sumo wrestlers? "youse guys are bigger than big! The biggest! Bigly, even!" He always seems to have the common touch, from going out to Arlington before he left greeting family members in the White House to reaching out when he stops over to our troops. Where Obama was stiff, Trump seems more engaged. As to the libs it is impossible to tell them apart without a scorecard now. Buttigieg is dreaming that most of the country agrees with the on guns and abortion, especially in light of poll after poll. I think that without these screaming liberal judges we would see serious limits on abortion rights. 90 days max after conception seems reasonable, and more and more doctors are putting paid to the lies about mother's lives and rape. Those circumstances are both rare and some of the stories coming to the fore now directly contradict their propaganda. Their platform is a tapestry of lies, so how can they even think they can successfully engage the middle?
Trump just outmaneuvered the Left again with the delegation of the declassification too Barr. Now the Left will have to attack Barr, which will really drive them around the bend. Trump recuses himself, especially in light of the Marxists howls for impeachment. Barr now has the chance to lay it all out piece by piece with the IG report and whatever Huber may have. He has already given fair warning. Excpect the howling to be dialed to 11.
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Ig, you're on fire today!
So Kaiser von Juncker had not nice things to say about all of the nationalists who don't want a pan-European dictatorship tonight. Talk about getting the vote out. These clowns just don't get it. Alienate 50% of your base as the media has done; insult them, as the Left have done; and demean them and that usually offends enough people and motivates them to kick the bums out of office. I am a confirmed Faragista now. I think that monstrosity off the 15 is actually built by the same criminal mastermind who did the one in the Sahara movie. They are probably frying baby seals underneath it. Or puppies. Euthanizing any animal simply to send it to Neter-Kherket (ht Egyptian underworld) is as barbaric as Rameses III or the Emperor Chin's tomb or any of the Scythian tombs. Maybe they can bring suttee back as well.
Emperor Xi has threatened now to cut off REO shipments to the States. He thinks this will really scare us. Pelosi is desperately trying to maintain control of a clownbus now. The bozos just keep on getting crazier. It also sounds like Biden has a real problem with his son's corruption. Other than the fact that it is blatant and traceable, I wouldn't be surprised if Soros is behind it.
hen I was 10 tears old I would sneak under the fence into the Winternationals in Pomona. It was a lot more low key then but for a kid it was a rush. The "Mongoose" and Prudhomme and The Hawaiian were favorites. Funny cars, AA/Altereds, Pro Stock, Rails, it was all great. Then my mom would drop me at Riverside International on a Saturday morning to watch the road racers. I was hooked young.
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"Let's unmask as many opponents as we can" - Susan Rice - December 2016 "That's a great idea!!! "- Samantha Power - December 2016 "How about we investigate Trump?" - John Brennan November 2016 "okay" - Jim Comey - December 2016 "Oh shit!!!" - The Swamp - 2019
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I echo anonamom. One of the best places in the world for kids. Our prayers for a rapid and complete recovery. As to the Dems they were for the border wall before they were against the border wall before they were for the border wall. Disassociative brain explosion in 3, 2, 1.....
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Some Mongolian folk music for a Friday evening. Gotta give 'em credit. As the Feds banned the Mongols, the real Mongols have their say.
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The CIA, FBI, etc.
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They are so screwed.
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CH, somewhere along the way a lot of them lost their melodies. I love Blakey and Silver and Griffin. But a lot of bop became an abstract chasing of dissonance. Some artists wanted to push it further and further and I'm sure a lot of drugs were involved. Coltrane's last year or so became difficult to listen to. Bitches Brew is another example. I think I told my Philly Joe Jones in London story. Assault was in order that night. I really do hope that Ms. Rajtakowski finds other grievances that cause her to disrobe. Leaving the toilet seat up, eating the last donut, I could go on.
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Hard bop is unlistenable. I have Bulgarian throat singers, Chinese lute players, Harry Partch, Mongolian metal and all sorts of other things, but the two that I can't stand are death metal and hard bop. The one is satanic and the other manic.
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That happens all the time, AB. They're pilots, after all and can usually deadhead. A lot of them leave the regular military and then enter the reserves. Only place you can fly the fun stuff.
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Except that the Zumwalt can barely get underway. It will do a great job tied up to the dock, though. I was in SD last month and saw the USS Monsoor alongside at North Island. Turned out they were holding its commissioning ceremony that day. Funny looking ships. I do like the new autonomous ones, though. Imagine what we can do with those with a bunch of electronic spoofing gear on board plus sone cruise missiles. Some kid in a lounge chair with a Monster Energy drink in Norco, CA with a joystick sailing the ocean deep somewhere off the coast of China.
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The dope from Park Slope is one of the star clowns in the clown show. can't wait to get them all on stage. I think Ringling Brothers has a surplus clown car. I would have thought any of our intel agencies would have the "are you now or have you ever been" questions in their interview process. That was an automatic DQ back in the day. More rain today. Pretty steady. It usually Peters out in March, but there's more in the forecast for next week as well. Big storms up north. Not sure if these are the tail end. Haven't had anything like this in a long time. Very mild this year so far. But now the poor koalas are down to 70,000 pair in Oz and are about to experience an extinction event according to their whackos. Global carbon ozone hole cow fart fossil fuels bad arctic methane event, I guess.
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It looks like I am going to getting an Australian son in law. he called me yesterday to ask if we could have dinner. I sort of kind of maybe thought this might be it. So we went to Porto's, an incredible Cuban place/bakery and sure enough he asked for my permission. Very old school. He' a wonderful young man and they are very happy. I am over the moon!
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The Army just allowed Sikhs the wear their turbans as a part of the uniform. Not sure about their kirpans. It would be way cool if we could stand up a Regiment of Sikhs. Tough and loyal fighters. I saw something yesterday on the Democrat presidential mess saying they're one cop short of the Village People.It's the wokiest election ever!
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A close friend's SIl is a senior Federal Prosecutor in the Hartford office, so I called him to see if Durham was the SIL. He said no, but that Durham is known as one of the most tenacious, fearless and smartest prosecutors the Feds have. Incorruptible, apparently. God help the conspirators because we already have a heck of an evidence trail and this guy is the one to put it all together.
De-lovely! Delightful! De-marvy! Delicious!!! Can you beat that? Good time to be a dry cleaner in DC, methinks, with all the shitting of pants this evening. I can see Brennan and Comey and the others in their backyards torching all of their files like the fall of Berlin.
Is RBG still alive? Just wonderin'
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screw spellcheck...birds.
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Ig, those words are at John Wayne Airport today. $400 for a ride. When I was paddling outrigger I had them swoop over me at maybe 300-400' one day. It takes those old bombers a while to gain altitude. Nothing like the sound of those engines. Nothing like the sight of one of those to stir the blood.
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