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Most of the questions asked by the media are along the lines of: "Comrade Stalin, how do you grow such a luxuriant mustache?" "What flavor ice cream do you prefer?"
Biden snapped at his trained seals again today and the world was watching. Putin turned our own news against Biden and scored several cheap points, but points nonetheless. More and more, Biden is being seen, even by his hagiographers, as a grumpy. probably senile old man. Scripts, flash cards, and tongue baths from the media do not impress the people who are paid to know their colleagues and adversaries. They were afraid of Trump. Trump's actions were decisive and put the country first. That much was clear to the world. Biden is just an petulant, incompetent old fool. Remember, Biden ws the idiot who outed the SEALs and other operators who died in Extortion 17; tried to divide Iraq up; wanted to let Bin Laden run free, etc. And that was while he was arguably in charge of his faculties.
Stuxnet....autocucumber strikes again.
Joe threatens cyber payback. The Israelis never discuss their cyber warfare and yet we have seen them wreak havoc. Maybe it was us with Student, but wasn't that a Biden verbal diarrhea moment as well? The man is an idiot.
Jim, I think they may need more turbines, then. The issue was that solar and wind failed and then the grid began to have those issues related to a lack of steady current. Snapped power lines? Just an uneducated guess.
But I think the King Ranch home power plant idea has legs.
It would seem to me that there would be an opportunity to build a NG a fired power plant somewhere near, say, the oil fields or even the pipeline hubs in Texas, wouldn't ya think? Texas' population has been growing, so it's no wonder that the system is being strained. She-it, maybe selling Texans their very own power plants could be a thing.They could sell a King Ranch version and make a killing.
“I’m hopeful that we can find an accommodation where we can save the lives of people in, for example, in Liberia,” Things Joe Biden might have said
Colonial mindset doubleplusungood. Groupthink good. That Korean girl just needs a bit of reeducation, that's alll! Send her to the UWS for 2 weeks of self criticism and transqueerquestioning feminist book club readings.Put her on a diet of arugula and lentil pancakes and she'll be singing Tori Amos and spouting her own compositions praising Ibrahim X. Kendi to the rafters in days.
Kendi is Al Sharpton with a college degree.
The Wuhan flu is probably going to go down as the most outrageous hit job in political history. Combined with the Russia collusion fantasy, the Ukraine collusion fantasy, and the rest of the scheiss the Left threw at Trump for 4 years there should be life sentences at the rock farms for the leaders of the cabal. So now we have Schumer, Schiff and Swallwell (a known Chinese dupe), who held star chamber hearings worthy of the Soviets in the Capitol basement and who leaked like the Titanic and lied about the leaks, no less, demanding that the perfectly legitimate DoJ investigation of those "classified" leaks be investigated. Just think about that for a moment. The commissars have no morals nor shame. And yet if anything the country went right in the election with the exception of the fool in the White House. CRT may be their bridge too far after all. The moms are on the warpath. And crime is skyrocketing in the Democrat heartlands. The trend towards opposition pickups in the midterms is also a very dark cloud on their horizon. Thus the desperation to enact anything at all costs. But even there Joe is having a notsogood very bad time of it. Bibi absolutely torched him this morning as well. I don't expect the current crazy quilt in Israel to last very long. How do you keep the Srabs, Leftists and Orthodox on the same page when they are not even in the same building? The Wuhan coverup, vaccine disaster and resource inflation and population drop are catching up with Xi's ambitions. We are living in interesting times.
I've been following this, mel. Section 3 is apparently one of the most difficult cuts in the dismantling. Inside that wreck are thousands of cars, each with some amount of gasoline and plenty of flammable materials. It is a fascinating salvage job, but they knew this would be a bear going in. I am somewhat amazed they couldn't right the wreck, but what do I know? And they are using the most stringent pollution abatement standards as well. So far, so good.
More inflationary pressure: "Transporting a 40-foot steel container of cargo by sea from Shanghai to Rotterdam now costs a record $10,522, a whopping 547% higher than the seasonal average over the last five years, according to Drewry Shipping. With upwards of 80% of all goods trade transported by sea, freight-cost surges are threatening to boost the price of everything from toys, furniture and car parts to coffee, sugar and anchovies, compounding concerns in global markets already bracing for accelerating inflation."
As I recall the Huguenots were tremendous craftsmen, so the Revere career would fit. And the name Revere' could behave been French. His silver work is stunning. Pure lines and simply gorgeous. So a man made virus, weaponized and a vaccine that's worth f all. Europe fell on its face and it looks as if China is about to reap the whirlwind. In the meantime Biden is f'ing up a wet dream.
I was at Sequoia National Park several weeks ago and I really felt the altitude when hiking. And Gus, why weren't you wearing a hat? Just read that Covid is skyrocketing in Chile, even after 70% of the population has been vaccinated. The problem is that the vast majority of vaccinations were Sinovac. Fu*k China. China is Asshoe.
To have such scheiss come out of a putative conservative's mouth or pen exposes him as a complete tool of the Left. Intellectual rigor is not his strong suit. I have to believe that a lot of the in crowd drank too much of the acid spiked punch in college and that we may want to fund a few studies of TDS and Intellectual Diarrhea Disorder and the effect of NY and Washington cocktail parties on mental health. Boston, NYC, San Fran, LA, and Oregon were centers of the EST/Scientology/Turn On Tune In Drop Out/Here Let's Put This In Our Mouths/Quaalude/Horse Tranquilizer set from early on and so are well documented. After a lot of the studies done on effluent water and the high concentrations of psychoactive drugs in that coming from our major cities it should no surprise they're out of their minds,.Recycling, I'm sure, makes the effects even worse. Brawndo! It's got Electrolytes!
I believe French is genetically a gelding but identifies as a Clinton harem eunuch.
There are going to be a lot of grumpy Somalis in Minneapolis. CBP seized one container of khat containing 10,000 lbs+ and another of 3,000 lbs. in New Jersey.
I do not
I think I have an idea of why some of the most radical anti-Americans are the way they are. The crazy psychiatrist lady and the guy who hates apple pie are, I think, products of the British colonial system, once removed. There is a whole tradition of anti-imperialism that hates the very existence of whites going back to the original colonization of the Subcontinent, Sepoy Mutiny, Chandra Bose, and even Gandhi. Ottoman legacies also had axes they felt they had to grind. In their lizard brains they equate any white to devils.So if your are white and Christian, that is 2 strikes right there. So rather than look at the United States as the first post-colonial society they have it bass ackwards.
I am not eat pie often, but when I do it's Apple.
I thought that human meat was haram.
Well they are all a bunch of wankers at CNN. We know that. 3 of 57 U.S. Army Brigades are currently combat ready. Think about that. Biden has run down the milir=tary in record time. The Obama sycophants and Iraq/Afghanistan prevaricators are now at the top of the food chain. Austin is a disgrace. The good news is that the B-21 prototypes are ready to fly but will be in ground testing until next year. That is record time.
That was fast. Don't we have alleged rioters who have been in solitary for 6 months without trial? Most of the Antifas and BLM's arrested have been catch and release, while NYC judges are releasing murderers to walk the streets.
UK papers are expressing outrage at Biden for stepping into the UK-EU dispute on the side of the EU, basically telling Boris to piss off. My how things have changed. We would have had a FTA with the UK by now under Trump. Another Biden fuckup.