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From what I read about Bolton in Politischmoe Bolton spoke at his old stomping grounds and confirmed that he was at loggerheads with his boss and most of the other people in the room. But he is right and they were all wrong. Reading my leftist acquaintances on Facebook one would think that they were ready to go to war. Aren’t these the same clowns who have “I love the Iran pact” stickers on their bumpers? Tulsi is freaking because of what, exactly? What Trump hasn’t done? Can someone please explain the pretzel logic involved?
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Apparently the GM workers are living large and the primary impetus for the strike is that the Feds are investigating a bunch of the top union leaders for graft. hard to generate any sympathy for people who are making on average $90K with 95% of their medical benefits paid for, along with bonuses and perks. Glad I drive a Ford.
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Juan and Juan an Juan equals Tres. Not much data to breach in Ecuador.
It was probably the EU that stole the 18K gold toilet from Blenheim Palace. The Froggies are still upset about Marlborough's victory. The Austrians simply want to continue on eating their strudel. Just another day in the EU. The Luxembourg PM is going to pay for that cheap shot eventually. And if 10-31 rolls around without a deal, I guess Brexit does take effect. It's like little kids squabbling in a schoolyard the little kids being the EU. The Brits voted and meant it and yet their own would be masters are doing their best to show their aristo inclinations. The plebes simply cannot be allowed to sully their golden spoons. There's a lot going on, none of it good, except here in the USA. And the Left are doing their best to tear us apart. There will be a tipping point, I'm sure. Whether it's Beto or Buttplug or Harris or the Indian Princess, one or several of them are going to finally register on the collective unconscious and the majority will, hopefully, flush them down the commode of history. Same in Europe. Let the Iranians dictate how their economies crumble and there will be Gillets Jaunes out in force with pitchforks and scythes. And I do believe there was another major oil find in Texas just recently. Excuse me as a faint hint of a tear rolls down the side of my face in sympathy for the idiots.
Maybe Meeka can get a 23andme test kit for Barron. She’s a two timing ‘Ho so maybe she’s talking from her own lived experience.
But Porch, 95% of Upper West Side white yuppie liberals are in favor so they and their friends in the Judiciary must be obeyed.
If the core Defense team is meeting on a Sunday afternoon there is something going on. Iran is double daring the United States a la Little Rocket Man. They know that the sanctions are slowly strangling their economy and need something, anything to try and move the dial. Interesting that the Hong Kongers are still protesting. I have a feeling that the Molotov cocktails being thrown are by the Tongs trying to find a pretext for a crackdown. It worked for the Japanese in Mukden in '31.
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So if the trumpet, flute, saxophone, piano and trombone are inherently white instruments, isn't jazz just cultural appropriation after all? R&B? They should have been called Earth, Wind & Whitey. Or was it Winton von Schwarzmann who modified a clavier or harpsichord into the stand up boogie woogie piano? Cultural appropriation cuts both ways, baby....
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I visited an Aldi's last week for the first time and was not impressed. As to Keto vs non-veto, the ex was a ketoinazi and I don't think it helped her lose a pound. She was probably cheating, but still the diet became very annoying. Here was someone who looked good and cooked good and would then take to making something like chicken with pepper (no salt), Brussels sprouts, and kale and wonder why I would make my own non-veto low carb alternatives like chicken or lamb curry or a healthy stir fry. Freaking coconut oil and enzymes and CBD fried her brain, I think.
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There’s a trailhead not far away and there are a couple of wild turkeys that hang out there. One of the funniest things was watching them harass one particular mountain biker one day. Wish I had a crossbow.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2019 on Ready For Some Football! at JustOneMinute
Didn’t the Ayatollah threaten a major event in the past couple of days? The Houthis just attacked a major Saudi oil facility with drones. The WSJ is freaking out, saying that this is equivalent to the Iran- Iraq oil war. If Rouhani did do so that is pretty clearly an act of war.
Toggle Commented Sep 14, 2019 on The Dem Debate at JustOneMinute
My reaction to Julian Castro is that he very much reminds me of a certain third world dictator; either Chavez or Noriega. he has that same intensity and he don't like The Man. A true believer. Corruption in the unions??? I'm shocked! Shocked I say! 8 years of Cronies R Us will be in the news as long as the DoJ isn't reclaimed by the apparatchiks.
Toggle Commented Sep 13, 2019 on The Dem Debate at JustOneMinute
Kev, you're in my prayers. Sounds like you're gonna tame this beast nicely. What is good for the central bankers is not necessarily good for the people, especially those on fixed incomes.Ford's paper has now been rated junk, which does not give me the warm and fuzzies. And the hit of the Frankfurt Auto Show is all of the EV's. LA wants to sign a massive contract for solar and shut down 3 NG power plants, not realizing that there are cloudy days and what the experts call "night". It would seem that we are living in an age of mass delusion. Get yer' tulip bulbs!! It's a sure thing! step right up!
Toggle Commented Sep 11, 2019 on Back To Brexit at JustOneMinute
A Streetcar named Kahanamoku? Mark Sanford, the guy with the Argentine girlfriend? Talk about a lapse in judgment. But now he's ready to save us from Orange Man Bad. I have a gut feeling that this whole Russian deep cover scandal is more deep state bullshit. Every day that goes by, Brennan must be sweating bullets waiting for the hammer to drop. Comey has been completely discredited. Next come the rest of the bunch. So nice to see Oberlin taking it in the shorts. Can't wait to see the rollout of the cases against the media for slandering the kid from KY.
Toggle Commented Sep 10, 2019 on Back To Brexit at JustOneMinute
The latest Taliban commercial: "Join the Taliban and celebrate 9/11 with Allah"
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
The President is going to Fayettenam? Should have a fired up audience. It used to be a very wild town, with Ft. Bragg and all. I would suspect he'll do a stemwinder. To really piss off the Dems he needs to get to Raleigh - Durham or Chapel Hill. People will believe what they are told until they see otherwise.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
The airport near Turnberry is Prestwick. I thought so. I had a customer many years ago just car the airport. I think I may had a very odd stopover at Prestwick many years ago. I was taking Laker Airways out of Manchester and I think we stopped at prestwick to pick up more passengers. Tinly little terminal at the time. USAF has used Prestwick for many years. I think we may have also run sub hunters out of there at one point.
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
That video of Ivanka dancing brought back fond memories of Cankles getting sh*tfaced and doing the Baby Hippo in South Africa, Colombia and elsewhere. I believe the Secret Service used to call those the Hookers and Blow tours. "Lush One is on the move. I repeat, Lush One is on the move". Ivanka can actually keep rhythm and dance and looks great doing it. Happy Birthday MM! many happy return!
Toggle Commented Sep 8, 2019 on Send Better Nukes! at JustOneMinute
So after being bombarded with BS for 2 1/2 years we find that the whole Stormy Daniels story was made up of whole cloth. Wow, just wow.... narciso, I think an Aztec priest might be more apropos as an analogy. That guy ripped the heart out of his country.
Toggle Commented Sep 7, 2019 on Saturday Afternoon at JustOneMinute
My concern with China is that the ideologues are running things. Xi really wants to be equal to Mao and his police state is expanding rapidly. Hong Kong must be a slap in his face, and the US trade war is having significant impact. China has been laying the groundwork for its global hegemony for the past 20 years. They own ports, countries, politicians, and industries. How quickly we can de-couple with that I don't know. But they are now spending huge amounts of their foreign currency reserves managing the RMB as their economy needs more and more financing to keep the wheels from coming off. A lot is going to depend on whether their Western trained economists and technical experts are allowed to use the tools at their disposal or whether Xi just says F it and goes full hegemonist. Frankly, the Hong Kong mess could not have happened at a worse time for Xi's plans for global domination.
Toggle Commented Sep 6, 2019 on Make America Think Harder at JustOneMinute
It must be very embarrassing to be in a high level corporate meeting and have your remote control toy start rocking your world.
Toggle Commented Sep 5, 2019 on Vox Unpopuli at JustOneMinute
Interesting about that Iranian rocket fail. The minister of something or other tweeted himself in front of the "satellite" to taunt Trump. And then it turns out that the rocket did in fact fail. It's all Brave New Worldy.
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2019 on Labor Day at JustOneMinute
Glad to hear the Coasties are flying into the Bahamas. They are going to need a tremendous amount of help. Are you in FLA Clarice? They do get them very rarely. Maybe a cougar or all they all in Palm Beach?
Toggle Commented Sep 3, 2019 on Labor Day at JustOneMinute
Kev, great to hear you're making progress! TBTG and your docs and you, of course. I hope Mrs. Kev is taking good care of you.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2019 on Labor Day at JustOneMinute
My niece is in Vero and has her place all boarded up with the help of friends. She posted a photo of 50-60 power trucks from elsewhere along one of the roads in Indian River County. The utilities are doing a pretty job with mutual assistance.
Toggle Commented Sep 2, 2019 on Labor Day at JustOneMinute