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The EPA was a Nixon initiative. My father was involved with some of the groups advising the president. Dad said that he had never seen such a bunch of lousy "scientists" as those who formed the EPA back around 1972 or so. While he agreed with the purpose of the EPA, the people running it were not scientists.
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The cognitive dissonance of the Left and media versus the rest of the country has dialed up to 12. Immediately, people laughed at the Trump lunging story. The rest of it is also pure malarkey and yet the headlines are blaring "The End". It really is a Wile E. Coyote moment. A Junior assistant west coast promotion woman who just got canned makes the wildest of accusations with zero corroboration. That was the meat of their emergency hearing. Adam Schiff must have the basement tapes still locked up along with the Russiagate, Ukrainegate and the famous Trump Mardi Gras Orgy papers. And the news drips out day by delicious day about Hunter and the Big Guy and they just can't seem to bear it. Say it ain't so, Joe! Saturday morning I was running around doing chores and turned on NPR because the guys trying to sell me magic time share potions and ointments to relieve my pain (cue Sebastian Gorka - and I know you said that in his voice in your head) were just too much. They still, unfortunately, had their morning news on and were going on and on about the FBI and a white supremacist group in Idaho. Of course no one else in the country had this hot scoop of poop, and like most NPR stories these days it disappeared quickly. But the reporting on the sunup to the Gay Days Parades was just fascinating. The media puts Chicken Little to shame.
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PP nd NARAL must be funding the douche again. As to cannabis & schizophrenia, I believe it triggers psychosis in those who are vulnerable to schizophrenia. It did in my stepson. The psychosis has to be looked at as both a natural result in some individuals and as the trigger for the onset of schizophrenia; i.e. some people get psychotic on it and recover. Others don't. There are a number of UK and European scientific papers on the subject. Until recently such research was banned in this country.
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The Left has had no respect for American Exceptionalism for a generation or more. They are nothing but Marxist Red Guards willing to tear down every institution from within. And when someone lifts up the rock they rage and scurry back to their ratholes. Only when they can return wearing masks and carrying Molotov cocktails do they come out again.
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The federal government has misused its powers for 20 years. From denying 501(c) status to conservative organizations to openly investigating to phony charges and no knock raids It has been incredibly one-sided. And when the state acts in such a manner it loses its mandate to govern.We are very clearly in that place where a mob is attempting to overthrow what is left of personal freedom and free speech.
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Pin - NYPD
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Garland is Biden's appointee. What did you expect. Most states, even California, have concealed carry laws. My nephew the cop had to leave his service weapon in his locker because they changed the law even for off duty law enforcement. So some psycho punk goes out and somehow get a rifle and high capacity magazines and slaughters a bunch of innocents and they wonder why crime is out of control in New York State.
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Kaliningrad has been Russian sovereign territory since WW II, I believe. It is their Baltic port. It makes no sense, but there it is. One one of my trips to Eastern Europe I wanted to visit Kaliningrad, but found out that I would have to fly to Moscow and then onwards. Just not worth the hassle. It is their foothold to mess with the Baltic States, so a blockade is probably overdue now that they have threatened Finland and Sweden as well.Sort of like having a neighbor that plays loud music all night and leaves a car on cinder blocks in the front yard. Congrats, BoE!! As to Biden he embodies the guy on Rowan & Martin who used to ride the trike. Build Bikes Better!
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I am calling the current administration The Monkey Wrench Gang. Every single action they have taken has incredibly damaging. I believe it is on purpose. Even more so, the incompetent arrogance of the administration and the Democrats is at a point where they should be arrested and tried for sedition and treason. To wit; Buttigieg's absence in the middle of the worst supply chain crisis in history. Granholm's insane commentary and actions regarding energy; The politicization and Sovietization of the FBI/Cheka, the attempts to use the EPA, FTC, FDIC and other agencies to promote political agendas rather than a rule based system.We can go agency by agency and see the damage this Gang has done. WSJ article on how our allies view us used Indonesia as an example; they simply don't trust the United States anymore. Biden's former daughter in law admits she looked fat other way because Hunter was subsidizing their jet set lifestyle while papa gets 10%. Corrupt Incompetent Destructive Anti-American The Monkey Wrench Gang.
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So, was last night's inquisition at all on point? Has anyone for God's sake done a fair analysis? How much more of this do we have to put up with? How many times was the word sedition used? Did we get close ups of pained faces of Congresscritters and witnesses? Sounds to me like it was pretty much a dud. It pains me to see Trump throwing people under the bus. Can't he just keep his mouth shut? Worse is the fact that these annoying cases of voter fraud keep on coming up and nobody seems to link it all together. Interesting news item from CO. Apparently Dem voters have switched en masse to "I"' in order to screw Boebert in the primaries. That's just as much voter fraud as anything else.
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I hear he sings a mean Nessun Dorma as well.
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Caruso is a mall developer and in with all of the in people. His supporters include Snoop Dog and Gwyneth Paltrow and a lot of other celebs. He was a Riordan Republican until a few years ago. Riordan was okay in my book. He has some common sense, so I think would be. hell of a lot better than the pending ambassador to India or Karen Bass. So I wonder what's keeping Garcetti from taking up his post? Security clearance? Commies in the closet? Hunter B waiting to get paid off?
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LTG William Yarborough was the founder of the Green Berets. His goals were: "unconventional warfare, foreign internal defense, direct action, counterinsurgency, special reconnaissance, counterterrorism, information operations, counterproliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and security force assistance." From the beginning they were there to support indigenous allied forces either formal or guerrilla. I know his son and grandson and have a book he wrote in 1965 warning that we would lose Africa if we didn't act. It's pretty rare. Gehlen was an interesting character. He was central to the founding of the BND (Germany's spy agency) despite having been a high ranking Wermacht officer. The spy vs spy game in Europe was very byzantine.
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That Patton story has been making the rounds since 1946. Interesting that the pro-abortion faction has become completely unhinged to the point of violence. They interrupted a WNBA game last night. Big fat lesbians running around on the court topless. It has seared my eyes. A good friend of mine was one of those Jewish refugee children. Many of them ended up in the Lake District in the UK and there's a TV show about it. His family emigrated separately. He only got out in 1939. Why I don't know. He passed away 2 years ago and was a very well known artist. The irony is that as a young buy he drew pictures of soldiers in full regalia. A Jewish kid drawing beautiful pictures of Nazis and others.
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Well, when the economy crashes prices will stabilize, I guess. We'll be back to gold & silver yet. I don't think a Hermes purse will bring a lot, though, nor a fancy BMW. The way things are at the White House right now, Biden might yet be lynched by his own staff if the reports are true. His new press secretary is worse than the old one and that, my friends, is a hard act to follow. We have seen pretty much all established authority blow their credibility once and for all. Not any better anywhere else in the world. Nutters everywhere. Where has all the competence gone? Maybe Ayn Rand's Colorado hideout really exists.
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We have a program in our county called Know the Signs. It is primarily directed at suicidality, but at the same time also addresses depression and other mental illnesses. It helps create awareness. We just sent the budget recommendations up to our county supervisors ($360 million for behavioral health) and the two critical emphases are: Screening and BH services in the schools Fentanyl awareness and antidote distribution. We have been beating these drums for several years now, but I think it's going to take the death of someone close to someone at the top to kick their asses into gear.
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As to the FBI, it's a holiday Friday, Jake. No one will pay attention. We can probably expect several federal dumps, especially after the media go to press as they used to say.
The Russians are now shipping T-62 tanks en masse to the Ukraine. These are 40-50 year old museum pieces, but they have a lot of them. The only problem is that they don't have the crews, nor the sighting tech necessary for modern warfare. The Ukrainian drones are killing Russian tanks through their top armor, the weakest point. Because the Russian tanks store their ammunition within the crew capsule, this means instant immolation if a tank is hit. Ergo fewer crews to crew the replacement tanks. The Russians are drafting over 40's and using 40 year old tech. This doesn't bode well for their plans to encircle the Ukrainian positions. If some teen with mad Nintendo skills can drill a tank from 20 miles away from a drone that can make it back to be reloaded I wouldn't want to be a Russian tanker. Simple odds. And apparently the charges the Ukrainians are using are inexpensive as opposed to the fancy Western anti-tank weapons. Asymmetrical warfare.
As to Taiwan, the lines are now clearly drawn not only by the United States but by Japan and Australia as well. Chinese hegemonism is only going to go so far. Their lesson from the 1979 war with Vietnam shouldn't be lost, but probably is. People defending their own territory fight like hell.The Taiwanese have woken up to the dangers to their country, but China may already have their nuts in a wringer because of the massive investment by Taiwanese companies in China. Time will tell, and all is not right within China by any stretch of the imagination. No jobs = political disruption and Xi's strongman tactics are not going down well with the people.
So now we have two archbishops contradicting each other. Gregory is a liberal fool and what can one say about the Jesuits in general? Archbishop Cordileone is absolutely correct in his interpretation of Church teaching while Pelosi, Biden, and the rest of the Pharisees are in grave error, as we say. The split between orthodoxy and heresy is almost complete.
How about "we promise not to invade you, Russia" as a starting point?
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Durham seems to have nailed Sussman to the wall today. I wonder if Sussman will give up any of his co-conspirators? Durham seems to have a pretty paper and e mail trail that leads right into the heart of darkness this time, unlike Comey's non-indictment of Hillary for her e mail coverup. DC is Borgias vs Colonnas vs the Imperial Guard these days.
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P.S. Russian naval casualties have been surprisingly high as well. And worse, the overall quality and maintenance across the military have proven to be utterly substandard. And now Finland and Sweden have formally applied for NATO membership, thus creating a solid line of NATO opposition from the Arctic to the Bosporus. This may have been the worst miscalculation in modern military history right up there with Hitler's June 1941 invasion.
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shit. Typepad ate my post. I was just pointing out that Russia has suffered massive casualties and are continuing to do so. All of those tank and truck and BTR carcasses are hard to replace while the Ukrainians have received a brigade's worth of T-80's from Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and others. They continue to receive anti-tank weapons and their use of drones has been brilliant. Mariupol is like Berlin ca 1945. A wasteland. All of those troops now need to occupy what is now worthless territory. Even in Donetsk and Luhansk people are turning against the brutality of the Russian war machine. Crimea 1856, Eastern Front 1917, Finland 1939, Gates of Moscow 1941. The Russian Army hasn't done well in its foreign wars, and if they hadn't received Lend Lease would have been out of the fight in WW II. They will defend the Matriya, but unless it is an invasion as brutal as Hitler's, I don't think have the mindset for successful conquest. Their economy is collapsing. They can't get parts like advanced optics, electronic components or industrial equipment and they don't have the quality of reserves they would need to go back on the offensive. Putin is micromanaging the way Hitler and Johnson did, and that doesn't turn out well. So they will use massed artillery, but for what if they can't hold ground?
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