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The Epoch Times responds to NBC.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Defending The Founding Fathers at JustOneMinute
My guess is the ChiComms ordered NBC News and/or the Democrats to do whatever it takes to discredit The Epoch Times and Falun Gong.
Toggle Commented 4 days ago on Defending The Founding Fathers at JustOneMinute
This 5 minute video will brighten up you day. Feeling a little better now. The vertigo comes and goes now versus being nonstop for over a week.
Toggle Commented 5 days ago on Campaign Disclosure Follies at JustOneMinute
Hope everyone is doing well. I've been dealing with major vertigo for a week now. Hard to keep up with the goings on at JOM when the words move around on the screen. I imagine the discussion about Epstein has been interesting. Hopefully this will clear up soon. Doctor gave me Valium to take until I can go see an ENT doc. Not certain why he prescribed that drug but it definitely is making me feel mellow.
I think you're right mainly because the bell curve of people aspiring to work for the feds has some overlap here but not much. If someone consider themselves a patriot and Constitutional rule of law kind of person, wouldn't a career in the FBI as a law enforcement officer be an honorable profession that pays a lot better than being a local policeman or state trooper? I'm good friends with a local policeman and I was dumbfounded by how low his annual salary was. FBI agents make double to triple what he makes.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
TK @ 3:01 Same answer as last time. Since the Mueller SC is officially over and Mueller has completely destroyed the Democrat's false allegations against Trump, there is no risk to discussing what actually happened. After 2+ years of promoting Mueller as the super hero who would bring Trump down, if the Democrats now start trying to convince people Mueller was working with Trump all along then that just makes them look more foolish. This in turn will alienate more moderate/independent voters and push them towards Trump in 2020. BTW nice attempt to put me on the defensive again by accusing me of bragging. Your tactics are easy to spot.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
TK @ 2:33 Your attempts to put me on the defensive when you know I am presenting facts warranted the insulting tone directed strictly at you. Therefore, your conclusion can be equally applied to Trump. No shit Sherlock. I've been saying Trump relies on strategic deception for months here. Trump has been promoting the strategic deception Mueller wanted to be FBI Director again and formally applied for the job. Trump sent out countless number of tweets accusing Mueller of being on a witch hunt. Welcome to the world of strategic deception/kabuki. The truth doesn't matter in the court of public opinion. In the court of public opinion what matters the most is what people perceive to be the truth. Knowing that half the country was deceived by Democrats and the leftwing into believing Trump was a traitor who colluded with the Russian government to steal the election, perhaps you will now acknowledge the possibility Trump engaged in deception/subterfuge to indirectly prove to the nation those allegations against him were false?
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
TK @ 2:17 Does your concept of what constitutes rational logic cause you conclude that since Trump retweeted the link to Gohmert’s oped that all the lies and misinformation in Gohmert's oped somehow automagically become The Truth? That sure seems to be the case.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
TK @ 1:58 My "secret motive" was your attempt to evade answering a question so you tried putting me on the defensive by asking me what my motive for posting here was. I do give you credit for your creative writing skills. It takes a lot of creativity on your part to evade the facts and avoid admitting your perceptions were incorrect and instead attempt to put the person who revealed those facts on the defensive. I fully acknowledge your popularity here helps you convince others to side with you version of The Truth over me. Pat yourself on the back for helping perpetuate the lies and misinformation that Gohmert and other pundits are spreading.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
CH @ 1:45 How about I give you the red pill and you offer it to TK since he can't publicly accept it from me?
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
Flipping the FISA is your pipe dream TomR not ours. Maryrose, Thank you for reinforcing the point I have been making.
Henry, Buckeye and anyone else who thought Mueller was a corrupt dirty cop: If you accept the possibility (or you outright admit you got duped) that your perceptions about Mueller may have been improperly negatively influenced by misinformation and lies, then extend that to Rosenstein and reread my 12:13. The same pundits pushing the narrative Mueller is a corrupt dirty cop say Rosenstein is corrupt too. Are you willing to admit to the possibility Rosenstein reauthorized the Page FISA warrant because Team Trump was engaged in a reverse sting operation to spy on Halper and other members of the Obama criminal cabal in order to collect evidence to indict them for illegally spying on the Trump campaign? For all those on the Ledge who are pessimistic that anyone in the Obama admin is going to get punished for their crimes, Rosenstein flipping the Page FISA warrant against Halper is a gamechanger don't you think?
Henry @ 12:16 Yes I am well aware that the people who were the most vocal about Mueller being a corrupt dirty cop tend to be the same people now saying nobody cares that Mueller may not be as bad as they previously perceived. When you view everything that happened during the Mueller SC investigation thru the prism that Mueller is not the corrupt dirty cop you thought he was, then its possible to come to a different conclusion than what the politicians and pundits wanted you to believe.
Buckeye @ 12:07 But at the end of the day, who gives a shit? The people who give a shit about the real facts surrounding Spygate are the people who know the outcome of Spygate will be an inflection point in US history.
From the Sundance article linked earlier: According to Bartiromo those transcripts include FBI wire-taps of Halper attempting to get Papadopolous to accept assistance from Russia (delivering Clinton emails) Since Halper is a US citizen a wiretap for CounterIntel reasons requires a FISA warrant. We already know the Obama administration approved a FISA warrant against Carter Page. We also already know that the two-hop rule that applies to FISA warrants allowed the Obama administration to not only spy on Page, but to also spy on everyone Page communicated with AND everyone those people communicated with. Now, knowing that the FBI had wire taps of Halper, there are two options to choose from. Either the FBI got a fresh, new FISA warrant against Halper OR they renewed the existing Page FISA warrant that had already gotten approved but they flipped flopped the direction. Instead of using the Page FISA warrant to spy on the Trump campaign, the FBI used the Page FISA warrant to spy on Halper and everyone in the Obama administration that Halper communicated with during Spygate.
RG, Just so you know in your absence here at JOM CH has been one of the most open minded posters here when it comes to everything Trump has been doing to drain the Swamp. AFAIK he and I are the only two people here who believe Rosenstein is a good guy who was always on Team Trump from the very start. For the past week I've been debunking an oped by Louie Gohmert full of lies and misinformation about Mueller's past history. I've been focusing on the details surrounding the Whitey Bulger case. In a nutshell, pretty much everything Trump supporters were duped into believing (by politicians and pundits) to be true when it comes to Mueller and Whitey Bulger is not true at all. A couple of key people (Iggy and Clarice) have admitted my points debunking Gohmert are valid so I am happy with the progress. Hope you stick around more and RTR.
Rocco @ 5:52 Why should I give up the search for truth? You linked to another article by a pundit who is intentionally omitting key facts and trying to deceive you. That pundit is doing what most pundits do and basing his points on an oped by a different pundit who is also intentionally omitting key facts and trying to deceive you. For more than three decades, the FBI, citing “national security” concerns, refused to release the exculpatory evidence. Finally, it was released in 2000 as part of an investigation at the time into FBI corruption in the Boston office In other words, in 2000 a year before Mueller became FBI Director the FBI gave all the exculpatory evidence to defense lawyers. Can anyone name anything that happened in the Deegan murder case or Bulger's entire criminal history that would give anyone a legit reason to accuse Mueller of being a corrupt dirty cop, which BTW were the first two words in the oped Rocco linked. Lastly, the part you quoted is that pundit's attempt to twist what Mueller said out of context. Here is a quote from Mueller: “This does not necessarily mean, however, that Limone or any of the other defendants is innocent – it merely means that they are entitled to a new trial.” There are obviously comments from Mueller before and after that quote so no one here knows what the full context is. All we can do is speculate. The four gangsters framed for murder were bad guys. They were innocent of the murder they got framed for but overall they were mobsters. Also, they were convicted of state crimes by the state of Massachusetts, not the DOJ. The exculpatory evidence turned over by the FBI entitled the framed mobsters to a new trial in the state of Massachusetts to formally establish their innocence via acquittal or possibly a judge throwing out the original conviction. Someone who is a lawyer can confirm if that is the correct process for how the rule of law is supposed to work.
CH @ 10:40 For starters, all the tweets that claimed Mueller wanted to be FBI Director again and formally interviewed for the job. Do you distinguish between subterfuge and deception whose purpose is to defeat the enemy and the traditional definition of "lying". I certainly do. Absolutely nothing wrong with the former while the latter is unethical.
Momto2 @ 10:31 I think Scarborough's insane behavior towards Trump is because he is scared shitless that Trump could somehow expose the skeletons in his closet.
CH @ 7:26 To be clear, unlike the NTs I'm claiming he hasn't lied Can you clarify your point? I always thought you were one of the people here who understood Trump routinely engages in deception, kabuki, or whatever term you want to call it. I distinguish between that kind of subterfuge and the traditional definition of "lying". Two different things.
RG @ 10:37 By the way, where's my guy Tom R. ??? Y'all haven't roughed him up, have you? Haha I'm still fighting the fight to uncover the truth. Slowly but surely some people are starting to come around. After the debacle of the last week for the Red Sox college football can't get here soon enough. Barring injury to Tua the Tide should be right where they expect to be. This year's team should be the most prolific offense in Bama history and should light up the scoreboard.
Matt, Sorry to hear about your family issues. Hope things work out the best for you.
After he realized that Trump endorsed Gohmert's essay, and he revealed that he has a secret motive to his posts, his "argument" only survives if everyone accepts that he, and no one else here, knows when Trump is being deceitful to Trump's supporters. LOL TK did your head get dizzy from your head spinning after you wrote that? That”s some crazy logic that because Trump retweeted the link to Gohmert’s oped that all the lies and misinformation in it somehow automagically become The Truth. My argument survives when people learn what the real facts are and realize my points are based on them. Iggy and Clarice had the honesty to admit the Whitey Bulger accusations, with one minor exception, were false. So were the Uranium One, Senator Stevens and Hatfill anthrax allegations. All lies and misinformation by Gohmert to spread the false narrative Mueller has a history of framing innocent victims. It duped a lot of people here and all over the country BTW multiple people here have admitted Trump engages in deception. I don’t claim to be better at it than anyone else.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Evolve Or Die! at JustOneMinute
Clarice @ 2:09 from previous thread. Once people realize they've been duped and a lot is at stake--and they do, the MSM is in rapid decline, having lost so much credibility... Understand now why I have spent so much effort debunking all the lies and misinformation about Mueller in the Gohmert oped? There is a lot at stake on the outcome of Spygate. Trump’s success at draining the Swamp are largely dependent on it. A person’s outlook on Trump’s chances of success, whether it be optimistic or pessimistic, is affected by what they perceive to be the truth. Every single doom and bloomer on the Ledge is convinced Mueller is a corrupt Deep State dirty cop which means in their eyes there is zero chance he could have been working with Trump in some manner. IMO they have been duped. With almost all of Gohmert’s accusations against Mueller completely debunked, what real evidence exists that would lead a person to conclude Mueller is corrupt? I’ve been accused of defending the indefensible. What has Mueller actually done prior to being appointed SC that is indefensible?
Toggle Commented Aug 4, 2019 on Evolve Or Die! at JustOneMinute
Henry @ 11:43 Did you read the article I linked yesterday about the 32 ways to identify and mitigate the impact of propaganda, misinformation etc? The biggest difference between pundits and Twitter Sleuths is that pundits make a living engaging in punditry. They have to fil up one hour on cable TV or however long their radio show is with enough material to keep their audiences attention. Another difference is that for the more popular pundits like Rush, Hannity etc they are often chosen to be the conduits to disseminate the official narrative the WH Communications team wants people to hear. It’s not a coincidence that every talking point Kellyanne Conway makes Hannity makes as well. Twitter Sleuths are people like you and me trying to separate facts from misinformation and connecting the dots. Some are a lot better at it than others. They also aren’t getting paid to do it.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2019 on Seven Up! at JustOneMinute