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The Cleveland oped on Flynn prompts two questions. Does it not seem extremely fishy that only one day passed between when Flynn got indicted and when he agreed to a plea bargain deal? I would have thought a high priced DC law firm that Flynn retained would need more than a few hours to provide him competent legal advice and to coordinate with the Mueller SC on the details of the plea bargain. The oped also states Trump-appointed US Attorney Jessie Liu has taken over the case from Mueller. If the Mueller SC wrongfully indicted Flynn, engaged in prosecutorial misconduct, etc as many Trump supporters believe, then why doesn't Liu do the right thing and drop the case?
Toggle Commented 2 hours ago on Happy Father's Day! at JustOneMinute President Trump says he knows who was behind the September 11, 2001 attacks, telling ABC News's George Stephanopoulos "Iraq did not knock down the World Trade Center," adding "It were other people. And I think I know who the other people were. And you might also." Any guesses as to why Trump would bring this topic up unless he is hinting that there was someone else behind the attack besides Al Qaeda?
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One reason (likely of many) that Trump granted an interview to a Clintonista on ABC. He wanted this point to get disseminated out to non-Fox News viewers.
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Another amazing connecting of the dots by a Twitter Sleuther. Anyone ever heard of Basit Igtet? He is the husband of Sara Brofman of NXIVM sex cult fame. He is also connected to the Sid Blumenthal/Benghazi scandal.
Toggle Commented yesterday on Happy Father's Day! at JustOneMinute IMO a correct observation.
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Remember when Trump said “the leaks are real the news is fake”? I agree with the comments in this tweet thread. The “leak” of the internal Trump polls that showed Biden with big leads over Trump is a 4D Chess Grandmaster at work again.
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MJW @ 5:31 Do you know what the terms kabuki and gaslighting refer to? Also, what reasons can you think of that explain why Rosenstein would want to keep it a secret that Mueller was investigating the Steele dossier? Why has Barr decided it’s now OK for that information to be declassified this week?
Your most egregious misrepresentation was that Nunes reveled that Mueller was investigating the Steele Dossier. He said nothing of the sort. Now you are just quibbling. Nunes revealed the redacted part of the scope memo dealt with the Steele dossier. The scope memo itself specified to Mueller what he was tasked to investigate. You are just refusing to put two and two together because you don't want to admit I have a valid point.
TK @ 4:30 I assume it is within the realm of possibility you could take everything Nunes said in his opening statement 100%literally. I would be willing to make a bet with you on that. If it's ever clearly proven one of us is right, the other self-imposes a 1 month posting ban here. That's how confident I am Nunes was engaging in kabuki.
Ext @4:21 That's a major flaw in your logic. How do you know for certain Mueller didn't investigate the Steele dossier and pass everything he collected to the DOJ & Horowitz/Durham? Keep in mind there are 12 redacted criminal referrals we still don't know any of the details on. My bet is Durham had plenty of evidence already on hand provided by Mueller for him to act on. You guys keep ignoring the key fact that Mueller exonerated Trump of colluding with the Russians. How could Mueller do that without investigating every allegation in the Steele dossier and confirming every single one of them were 100% bullshit? That was the scope of his task from Rosenstein. Everything else related to the Steele dossier and FISA abuse is assigned to Horowitz and Durham.
MJW @ 4:03 I figured that was the approach you would use. Fact: The scope memo tasked Mueller with what to investigate. fact: Nunes confirmed the previously redacted parts dealt with the Steele dossier. Conclusion: The scope memo tasks Mueller to investigate the Steele dossier. In his opening statement, Nunes clearly states that Mueller "debunked many of their favorite conspiracy theories" which is clearly referring to the Steele dossier. Did you actually read the entire article? It clearly says in black and white that the scope memo tasked Mueller with investigating Manafort, Flynn and Papadoplous. I thought it was fairly obvious that the "(plant?)" parentheticals were my own addition. You are failing to account for that by the time Mueller was appointed Team Trump already knew Obama had been spying on him via the Page FISA warrant. I think its fairly safe to assume they wanted to know the full extent of everything and everyone involved in the spying. We now have reports that not only did Page have a FISA warrant on him but there are reports Manafort and Flynn did as well. Since I am 99.99% certain Rosenstein has been on Team Trump since Day 1, I think it makes perfect sense why he tasked Mueller to fully investigate them. The last sentence indicates Gaetz understands the value Mueller’s exoneration provided to Trump.
TK, Since Nunes has been allowed to see the unredacted scope memo, you can conclude Team Trump 1) trusts him with that information 2) is using him to promote the Spygate narrative Team Trump wants promoted and 3) has decided the timing is right to release this new information to the public. Nunes now knows specifically what Mueller was tasked to investigate as well as what fell out of scope of his appointment. He also stated some of the new stuff he saw is classified and he can't discuss it. We now know for certain Mueller was tasked to investigate the Steele dossier. We also now know for certain that some previously held beliefs by the "Mueller is a Black Hat crowd" have been completely debunked. Many of the Black Hat crowd believed that Mueller's targetting of Manafort, Papodoplous, and Flynn (omitted in my last post) was definitive proof Mueller was on a "witch hunt" and using them to try and go after Trump. We now know that Rosenstein specially tasked Mueller to investigate those three. The transcript of Nunes opening statement confirms he now knows what Mueller's primary task was: to debunk the Steele dossier and exonerate Trump of colluding with the Russians. That is the same exact point both Trump and I have been repeating for weeks. Immediately after that he goes into kabuki/gaslighting mode. Its politically beneficial for Team Trump to gaslight as many people possible, both supporters and leftwingers, into believing Mueller wanted to help the Democrats impeach Trump for OOJ. In this case perception is more important than reality. The reality as Barr pointed out is that Mueller could have formally concluded Trump committed OOJ but he didn't. IMO the reason for the gaslighting is that it continues to serve as a major distraction to divert attention from what is really going on behind the scenes to drain the Swamp and bring the Obama criminal cabal to justice. So far it is working exactly as intended. How can you tell Nunes is engaging in kabuki? Right after he claimed Mueller's real purpose was to help the Democrats impeach Trump, he rattled off five talking points. Keep in mind Nunes now knows what was out of scope for Mueller to investigate. Three of the talking points Nunes used to justify his accusation that Mueller wanted to help the Democrats impeach Trump have absolutely nothing to do with the OOJ accusations and are things he now knows Mueller was never tasked to investigate in the first place. They are: ⦁ No comment on the close relationship between Democrat operatives at Fusion GPS and multiple Russians who participated in the June 9, 2016 meeting at Trump Tower. In fact, no comment on Fusion GPS at all. ⦁ No useful information on figures who played key roles in the investigation such as Joseph Mifsud, Alexander Downer, or Christopher Steele. ⦁ No useful information about the many irregularities that marred the FBI’s Russia investigation. Nunes knows all three of those fall under the scope of Horowitz and Huber (and now Durham) to investigate. For Nunes to use those three talking points as a basis for accusing Mueller of trying to help the Democrats impeach Trump when he knows none of them are true is either a sign Nunes is ignorant, completely dishonest and intentionally smearing Mueller, or he is engaging in kabuki/gaslighting to mislead everyone for reasons known only to him and Team Trump. I think highly of Nunes so I choose to go with the latter.
TK. He's like the MFM, even when he knows he's wrong, he can't admit it. EVER. Gus, Now that we know that Mueller was specifically tasked to investigate Flynn and Manafort, will you admit you were wrong on countless occasions over the past 2 years when you insisted Mueller investigating them was proof he was corrupt, out of control and trying to destroy Trump (or something to that effect)?
TK from last night, After seeing the unredacted Mueller SC scope memo, on Wednesday Devin Nunes said the previously redacted parts: 1) explicitly tasked Mueller to investigate the Steele Dossier. 2) explicitly tasked Mueller to investigate Manafort (Swamp plant?), Page (FBI/CIA plant?) and Papadoplous (neoncon plant?).
Fatty livers are projected to replace alcohol as the major reason for liver failure is the next 20 years I have a relative with cirrhosis who doesn't drink alcohol. He has been obese for decades and is also diabetic. He has so many health issues going on it's really a miracle he is even still alive.
TK, Carlson’s article is good but it’s easier to figure out what parts are fact and what parts are kabuki/misdirection when you read the transcript with the understanding Nunes’ comments were made after he was allowed to read the previously classified part of the Mueller SC memo.
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More 4D Chess moves by Trump today. How many Progtard/SJWs heads will explode once they learn Trump was a FBI asset helping them combat organized crime for 30+ hears?
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RG, How did you like Nunes revelation about the previously classified section of the Mueller SC scope memo? I thought it was awesome myself. It fits in nicely with his opening statement he made yesterday in the Intel committee meeting.
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Sidney was in on it from the get-go? Probably not. She probably has a lot of inside info now that Flynn hired her.
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LOL Trump tweeted this video this afternoon.
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Likely one of the reasons Rosenstein recommended to not pay attention to the pundits. Tweet #7 is more evidence of 4D Chess. Tip of the cap to that Twitter Sleuth for making that accurate observation. Here is a direct link.
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It keeps getting worse for Creepy Porn lawyer.
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The link Narciso provided to Hodes website indicates Hodes is a SME on legal ethics. I suppose someone like that would be a good choice to have on your team if you plan to try and get the plea bargain overturned. Based on the other information on Hodes the first impression is he is a leftwinger. Whether he is a traditional liberal or a Progtard/Commie type remains to be seen.
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