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Maryrose @ 2:34 Everyone is free to express their opinion. Everyone is also free to ridicule that opinion as nonsense.
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RG @ 2:25 100% agree. It's just ridiculous for that pundit to claim that those of us who are voluntarily making temporary sacrifices to help save lives are somehow setting the stage for the US becoming a police state because we have proven that we will "meekly acquiesce to any national emergency being declared an existential crisis". This pundit must think the virus outbreak is not a legit existential crisis
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Anyone else besides me think the last paragraph of that AT oped OL linked was pure bullshit?
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OL @ 1:43 Based on you trying to portray my comment as a personal attack (when it clearly wasn't), that leads me to conclude it was an accurate assessment of you backed up by your own words.
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Ignore my 1:44. I was basing that comment on a different article I had read.
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Henry @ 1:38 That is Fake News. The FISA law got temporarily extended for 77 days and now doesn't expire until around the end of May.
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We don't know if it will or not. Here's the problem in a nutshell; mankind collectively is, for the moment, powerless to know what is the right course to follow in the face of a tiny virus. So tons of people think they know what the best course is and they're all wrong because know one knows. Iggy I agree with everything you said in your 1:01. In the face of uncertainty and trying to determine what is the right course of action, the #1 question to ask IMO is "what is the Christian thing to do?" You can't really go wrong with that approach. Now if you don't want to use the Christian approach here is a military approach. The following is taught in Army leadership training. Leadership(L) vs Management (M) L: Does the right thing M: Does things right L: Inspiration M: Involvement L: Personal M: Impersonal L: People M: Policies L: Vision M: Bottom line L: Future M: Present L: Trust M: Control L: Heart M: Head There are others but I didn't list them all. Trump is a leader, not a manager. IMO his decisions on what courses of actions to follow to solve the virus crisis are focusing on how leaders approach decision making, not managers. The latter is the approach OL appears to be taking.
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then what you paid was based on pure emotion alone without a lick of rational thought put into the price you paid. Factoring in things like integrity, ethics, and morals into the decision making process are rational thoughts.
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Melinda @ 1:04 Are you referring to the milky substance in the IV bag?
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Therefore assign a value to a single life of infinity, and there is no price the nation should not pay to save it. OL, I hate to assume but you are creating the perception you think Trump should be focusing on keeping the economy afloat and if that causes hundreds of thousands of extra deaths then so be it. Correct me if I am wrong.
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Iggy @ 12:07 That newneo link points out what are presently unquantifiable benefits that will occur once the crisis is over. What will be the long term benefit to the US if this crisis kills globalism and reliance on China for critical manufactured goods? That's a lot of blue collar jobs moving back to the US. What will be the long term benefit if this crisis causes the ChiComms to lose power and influence around the world? What will be the long term benefit to the US if the behavior of the Progtards, Democrats and Fake News media cause more and more Americans to come to the realization that their ideology is more in line with the ChiComms than the Constitution? All those are potential future benefits can't be quantified right now. We are paying the costs right now but if those potential benefits come to fruition the costs may turn out to be worth it (or at least not as painful as they presently appear to be) in the long term .
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In this theoretical ideal, the primary benefit of flattening the curve is to create a more orderly flow of ill patients into limited medical services and out again, lowering death rates due to inadequate care. That is the point my wife keeps driving home.
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For anyone stressing out, this song always puts me in a good mood.
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Do you see any of that in the behavior of Cuomo or Northam or Hogan or any of the other governors? I certainly don’t. Kay Ivie, the conservative Trump supporter governor of Alabama, has done the same thing those Democrat governors have. I assume almost every governor has at this point.
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Guess who is signing on to Pelosi’s commission. Henry @ 10:53 Definitely not Sessions. He is calling for a Congressional investigation into the Chinese Communist party's role in spreading the virus. Pelosi and Schiff want to investigate Trump's handling of the crisis in the US.
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Lives are more precious than money or property. Fully agree.
when combined with likely infection attack rates (around 50–80%) if we take their high number for infection rate and multiply it by their new mortality estimate we get about 1.74 million deaths in the US. Lets assume the Lancet projections are correct. Trump has said if there are only 100,000 deaths that will be a great accomplishment (or something to that effect). If Trump's social distancing policies are successful and result in the decrease in deaths of 1,640,000 US citizens, will that be worth the cost to the economy, the increase in national debt, and all the other sacrifices that are being made?
Iggy @ 10:27 That makes it 20 times more deadly. The point in the last sentence still stands. The average percentage of people who get the regular flu is 8%. I don't think anyone really knows how high that number can go with COVID 19.
Iggy @ 10:16 Word of caution on any study conducted by The Lancet. That was the same organization with the discredited survey of the number of civilians killed during the Iraq war that significantly inflated their numbers to try and make Bush Jr and the US look bad.
The US is right at 2% and also still climbing. Knowing that the mortality rate will fluctuate as more people get tested, if my math is correct a 2% mortality rate currently makes it 200 times more deadly than the regular flu which has a 0.01% mortality rate. Combine that with a RO factor between 2-3 tells you why Trump has implemented such drastic measures some have called irrational.
Can you truly not feel the hook in your lip? I think you are giving Gus to much credit. TK is the one who likes to bait me. Gus is just demonstrating his true nature.
Honest question- how did your security business get so corrupted? Maryrose, Honest question- what in the hell are you talking about? Pretty sure there's enough pox for both houses there. Iggy, Only one of us engages in unprovoked personal attacks. My responses to Gus' displaying his true nature yet again were reserved and nowhere close to what I could have said.
Lyle @ 6:53 Of course that is the key point. You asked for examples of how FISA was used properly to protect national security and I gave you two links, the last one extremely pertinent to the crisis at hand.
Maryrose @ 6:41 How can you be completely oblivious to the fact I am only responding to Gus' personal attacks against me?
At the end of the FISA conversation will anyone have changed their opinion? If the Congress reauthorizes the FISA law then that would indicate that at a minimum a few GOP Senators changed their opinion. If Trump signs the legislation then that would indicate he has changed his opinion as well.