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Top comment from the 737 article: Very good analysis, but fatally incomplete. One really essential reason those planes crashed was that each time the MCAS triggered, it acted like it was the first time. If it added 1 degree of trim last time, it adds a second this time, a third next time, up to the five degrees that runs the trim all the way to the stops. A second reason is that, under the design still on file at the FAA, it could only add a maximum of 0.8 degrees (each time). This was raised to 2.4 degrees after testing, so only two hits could, in principle, put you almost to the stops. A third was that the only way to override the MCAS was to turn off power to the motor that worked the trim. But above 400 knots, the strength needed to dial back the trim with the hand crank was more than actual live pilots have, especially if it is taking all their strength to pull back on the yoke. A fourth was that, with two flight control computers, the pilot could (partly) turn off a misbehaving one, but there is no way to turn on the other one. You have to land first, to switch over, even though the other is doing all the work to be ready to fly the plane. A fifth was that it ignored that pilots were desperately pulling back on the yoke, which could have been a clue that it was doing the wrong thing. A sixth was that, besides comparing redundant sensors, it could have compared what the other flight computer thought it should be doing. Further down, someone said the OFF switch wasn’t on the console, only pulling a breaker.
hoyden, watching paint dry isn’t even funny anymore. As close as it should be to being done, they still won’t give me a completion date. Fortunately, I don’t have any further travel plans until the glorious Memorial weekend and my insurance lady has written me off on recurrancy, so that deadline has passed. :( Thankfully my instructor is willing to play along and keep me out of trouble.
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I’ve probably mentioned it in the distant past, but my all time fave gathering of musicians is from Marty Scorsace’s Red White and Blues DVD he did as part of a 10 piece set of the history of the blues. One of the best of the surprises was Tom Jones jamming some of the best blues ever. Much of the studio work was at Apple records on a totally laid back basis that felt like you were hanging with them. Prolly could find some of it on video.
Marlene, When your nephew gets the wanderlust, we’re just a hop and skip north of Bainbridge. By early summer the Orca are hanging out all around. MJW, The Astro nerds get their chests all puffed up when they see the left shift on their spectrum analyzer. Almost every theory from that point forward presumes that is caused by everything receding from everything else. By itself, that’s harmless enough even if it gets all tangled up in the presumed age of the Universe and a bunch of other stuff. But once you nail your foot to the floor for that somewhat arbitrary assumption, the death spiral leads to Quasars and dark matter and energy and other quests for how many angels are dancing on the head of a bunch of pins. I consider it to be quite similar to the epicycles that were necessary to describe planetary motion when we were the center of the Universe. YMMV :)
Now for something completely different: Turns out our transient Orca are the baddest badasses around.
Heh, JiB. All I ever see are those ads with some nice looking chick modeling different blouses, which are attractive, but I’ve never in my life shopped for anything like that. Mrs MT might, but I’m not sure how that bleeds through to me unless it’s just registering our IP addy.
Ext just explained what I was about to describe. About 150 yrs ago they put a trumpeter on a flatcar behind a steam locomotive and had it speed by a group of swells. For those with perfect pitch the sound was way high as the train approached and then slurred down to well below proper pitch as it went by. Wasn’t any other way to demonstrate that back in the day. Now we just instinctively recognize the effect without necessarily grasping the significance. BTW the red shift ‘out there’ is utterly not provable. Might as well debate Intelligent Design.
Buckeye, We spent our time on Hoover Reservoir north of Hooterville. Quite a bit wider over the main sailing area. Had a few friends who sailed by the zoo. They became very good at reading flukey winds.
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From rse’s link about ND: If you sift through the pall of silence in the media you can find facts as: 1. Only scaffolding was in progress, work had not started. 2. No scaffolding personnel were on site when the fire started, they had all left for the day an hour earlier. 3. Worksite rules were strict to restrict any fire hazard. And the work had not even started. There was no equipment mobilized on site. No investigator worth his or her salt would Not suspect arson.
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Congrats hoyden! It’s a good thing that the aviation bug isn’t considered a bad thing given the uncontrollable drain on ones own pocketbook. Not sure what the equivalent of AA would look like. Prolly not Oshkosh. :)
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Reposting from earlier (MM?): Response from my Marine pal: Great article. The ROEs are just fucked. We had dinner one night with the son of our friend who was a Colonel in the Corps. His son filled us in on the ROEs he was instructed to follow when on his way to Afghanistan. We were all shocked and had a heated conversation after he left the dinner. We were unanimous is calling BS on the rules, and this included folks from WWII, Korea, vietnam and Desert Storm. More over a cocktail. Re cooking the story for political purposes, it’s sad but true. I had friends who were in the OSS, and early CIA and they all shared the observations re politicalization of the Agency. And, the Agency got all the big stories wrong over the years. Now with this latest treasonous attempt overthrow a duly executed president they are beyond worthless, even dangerous, and have no one’s respect and need a complete overhaul.
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While youse guys are watching golf , I just loaded 12.2 on my phone and cut/paste finally works again after, what?, 9 months? What a stupid bug to last that long.
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hoyden, NO!!! They sent tantalizing pix that show the main paint work is done, but still some inspection needed before putting the foils back on. The rather minor interior tweaks (carpet and glareshield) had not been started. This week is critical because my insurance recurrancy turns into a pumpkin by Friday. Fingers and toes crossed. Now off to read Pieces and then get ready to send off our Italian friend.
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Don’t remember whether I posted about it from a couple weeks ago, but I rented a brand new E300 Merc for my Front Range excursion. Normally consider Mercs as frumpy from the days when they were the Checker Cab of Yurrup. Anyway, the new beast was extraordinary. Ran from 85-105 mph for about 250 miles. Never a hint of any mediocre behavior. My only bitch was the OL curse of stupid controls of all the dash features. My DIL has a recent Merc SUV, so she could give me a clue of the stoopid whizzing knob functions, although I mostly ignored all that given my earnest desire for speed. Overall mileage for the speedy trip was 25 mpg.
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Early Vettes: helped run a 57 drag car. Had a bud with an early Stingray with the 365 FI engine. He and another bud were always trash talking about who would win with the bud having the very 1st Z28 (67?). But by that time had another bud with a B Prod small block Cobra and no Vette in the entire SW US could touch it in any SCCA event.
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Buckeye, You need to start working up a story about that new Vette to maximize the hassle factor for Tom K to think his monster is worthless piece of crap. Then if he bites you might get his for a deep discount. :)
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For those who know Herb Meyer, particularly Clarice, here is an update from his son, Tom:
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From my TBM pal: The gentleman who filed this legal suit is a friend of mine and I have been following this from his side for the past year! Can’t tell you how happy I am that the world of “great hurt” is catching up with this crook! Celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti's private jet seized at Santa Barbara Airport By: Alys Martinez Description: Federal agents seized high-profile attorney Michael Avenatti's private jet at the Santa Barbara Airport on Wednesday. Link to this article:
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Last morning on the mountain at Snowbird. Last night we took the gon up to the top at 11,000 ft for dinner. In and out of the cloud tops as the sun was setting. Being with a bunch of inguneers, a lot of speculation on how they built such a big facility on top of that peak. Could sky cranes carry that much that high up? (Vague recollections of that from Afghanistan.) Keynote speaker from Norfolk Southern talked about Trump’s EO to slash regs (while not mentioning his name!). Main point was that all us’un researchers were always outpacing the regs such that the regs get really stale and inhibit additional safety and economic gains. Also admitted that getting rid of many of the regs was resisted by the unions due to the eventual job losses by the newer inspection techniques. Alternatively, heard that my old widget which was deployed across the NA railroads on a strictly economic basis with the safety value being a bonus, is apparently now being considered for a federal reg. The Canadians did that nearly 30 yrs ago, but I was always impressed that our feds didn’t do that, even if we would have profited from it. So, taking my new Italian compadre home tonight with a dinner party awaiting us with two of our Italian descendant lady friends anxiously hoping for lots of furren chitchatting.
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Air pollution. Yeah right. Beijing has maybe 10,000 times the crap to breathe than about anywhere in this country. Porch, I’m assuming you tongue was firmly in your cheek. :)
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Ig, That read about like I would expect. Mixed signals all around. Arp, the only guy who ever seemed to look at it without all the unverified baggage preceding his observations, came to some elegant conclusions that he backed up with images. The fundamental, utterly unverified assumption that affects all others is whether all red shift = velocity. Age, space warping, all kinds of things might affect it, but noooo! We have our consensus and we’re sticking to it.
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So, maybe that’s why when they get big enough that pairs of quasars pop out along the polar axes.
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Regarding the Chinese word pronunciation difficulties, years ago I was in Shanghai on a bus tour. The very accomplished tour guide was explaining some of the many ways certain symbols could be pronounced. So he goes into this story about the famous basketball player, Yao Ming. When his fans are waiting for him to come out onto the court at the beginning of a game, they start chanting Yao!! Ming!!, Yao!! Ming!! Like the tomahawk chop. He cringes every time this happens because when his name is spoken that way and repeated, it means ‘I want to kill you, and kill all your family’.
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jim_nj, I definitely get that, even though I’m pretty isolated for the hard realities of the overall mess. Without seeing the video mentioned, I’m presuming that there are so many players churning the scam, no one is really looking for the actual fix, even for the handful who are willing to step up and get cured.
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Matt, Tucker had on that black dude from NRA on this evening. He had a video that Tucker was going to post that covered you situation wrt Frisco. The quick conclusion was that there was so much money that was churning through the homeless-government complex that it was never going to be fixed. The guy also said he saw more drug activity in a couple hours there than he’d seen in his entire life.
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