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I wrenched on several Hemis in the 62-64 timeframe. All built from scratch starting with nominally stock blocks from the early/mid-50s. Everything else was best available left coast racer stuff. AA/fueler that with fairly primitive M&H slicks could only get into the low 8s. Prolly produced ~1200 hp. I learned recently that the fuel nearly produced hydraulic lock when you calculated the combustion chamber volume vs the fuel flow rate.
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Iggy at 7:29: that pretty well describes me to a T. Trig and geometry were a slam dunk. Struggled to get through calculus, but only for the letters pretending to be numbers. The concepts were trivial. Most of my original creations come through during my sleep when I’m off in some other realm attending class. I enjoy all kinds of music, but strictly for the actual sounds arriving at my ears. Couldn’t care less about the structure, etc. But that’s probably why I can’t write a line of code, even though the circuit design, the board layout, the machine that it runs on — no problem.
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Kev, check yr email.
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I’m with jimmyk on the Adobe stuff. I ranted on that awhile back. I cannot migrate to the new Catalina because I have too much 32 bit stuff that isn’t worth falling into the subscription trap to keep upgrading, not to mention the bloating factor.
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WX/climate: our WX is generally quite mild, which is a key reason to live out here. However, the pattern of the underlying mechanisms is pretty easy to follow if you pay attention. We say that summer runs from the 5th of July until Labor Day. Generally severe clear and 70s all the way through. 25 yrs of watching that proves the rule. So this summer, a lot more high 60s and moderate cloudiness without any WX actually bringing it here. Fall blew through in September and we are now seeing a mild version of our winter with winds bringing BC’s WX out of the NNE that normally only occurs in mid-winter when it carries freezing temps. If this is the new pattern, then the early snows in MT and the northern plains will be a weekly routine. Solar minima and GCRs may get their day in court. So how do the wackjobs flip their CO2 scams over to control us under these conditions? I don’t think they had a comparable plan ready back when they claimed the ice age last time. Iggy, sad to hear you lost your pal. We lost G’s dad last winter, but he was chasing health issues for years typical for his age.
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I paid about $4K for my first laptop around 1985. It was a Toshiba with an orange plasma screen and a 10MB hard drive and AC only. I think the HD was actually a bunch of floppies inside based on the noise and speed. After that, it was the best whatever about every two years. I switched to a Mac when we sold out in ‘04. A 2nd one in ‘10 that still works fine in the shop and now a yr old MBP15. The last two have Win7 running in Fusion for my two CAD pgms. Sadly, I’m not sure I can ever upgrade from here. The next OSX with not run any of my Adobe stuff (Pshop, etc) and I will never upgrade that stuff and get locked into any subscriptions. A whole lot of too clever by half going on.
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Mike: If you cannot name a thing, can you know it? Can reality be intelligible to you without this power? I’ve had a problem with the flip side of this. I’ve seen way too much science where there is a shortcut leap to assign a name to a ‘thing’ and then smugly assume the box is checked and we can move on to something else. It seems the less that something is really known, the quicker the label gets assigned.
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Thanks JMH and Jane. I think 90 pct is just being open to the gift presented. I practice on our nearly daily sunrise exhibition out the bedroom glass wall.
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While I'm on my big machine, this image presented itself to me last Monday before heading home from a big box run. I was so amazed that when I got fired up and made my call to Ground, I asked if anyone could give me a cellphone # to send it to. Long pause... You see, usually the ground guys give YOU a number when you screw something up and need a scolding. Anyway, they gave me one and I sent it when I got home. I'll bet there are a lot of printouts of it in the tower.
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A side comment from someone sitting in the cheap nosebleed seats when it comes to arguing history and religion. From my distant view, the Jews figured things out very early when they picked the smartest guy as their Rabbi and he had lots of kids, while the Muzzies with their 70 IQ married their 1st cousins. How's that workin' out for ya? How much stronger would the otherwise great gifts saved/created by the medieval monks have been if they had kids? So, high IQ by itself might get you Chicoms, but overlay a Judeo-Christian framework and you get the best we can conjure at this point.
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Thanks Clarice. That’s probably why I can’t come up with a good reason to quit. :)
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AB, and I’m currently writing a paper on whether a coefficient of friction of 0.30 is better than something higher because of rolling contact fatigue and how do you really know if you have it or control it.
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Track gauge: Mostly arbitrary stuff, but I was sucked into a real screwup. Penn Central built the NEC with slightly tight gauge to keep the cylindrical wheels on passenger rolling stock from slapping at the relatively high speeds they ran. When Amtrak was formed, they had GE build them a new electric loco, the E60. On its maiden voyage with all the big shots riding along and ENSCO collecting data from their data collection car, they dumped the E60 on the ground at about 120 mph. Turned out that the wheels spec’d for the new loco were ‘wide flange’ wheels routinely used on western freight eqp. Oops. Very small fractions of an inch matter. There’s another element that was never appreciated until recent times, the bogey or truck dynamic stability is about optimum at current standard gauge.
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Just a general observation about the food fight. I concur that it is much like climate science. Not to disparage it, just that it is a ‘system’ with countless variables. And probably no linear processes. Isolating one variable at a time and attempting to plot a short curve segment is nearly futile, not for lack of value, but for presuming mathematical precision. After our discussion three years ago about the biome when I came back with an apparent change out from Eastern Europe, I’m convinced that the biome may be the ‘black box’ in the middle of the experiment that controls 70 pct of the whole process and is essentially a complete unknown. So, as a thought experiment, is Jane’s bacon wrapped peanut butter actually just a tuning knob on the black box?
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Re Clarice’s post, this may be the first obvious case of money flowing from the Russkies, but I never had any doubts about the ‘coincidence’ of the 1st Erf Day falling on the Centennial of Lenin’s Birfday.
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Mike and JiB, my FIL worked for Aramco from mid-70s to late 80s. He was responsible for about 1/4 of in country construction not including oil specific stuff. Mostly standard civil construction, shopping centers, etc. After seeing the locals pooping in planters, he pressed for more bathrooms. Then with an evil twinkle in his eye, he posed the never before asked question: should the crappers face Mecca, or face away? Brought the country to a standstill. :)
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Cathyf, I just use Safari on my iPhone, but I have a terrible time with many sites with constant reloading. Not JOM, though. Never could figure out a pattern.
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Staying logged in: no claim of brilliance, just stating my relative success. Opera on Mac always have base JOM tab open along with whatever recent tab I was on to post a long response or pix. (All nested among 200 other tabs always open.) Concurrently I have same combo open on Safari on iPhone where I do 95% of my JOM browsing. Maybe get bumped every 2-3 weeks. My login is strictly Typhus. Never ever close out a browser, although Opera has been crashing on me lately. Even relaunching from that with all tabs intact, doesn’t cause a logout.
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Jane, thanks for that link to Jeanne. I’ll pass along to all the locals.
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Mel, I sent your link to an old pal who used to work for me. He is on the home stretch of totally restoring an ancient John Deere.
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Caro, can’t find anything specific, but is a basic sloop rig and I would guess maybe in low 30s. When I see pix tomorrow, might be better details.
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OK, this is a once in a lifetime situation for me. Announcing an amazing new record before any news source has had a chance to publish. Jeanne Socrates — S/V Nereida This lady has to be Caro's twin separated at birth! She just completed a record setting single hander trip around the world at 77 yrs old. The gang, minus me have been over in Victoria since yesterday and just an hour ago, Jeanne cruised into port to complete her journey. Lots of pix due when they all get back tomorrow afternoon.
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Borrowed from the comments under TWIP: Even more things to ponder... Captain Kirk giving his red shirt security a mission: Men, your mission is to investigate Hillary Clinton. Let me get this straight...A man being in the restroom with my L’il girl isn’t wrong, but me having a problem with it IS wrong? Knock on the door by the Government: I’m here to buy back your guns. Me: I’m sorry, but I can’t sell them to you, you failed my background check with your history of wars. Walmart is now a gun-free zone and should now change its name to Target. I didn’t buy my guns from the Government, so I’m not going to sell them to the Government with my own money. 25% of Libs are on medication. That worries me, because that means 75% of them are running around untreated. Why do the Libs blame the cop when he shoots a criminal, but blames the gun when the criminal shoots somebody else...? How to stay sober: Take a drink every time a Lib tells the truth. Biden takes hand of young 24 yr old protester, Rebecca Beaulieu, and promised her he WILL guarantee to get rid of fossil fuels. She also felt patronized when he called her kid. Drew Brees, a Saints football player attacked for promoting Bring Your Bible to school day, and refusing to denounce Focus on the Family. And somehow they equate that to him being Anti-LGBT and says he needs to apologize. So it’s not enough that LGBT has gotten pretty much everything that they’ve wanted, no...they must force everyone to accept their lifestyle whether they want to or not. We’ve said we don’t care what they do and who they do it with, but they must harass everyone into submission or face total exclusion.
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the culprit seems to be CBD oil. From “unclear” sources Lars Larson spent a lot of time on this today. I didn’t catch all the details, but there was definitely a strong correlation with cutting or stomping on a product with crap byproducts. Apparently there is a lot of carryover from the illicit side of these marginally legal conjurings.
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Henry, Looks like our long past discussions about helping people resolve mental issues with magic mushrooms is now official at Johns Hopkins.
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