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NoVaxx Rebellion: Resist, Refuse, Reject Even more scary than previously assumed. (Had to do a tinyurl to get it to post.)
Toggle Commented Jun 17, 2021 on Thursday Action at JustOneMinute
Sheesh. The boss scrambles in to get me after spotting a fledge Junco over on Jane’s deck. I grab my big camera and head over to see a little guy snuggled against the edge of the deck. As I crouch down to get a decent perspective, I hear a thunk on the window over my head and see a hummer drop in front of me. WTH! The boss picks him up and carries him over to a table in the sun and then I notice a 2nd fledge Junco right there. She brings the 1st one over to where the 2nd one was and about that time the parents show up and give us shit, so we repair to a remote spot. Don’t know if the folks can keep them safe and fed or not. And no sign of whatever nest they fell out of. Maybe there is a bird void bubble that drifted in. Of course we are a sanctuary county, so maybe that’s a factor.
Change of pace: Donald Trump, Queen Elizabeth, and Vladimir Putin all die and go to Hell. While there, they spy a red phone and ask what the phone is for. The Devil tells them it is for calling back to Earth. Putin asks to call Russia and talks for 5 minutes. When he is finished the Devil informs him that the cost is a million dollars, so Putin writes him a check. Next Queen Elizabeth calls England and talks for 30 minutes. When she is finished, the Devil informs her that the cost is 6 million dollars, so she writes him a check. Finally, Trump gets his turn and talks for 4 hours. When finished, the Devil informs him that the cost is $5.00. When Putin hears this he goes ballistic and asks the Devil why Trump got to call the USA so cheaply. The Devil smiles and replies, "Since Biden took over, the country’s gone to hell, so it's a local call.”
You definitely need to read the comments under MM2’s 10:22. One excerpt: Small mom and pop businesses closed down, but the money they lost ended up going to the CostCo’s, WalMarts, and Amazon mega stores. Globally, over twenty trillion dollars was transferred from the middle incomed to billionaires. Sure, some people may be pulled down off their pedestals. Fauci needs a miracle or two to hold on to his position in the bureaucracy, But every executive at Pfizer, Moderna, J & J, Astra Zeneca who benefitted from the Weird Science that Fauci promulgated for the last 15 months has solidified their position. The many corporations that invested in BLM have accomplished exactly what their billions of dollars of donations were to accomplish. As Catherine Austin Fitts has so patiently explained, in 34 of the 38 neighborhoods incinerated by last summer’s peaceful protests, 34 were Opportunity Zones. Prior to businesses being turned into rubble, mega corporations who moved their shipping departments or customer service call centers to such locations would have enjoyed beaucoup tax breaks. But they would have still found it necessary to pay top dollar for buildings and real estate. Now the fact the buildings are rubble and the land is scorched means that whatever real estate is part of their game plan can be had for pennies on the dollar. Because they control the political pawns on the chessboard. “Our” Corporations do not care what type of society the underlings are deemed to live inside. The society can be run as vulture capitalism, or socialism, and why would it matter to the inner families at the top? Only one individual in the last forty years has attempted to stand for family style capitalism. His goal was to follow sensible rules that govern by allowing a nation to care about its people more than trumped up, virtue signalling of abstract love for massive numbers of immigrants, or extra profits for top financial people who didn’t mind our jobs had gone overseas as long as they made profits from that. This individual was not under their control. He upset the Elite’s plan for enslavement/deprivation under the banner of sustainability. He understood the UN directed so much that is behind the promotion of no borders, endless regulations to “Green” the Earth, and the new dictates of “Diversity Uber Alles.” By January of 2020, Trump had returned jobs to our neighborhoods. Even MN had become purple. The VA was reformed, drug prices were forced back, inflation was under control, we had peace in the ME and more. So they unleashed COVID & falsified the election. My eyebrows are still raised about the Opportunity Zones and resultant property values after the riots conveniently left their mark.
PnP, About 35 yrs ago we attended an Bonanza gathering in Springs that included a mountain flying course. We ended up with the chief check pilot from United. He guided us through narrow passes and blind canyons to understand first hand how to not kill yourself in dangerous situations. We finished up by visiting Leadville and getting a grasp of how thin air affected takeoff performance. We ‘earned’ a certificate they enjoy giving out there to prove we handled the tallest airport in NAm.
Called a guy who wants to hire me. Had to leave a message. He caught me a couple hours later. Turns out he was on top of Pike’s Pickle that GUS alluded to and saw my call, but not enough signal to talk. His kids were with him and they got sick up there and had to come right back down. They are from the DC area so have no altitude conditioning.
Just heard Dr Drew say that 2/3 of men not in a normal working life are on opioids. He also said fentanyl is the live ammo used against us in the sino-US war.
Narc and Mel, Yeah, there’s a lot of deeper stuff. I remember back when we thrashed this before, there were also hints of mob trucking companies hauling stuff around. So not only were clothes a cover for dope coming out of SE Asia, but it was smoothly moved on by truck from the Rickenbacker base. No wonder there was plenty of cash for Epstein to burn as the #2 guy in the pyramid.
A really excellent and detailed account of the Wexner/Epstein mess. The boss thinks she might have been interviewed by Levin, the legitimate predecessor to Epstein.
Lookie what I found under Clarice and Narc’s link to the pipeline article: Well spake MLR. 1. Alexander Ocasio-Cortez the Killer 2. Al Gore. My friend Peter Bock once said if Al’s hair were set on fire it would provide enough heat and light for a small English village. 3. Nancy HarPelosi, I scream. 4. Michael ‘Piltdown’ Mann, treed with ring in Mordor. =============== Kim!!
Ig: Wanna fix the problem? Take a couple of f*cking [ miscreants ] out and shoot them. I shout this out at least a dozen times a day whenever I read or hear yet another case of some moron in an undeserved position of power leading the prog army over our rights and freedoms. My homies automatically chime in with my now obsolete phrase “the $0.30 solution” given that benchmark is prolly over a buck now.
Suddenly, the trade war was over and forgotten. The borders are wide open, and China is making hundreds of billions on human trafficking, sex trafficking, and manufacturing fentanyl and opioids to smuggle across. The U.S. military's No. 1 objective is protecting gay and transgender rights. Black Lives Matter flags are flying at U.S. embassies.
Not sure where I found this: COVID in India | Acting Man - Pater Tenebrarum's Commentary on the Economy and Markets I developed an interest in the situation in India as a result of now having a rep for our widget over there, so this piece ended up in my in basket. Mind boggling. 4000 years of ‘civilization’ apparently doesn’t have a progress ratchet built in. So, checking our ‘progress’ along this line might be worth spending some time on.
Here’s a link to a WND summary of anonamom’s 2-1/2 hr interview. We sat through the whole interview yesterday. Beyond the obvious of having a health industry who would rather kill you if a real cure brought in less money, it appears that ivermectin may cure after effects of the jab and long term effects of the WuFlu itself.
Oh, and Scott Atlas got a copy of Amom’s link.
Clarice’s Hawaii Five-Oy was picked up over at WUWT.
Anonamom, As usual, I send you stuff out to my homies. My ex-med company CEO responded accordingly: This podcast is one of the most valuable pieces I have ever seen. I have sent this to everyone in healthcare I know. It is a seminal discussion and at the same time damning of our drug industry and the NIH, CDC, etc.
Levin on his radio show yesterday had some segments on a lady shredding her school board. Here is the full session: Breathtakingly to the point. She should run for office.
Mel, that truck that jumped the mound, I totally get that. He started to turn and realized he’d end up laying it over if he made the turn.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Oops, I just realized your mention of Bird Bay should be Birch Bay. Definitely high value on the water or walking distance to the water. I remember going up there in the 50s when it was mostly camping and a few tiny cabins.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Marlene, It is totally hot out here. Houses are rarely on the market for more than hours and usually get bid up in that time. Blaine is a lovely area right next to the border. Of course, lots of variation in value depending on water view, age, etc. New construction well before the current materials race to the moon was producing starter homes for $400K +. Sheesh.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
We’ve had a traffic circle on our Main Street for a couple years. Had to be a painted circle on a slightly raised dome to allow semis to turn over it. Mostly worked ok. But then they just installed a new one a few blocks further on that is a total disaster. It was a simple T-intersection with rare left turns onto the straight, main, narrow two lane road. The stupid circle is about 15 ft in diameter! I go through it every day to get mail. You can ignore the stripes going up the main street opposite the cross street, but coming back the circle bump forces you to make a hard right and then almost lock the wheel left to avoid the opposite curb trying to continue on. I’ve just started driving over the mound. Knowing the infinite ponderous rules the NHTSA has for everything, this boondoggle can’t possibly meet regs, while they certainly got Fed money to build it.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Some of you may have heard of a steel mill explosion over the weekend: I talked to my bud in Pueblo yesterday to see if anything was coming to light on what happened. While discussing it, my spidey sense pinged that maybe this was another hack! For one thing, it’s a Russian owned operation. Who knows whether there are background issues that would never see the light of day. The plant itself is ancient, but when the Russkies took it over, there was a significant amount of modernization that took place and they are producing high quality product (mainly rail steel). But that certainly could have left them vulnerable to hackable control systems.
Toggle Commented Jun 3, 2021 on Where's The Beef?!? And Pork! at JustOneMinute
Had a great Memorial Day on our rock. My good bud, the former Marine, organized a ceremony in town and was the MC with a pretty good turnout. With our little anti-protest we did on Saturday, it was starting to feel like normal life was returning. Afterward we were standing around chatting about all sorts of things and my bud volunteered something that took my breath away. He related that many years ago he was driving through central VA on a secondary road and suddenly had an urge to pull over. He gets out and looks at a circle of trees out in a pasture and realizes he’s been there before. It was where 100 Union soldiers were buried. So he now knows what unit he fought in.
Toggle Commented May 30, 2021 on Saturday! at JustOneMinute