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Henry, thx for that link. Prolly a broken rail given the time of year and time of day. But pipelines are evil!
JiB, I wasn’t involved in it. Just remember they had all sorts of configurations of the bar pattern that were on display in the lobby that led to the linear pattern, presumably because of the early laser scanners. Here is an excerpt from a quick goolag: A Battelle scientist designed the process for recording data on compact discs in the 1970s, while other research projects led to the redesign of coins for the United States Treasury. Retail stores and grocery stores across the United States use the bar code system, known as the Universal Product Code or UPC symbol, that Battelle developed in 1965.
Random thoughts: As they say down under, home and hosed. About 8K miles in 15 days, 50 kt tailwinds going out and up to 120 kt headwinds on the way back. UPC: never heard of the IBM guy, but Ginormous Research developed the bar codes in the early 70s, maybe for IBM. Not unusual to not get the credit when you’re behind the veil. Predicate; predicated: in my nearly 3/4 century, I’ve never heard those words outside an English class until Barr’s testimony last spring. Now it shows up about as often as like, like, like, like. Awesome visits along the way. Will post more when I get some pix sorted.
rse, June/July are the peak with May/August sort of shoulder for the Orca. San Juan Island is the best for a base camp (our island). We would be happy to help when things get closer.
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Clarice, in honor of your returning jet lag, we’ll not pester you under the circumstances. If we end up staying over Tuesday night, I’ll ping you in case you’re up for coffee Wednesday.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2019 on Schadenfreude Alert! at JustOneMinute
Good morning Clarice. Are you back home? We are coming up to Leesburg tomorrow afternoon to stay with the ‘other’ Howard. Hoping to see Dick and Nancy S. who some of you ladies met on 9/12.
Toggle Commented Dec 1, 2019 on Schadenfreude Alert! at JustOneMinute
C&E, what pistola did you choose for the competition? I think Mrs MT is going to have to stick with her SP101. She cannot reliably rack the slide in any of our auto loaders. :(
Toggle Commented Nov 29, 2019 on Happy Thanksgiving All! at JustOneMinute
So Tuesday, we did our usual afternoon run to a friend's outdoor range to play with our toys. This first image is the Boss leaving her mark on the steel plate at 60 yds with the scope on my -15. And this is with her using my new RedDot sight rolled off to the side as you might need at close range and/or quick response. (Still at 60 yds) BTW, this is her first long gun shooting after getting her new eyeballs last Winter (no glasses).
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2019 on Happy Thanksgiving All! at JustOneMinute
Resting after a wonderful meal. Thought I would post a couple things. This might take some splainin. When flying at altitude during early morning, or late afternoon, you can get a 'glory' in cloud formations when the sun is directly behind the direction you are looking. In clear conditions, if you look across the terrain, you can spot the occasional flash of a taillight or a street sign. So, on Monday when crossing the Appalachia ridges looking off to the NE, I kept seeing little bergs in the valleys that would simultaneously flash every sign and taillight for a couple seconds as we crossed the exact zero angle opposite the sun. Every time I saw one, I would reach for my phone and then miss the flash because it was gone too quickly. As the sun got lower, the towns that flashed would get further away. This one was about 60 miles away. Think of it as a 1K lasers pointed at you all at once.
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Ruckelshaus was our next door neighbor for the 25 yrs we’ve lived on the rock pile, but never met him. Go figure.
Toggle Commented Nov 28, 2019 on Panic On The Left Bank at JustOneMinute
For the first time in 40-50 yrs I sat through the 6 o’clock ABC news. Gak! What a pile of drivel. The head clown (Muir?) was like a typically bad SNL news skit. About as revealing as the View, except missing the cackling hens drowning out the sincere furled brow of each on-site reporter. Shudder.
Toggle Commented Nov 27, 2019 on Panic On The Left Bank at JustOneMinute
Shopping data point: after brunch on Saturday, the ladies (Mrs MT, DIL, gd) headed into the giant mall in south Denver. Almost empty, no one buying, ridiculous prices. So they repaired to their fave TJMax. Jammed, no carts available, ten checkout lines about a dozen deep. Took turns in checkout to continue shopping.
Finally at my sister’s out near the coast in NC. About five hrs from Colorado Springs plus a fuel stop. Averaged a 50 kt tailwind the whole way. Tomorrow my nephew arrives and the WX is great so we will go shooting first. Have new red dot sights for both AR-15s. Mine is on an angle bracket for close range while keeping a big scope on top. Both now have nice triggers, too. Just brought a couple 9mm for pistol practice just to minimize the weight of extra ammo. SBW, the Roland is their old mainstay 300. Eight ‘voices’ plus a lot of tweakable stuff. Momma already found an iPad app (maybe YouTube) that gdaughter has jumped on so I think she’s already hooked. Don’t know about an Apple Python setup, but she has her own iMac next to her mom’s and can login, etc, so I would hope it will be a natural progression to try simple lessons.
JMH, we’ll stop in Clarksville for fuel on our way to New Bern, but next time that stopover can be pretty much anywhere that the WX is decent and the fuel prices are reasonable. In that latter case BZN is a common stop for us even though they are fairly proud of their Jet-A. Last year at Christmas when the gummint was shutdown we lost an hour in traffic trying to get on the ground with a dozen or more heavy iron jets trying to pick up their pax after skiing through the holidays. MM, hope to stay semi-caught up around here. Might get buried in a book I’ve had on my nightstand for about six months.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2019 on Trench Warfare at JustOneMinute
From a friend of a friend (that’s ok in Peach Mint hearings, right?): Spencer did not come from the BO administration. He is a highly respected and competent individual who was trying and beginning to succeed turning the Navy in the right direction after the disastrous 8 years of Ray Mabus. Esper fired him today. Big mistake and will cause further turmoil in the Navy SpecWar higher echelon. Navy Special Warfare Command had every right to hold the proceedings regarding denying Gallagher the right to wear his Trident. Top Navy SEAL commanders will now leave in droves.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2019 on Trench Warfare at JustOneMinute
We are in Castle Rock at MT Jr’s. Just gave our granddaughter our old, but unused Roland keyboard. Her mama asked about getting her started on coding, so I suggested looking into Python. The local Apple store has a program for getting kids started (is that like handing out free crack?). I figured her math skilz + music + coding should cross pollinate nicely. (She’s 7.5) We’re off to NC tomorrow for a week of shooting and Turkey at my sister’s.
Toggle Commented Nov 25, 2019 on Trench Warfare at JustOneMinute
I had a blast in shop classes. I had already done things like hammer forge a Bowie knife in a century old blacksmith shop before I started metal shop in 7th grade. My crusty old shop teacher didn’t waste my time filing on blocks of metal, but put me on a lathe to make a fireplace tools kit that was otherwise reserved for a couple 9th graders. In wood shop, I built a gun rack for my long guns and a travel case for taking my Colt six shooter back and forth to MT for my summer cowboying job. Aah, the good ole days.
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2019 on Trench Warfare at JustOneMinute
Astronerd stuff: I’ve been particularly derisive about all the dark matter/energy stuff due to the usual calculations running out to 10 decimal places, but the PTB being off by a factor of 20 when it comes to all the interactions across and between galaxies. Anyway, this link points to a possible fifth force of nature that maybe/might/could help explain all that.
Toggle Commented Nov 22, 2019 on The Walls Are Closing In On Trump at JustOneMinute
Ok, CH rant on: what a load of crap that Heliogen thing is. Ooh, AI used to steer a mirror? What a crock. Proves that all that walking around money that the JEF handed out to the earlier crooks, didn’t include any engineering. Give me a post grad astronomer who can point a telescope to a distant star and I will put that algorithm into a $35 raspberry pi and calibrate it once by pointing it at the target. Done. /CH BTW I got blasted by the mis-pointed mirrors at a northern NV solar installation at FL270 (maybe Crescent Dunes) To show how menial this all is, I helped get a solar irrigation pump working in AZ well over 40 yrs ago using clock motors without any magic computers. Pfft.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2019 on Buttigieg Coming Up Roses at JustOneMinute
MT Jr was all set to go full career right up until he saw all his mentors bailing after Clenis started driving them out early in his first term.
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2019 on Hmm... at JustOneMinute
We were arm twisted into going to the movies last night to see Harriet. Actually was quite impressed. The first 20 minutes or so was a little formulaic given the chance to slam 'Muricans, but it developed a flow of storyline that went through to the end without stumbling badly. I learned a lot about the whole underground railroad that was only a vague bit in HS history class. On the way out, I reminded our group that those weren't white folks in the story, they were Democrats. That got a short pause and then a belly laugh. I expect the movie will sweep the AckAck Awards. On a related note, a week ago the same group without us went to see Judy. I will use the Vindman capacity to convey third hand info as absolute knowledge to say it sucked big time. They spend most of the time talking instead of watching, it was that bad.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2019 on Hmm... at JustOneMinute
Catching up. Just read this 6 yr old essay that makes some amazing observations about our life in the daily grind. I suspect there will be quite a few reactions from the tribe here.
Toggle Commented Nov 19, 2019 on Hmm... at JustOneMinute
Up for a bit and wanted to catch jim_nj and maybe jim_nc about a post one of you probably made 2-3 weeks ago regarding the ham operators in CA being thrown out of the local forests where they maintained relay stations. A friend over for dinner last evening swore up and down that that was a hoax. Any updates on that from anyone would be appreciated.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2019 on Saturday Night Lights at JustOneMinute
Henry: the “non weird” countries cannot be built into democracies any time soon, they will remain tribal shitholes for generations to come. That smacked me upside the head like a 10lb mackerel. If we based our policies on fundamentals instead of fantasies and wishful thinking, we could immediately refrain from ever trying to impose democracy on those 3rd world shitholes.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2019 on Saturday Night Lights at JustOneMinute
Of course JMH was there! ::smacks forehead:: So who is the last one we're not remembering?
Toggle Commented Nov 16, 2019 on Taylor Testimony Damaging at JustOneMinute