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Jay is obviously right, this is not just a human thing. Males in social species compete for dominance across the animal kingdom, to win reproductive access for their sperm to the scarcer resource - eggs. Humans are a little weird because of the extraordinary range of fields they have invented to compete in. But it's not like human females don't get to play in this game. They get to play "Judge." Not so much judge of who has won, but judge of whether the particular game is a worthwhile indication of mate-worthiness. One of my favorite statistics from a Jordan Peterson lecture is this one. In studies where they show women pictures of men, and men pictures of women, and ask them to rate whether the person is "above average" or "below average" in sexual attractiveness, men rate 50% of women as "below average." Good math, guys. And women rate 85% of men as "below average." The reason for men to compete is left naked to view. Six out of seven are you are going to be rated "NOT GOOD ENOUGH !"
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Nov 20, 2018