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Hi Joe, I have just returned from attempting this session, in terms of do-ability for me it was quite manageable completing 3 sets of 3 reps. I also have a nice steep (about 8-10%) hill around 2 miles from my door step. My first set were just getting to grips with it and was hitting around 55rpm which is perhaps a little high and hitting around 600-650 watts during these efforts for 6 full revolutions. Second and third set I changed my gear selection and was hitting around 40-45 cadence and around 500-600 watts. Do these sound about right to you? I was putting maximal force I could through the pedals but didn't think the power seemed that high and I wasn't feeling particularly tired or overworked after each effort and it certainly wasn't an issue to do 3 sets or 3 reps. Am I doing the interval incorrectly or this feeling to be expected for this sort of work? Thanks
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Aug 3, 2018