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@ Fullsize I totally understand, but when those Chevy's drive by, whether it's a half ton or an HD. You have to agree that they all say SILVERADO on them! Correct There is no Ford truck that says F-series on them when they drive by.
AWD is a very cool option but I don't see many selecting it. @ Clint Hate to break it to you, but if you live anywhere in the Midwest, (or upper Northeast) and with the amount of snow Midwest has had this winter........UGH will it ever end.... AWD is a necessity to have in order to get around. My wife's AWD Terrain goes anywhere in the snow, but my grandfathers FWD Equinox struggles going many places. All bc he wanted to save $995. Wrong decision he regrets.
@ Texas 1836 Yes, $27k is a huge chunk of cash to be forking out on this. It would take A LOT of gas trips to the fuel pump to compensate for this amount of money up front. BTW...I challenge Clint one day to not bash GM. I bet he can't do it. And you Ford boys talk about us GM guys bashing all the time. The guy has issues with GM, all while supposedly having family own a GM dealership????
@ Fullsize I'll chime in on this. It's not the same truck. That's not what GMSRGREAT is stating. He is stating that it says SILVERADO on ALL Chevy trucks no matter if it's a half ton or HD Ford does not say F-Series on any of their trucks.
Man that thing looks top heavy, Roll-over waiting to happen I agree with Papajim. The days of people having more than 3 or 4 kids is long over. Just to expensive, young kids with overwhelming college debt, and people aren't getting married as early as they used to. The truck and large suv's have this segment covered. Hence: why GM doesn't bother with a new design bc their Large Suv's dominant and have dominated this for decades. I see 20 times more GM suv's here in Midwest than anything else. Man those Suburbans and Tahoe's just run and run and run
@ Clint Agreed. the pickup truck is becoming the family hauler that the station wagon or minivan used to be. I don't buy the sunroof ($1500) option bc I hardly ever use it. I never get the navigation ($700) bc my phone does it better. I get the SLT package instead of Denali bc I put aftermarket wheels on anyways. and It's a huge jump in price for that package with just a few more options that I would rarely use. I also customize my trucks way to much also to ever lease them. I truly enjoy my 2018 SLT with the 6.2L, but I LOVE my 98 Silverado with the 5.0L. Just a basic truck that you drive and feel the road beneath you!
"but i love my "man Step" it takes .28 second to drop it down and use it, i don't use the pole, i tailgate in the football season with 3 other people every time we go down we pack up the back of the truck it makes carrying things to back (or front of bed)of the truck so much easier, you can't do that with a bumper step" @ Turbo That's why GM created the Multi-pro tailgate, just for what you said. And it has built in speakers for all your tailgating needs!! But I just prefer to slide them into the bed of the truck then use the bumper step to step up and arrange them the way I need it arranged. All in about the same time it takes you to drop your "Man Step" But hey, to each his own..
@ Chingon You can only use Ford's step when nothing is hooked up to it. Plus even when something isn't hooked up its further off the ground then GM's bumper step. Second, GM doesn't charge you for the steps, Ford does for the tailgate step. And there are no moving parts.. The new multi-pro tailgate has 6 functions, not 1 function. It very innovative. My concern is how long will it hold up, just like the Ram tailgate. I would opt not to buy either one. I for one am 100% completely satisfied with the no-charge bumper steps.
@Chingon Better than twins? The twins offer this truck from the factory. For the price that Hennessey is going to charge for this. You could probably buy a brand new ZR2 (as a toy) and a lightly used canyon or colorado to use as a daily driver. Think about it fella! As for the tailgate, you are correct, Ford started a step within the tailgate, but GM made the bumper step 7 years before Ford did, which made access to the truck bed much easier, hence, why Ford made the tailgate step, bc GM already patented the bumper step. Good try little fella
Have fun getting this product from Hennessey. I read an article somewhere, that stated Hennessey was so far behind in production, that many people who have bought Hennessey's products have been waiting a year for their vehicles. No thank you. Short note. There was a doctor here in Midwest few years ago that had Hennessey supercharge his Escalade. Paid $28K if I remember right. My buddy paid $8K to have Glanzer performance put his on his Platinum Escalade. What a waste of money, but hey, it did have a Hennessey logo on it for the $28k.
@ truck frame Have u ever used them? I go boating every weekend during summer and I have never slipped with my water shoes on while using the most cost effective and innovative feature added to the rear end of a truck in a long time Never slipped while using it in winter with snow on boots. I think u struggling for air.....come up out from the covers and see the light. Btw....those steps are closer to the ground then the Ford bumper step. No moving either. Ram has a nice feature. Fix the seam. And open wider
@ uh huh If you own a truck?? Go park yours next to a new GM or Ram truck. It will make you say WOW!
@ papajim I truly was astonished when I parked my 18 next to the new 19. GM has really made this new truck LARGER in every way. And to be able to keep the FE numbers the same or a little better is astonishing to me! I will add this, that I have looked at the trucks before, but until I had my 18 park next to it, I never thought twice about the size. I'd advise anyone looking at them to park them next to each other. Ram trucks too. There was one at the clinic I was at and it also was huge compared to my GMC. Eventually, construction workers are going to have to rethink their building styles on garages, bc already most HD trucks won't fit into standard sized garages, and these new 2019 trucks will be really close.
@ aiden The multi-pro tailgate is available on the SLT trim as well. Not just the Denali. Nice try. Stopped and looked at an SLT premium plus package this weekend. Buy these new GM trucks are Huge! They make my 18 look small and my 98 look like a midsize.
I agree with GMSRGREAT with the bumper steps. Very innovative and useful. I really like this idea like I said before, but why not just have the tailgate open up sideways. Just have the entire tailgate swing open around 270 degrees or more. Then you wouldn't have a seam line or anything else. Make it out of aluminum for weight savings, and with a spray in bed liner for durability.
I like the idea, but I do no like the seam line. Looks awkward
A test is a test And if 2 trucks are tested on that loop, I consider that a viable test. The Ram getting 17.6mpgs is a huge disappointment. And the 2.7L getting 24.2mpgs is very surprising. TfL also did a 134 mile loop of highway, city, snowy winter driving. All while in auto 4wd with the 2.7L and it combined got 20 mpgs. Still better than the Ranger has ever gotten. Why do u think Ford is investigating their own EPA?? Never mind. Found it and it was on the AT4 truck. Not the Denali. Would have been nice to see it on the Denali. More of an apples to apples bc the Limited is it's competition
Show me the link. I searched for video and I couldn't find it Thanks. Plus, look at the price difference. Here is another article. Didn't have performance parts on it. And price difference was over $7k. Base price $15k. And u can still get it in lower price LTZ form. So .3secs. For $20k. That's absurd
@ uh huh Frank I said fastest and most powerful V8. The 5.0L jumped....and it's not as powerful The H.O. is quicker, so far, I agree with that, but let's add GMs performance parts like I have on my truck. Plus I've talked about price difference. Every limited truck has been reviewed at $75k. U can get a 6.2L in LTZ or SLT form in the mid $40s. That's a huge difference. Also it's been over 20 years since Ford has had a half ton beat GM...congrats. Took them long enough. Good job!👏👏
If that's the new Bronco. WTF!! Ford guys bashed GM for reviving blazer name bc it's not a 4wd drive off road machine. Truth is. The blazer hasn't been that since late 80s The new blazer looks like a Camaro, drives like one and is a quick, efficient SUV. Has been getting great reviews. It will be my wife's next ride. In RS form too.
@ uh huh Frank u believe what u want. You're always right even when you're wonder why u have 5 different names on the site. Gotta cover up your mistakes and the fact u don't drive a truck There has to be a mustang, Taurus, fusion, or focus forum u could go blog in....
@ uh huh Can u have a conversation without insulting? You're quite comical Frank. Why don't u use just one name. And quoting any magazine for 0 to 60 times just proves I'm right and you're wrong. I could care less what the critics say about the truck I want the performance side of it. The subjective part is my own opinion driving it. Now have a great day.
@ uh huh...aka Frank Sorry. Above articles prove otherwise Above TFL proves that: 1. Ford jumps 2. Not comparing same trucks And I'm not a fan of 2wd trucks, just bc here in midwest, you gotta have a 4wd in the winter months Now in southern states I can see the point.
@ Jennifer N U better not buy any of the bug 3 auto makers then bc they all have taken money from taxpayers. Hint: any big corporation doesn't care about the public. All they care about is money🤑🤑🤑 I currently own 3 GM vehicles and am completely satisfied with them And I'll continue to buy them bc they have treated me great and have put least amount of money in them after the sale