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"Who's the criminal: actually accepting money from business associates IS a criminal offense if that money was acquired fraudulently. That's what the criminal complaint filed by Malvinder Singh against Gurinder Singh Dhillon, his family, and associates alleges. That the Dhillons and others conspired to fraudulently divert money from legitimate businesses into entities controlled by the guru and his family. Read the criminal complaint and you'll understand what happened." To consider that a transaction was fraudulent there are certain requirements that need to be proved in a court of law. The definition varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction although in a common law jurisdiction such as India three elements are required to prove it: a material false statement made with an intent to deceive, a victim’s reliance on the statement and damages. The complain that Malvinder filed does not prove a single thing. It merely allows the investigators to investigate those particular persons and/or entities listed there in order to define whether there are grounds to file a criminal case. (somebody who is versed in Indian law could be of help). Which again (criminal case) needs to be proved beyond any reasonable doubt.
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Brian decided that, based on allegations from a person who is about to go to jail and he is ready to do just about anything to save his neck, that hey, RSSB is corrupt and the Master at Beas is a fraud. Because, who cares about facts or proof. The RSSB/Dhillon side made any comments whatsoever in public, have they been through trial in a court of law? Nah. We don't need to hear them out. It's RSSB. And according to Brian they are guilty. And again according to Brian, a guy from Oregon, who cares about the Presumption of Innocence covered by the Article 11 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Brian is apparently above all these petty legal principles that exist since antiquity. Because hey, it's Brian. Who at somepoint wrote a book or two. And RSSB did not publish them. And then he was "fired" from his seva. And he doesn't have any connection with RSSB for decades. But, you know, Brian is all about impartiality and truth and unicorns. Give us a break mate.
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Oh wow... Brian, the level of bs in this post is transcendental.
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Sep 2, 2018