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Hi all, As expected, the past week was quiet over spring break, but things picked back up quickly. On Tuesday we had our call with Dianne to review the progress of our project, and we had our meeting with Dr. Dy'an Marinos, Program Coordinator for the Division of Equity, Inclusion & Community Impact. Our meeting with Dr. Marinos was insightful - she explained the mission of the university as a whole and helped us align our messaging for the college of law with the university's. We also saw a slight increase in responses to our student organization survey once students... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi classmates, I hope your spring break is off to a great start! Since our interviews commenced at the end of February, our group has been working to consolidate our interview findings and identify our guiding principles. We've also sent out a survey to various students organizations within the College of Law (Asian Pacific American Law Student Association, Black Law Student Association, Muslim Society, Out and Allies, UC Law Women Student Association, etc.) to learn more about their experience as a member of these groups. Our goal is to better understand what drove them to join the group and benefits... Continue reading
Posted Mar 18, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi classmates, Over the past two weeks, we've seen a major increase in student interest in our project. So far our team has executed 13 interviews, with our max goal being 20. After tomorrow afternoon, we'll have one more week of interviews and hopefully all the information we need to proceed with our project. So far the students interviewed have brought their own unique perspectives of the law school application process, and the importance of diversity to them. Our goal is to pull everything we learn together and structure it into a strategic plan for the UC College of Law... Continue reading
Posted Feb 19, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi everyone, Our project has been slow to start, but as of today it seems like we're gaining some momentum! We plan to be available for UC law students to come chat with us every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the month of February - last week we only had one student show up, so we knew we needed to spread the word a little more about our being there. Between our group and staff at UC Law, we decided to focus on marketing to students in a few different ways: social media posts, signage around the building (digital and... Continue reading
Posted Feb 11, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Hi all, Our capstone project is to work with the UC College of Law to recruit and engage a diverse student body. Last week we met with Dean Williams to finalize our charter and messaging to the students we will be interviewing. Research will be our biggest focus with this project, because our (already captured) diverse-audience is here at UC Law. Over the next four weeks, Utkarsh, Nicole and I will make ourselves available during the college-wide lunch hour (no classes scheduled) for students to stop in and have a discussion with us. When speaking to students we're asking what... Continue reading
Posted Feb 6, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
Our capstone project is to work with UC College of Law to understand and recruit a diverse student body. The start of our project was slow as we had trouble scheduling meetings with the client. After meeting on Friday, though, I feel we have a good basis as to where we're going with this project. We've yet to meet with the Dean of the college, but my hope is she'll be on board with our goals and objectives for the project. I still have a lot of research to do on UC's College of Law, but also the process of... Continue reading
Posted Jan 27, 2019 at CAPSTONE!
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