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Paul Bosch
Sonoran Desert
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Thanks Joyce, for sharing this interesting story about our perspectives on truth. I often wonder what people are seeing or understanding - how can it be so different than my own view - especially in these highly polarized political times - but the bottom line is that we do have different perspectives on life and events. I was with my older sister and brother a while back, talking about a much repeated and classic family event. I could not believe how different my sister remembered the same night - was she seeing what I was seeing? Well, our memories must be selective - she was as sure as I was (yet I knew she must be wrong..., but it just shows how one truth can have very different angles in each of our minds, as you describe in your blog. Thanks for sharing!
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We do learn about each other and you have experienced some very interesting times and places! I am amazed at how close our classroom community has become in these short weeks together. Hope you are able to take another class, with or without the trickster!
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We are privileged to hear your unique and interesting stories. I can't wait to hear another one. The stories do bind us together, we are all on this planet together even if we grew up in different places. Thanks for sharing!
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Yes, that "teacher" sounded like he was looking for ego strokes, more than passing on the trade. It sounds like you were actually hilarious! So glad to have you in this class. (And I see that I should have found a picture with a bike!)
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I also loved show and tell and enjoyed your post! The ones I liked best were with live pets from home - box turtles, gerbils, white mice, praying mantises, spiders - anything that would get the class craning to see better and perhaps get a scream or two from the more squeamish (girls always in those days)!
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Sep 23, 2018