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Dreyfuss’s did not go the traditional route when arguing the need for alternative meat products. She didn’t preach about nutrition or ethics. What she did was give us is an argument for inclusion, everyone needs protein and vegetarian meat products actually do taste good. My interest was sparked by the mention of the Fourth of July and all the foods that are normally served along with this holiday. More recently, vegetarian food consumption has been on the rise, however, there are plenty of people who do not give these people or products the deference they deserve. Emily suggests that it is natural for a vegetarian to want to eat easily identifiable foods that her friends and family eat; vegans should not have to feel ashamed for eating vegan hot dogs and veggie burgers. I agree with the Dreyfuss because of my twenty years of food service experience and now selling restaurants food, confirms it. Plant based proteins are on the rise as evidenced by the addition of vegetarian options on most menus, pizza crust and rice being made with cauliflower, and the American palates favorites: hot dogs and hamburgers being served with vegetarian ingredients. As for Ms. Dreyfuss’s sources it’s difficult to say they are one-hundred percent reliable since the sources were not cited at the bottom of her article and Gary Beauchamp’s credentials had to be added after the article was written. Further, she mentions Catesby Holmes the writer being a vegetarian her whole life and briefly mentions how she was treated by her grandmother but I do not know who Catesby Holmes is. Likewise, she references Greg Sams as the creator of the vegetable burger and my experience tells me this is correct but without citations, I can see how someone may want to argue that point. Overall this was a very thoughtful article and I do believe people should give other people’s preferences some reverence. If we are striving to work with emotional intelligence, why would we want to make fun of vegetarians eating items that look like meat? Wouldn’t it be better to try their products and a variety of them, so that we may learn to expand the world we are living in? You may even like some of their products, I know I do, and so do many people who identify as “flexitarians.” This may be a new term for some people but according to Merriam-Webster, flexitarians are vegetarians who sometimes eat meat or fish. Having a variety of plant based proteins is especially important to the millennial generation who dine out often. Therefore, the next time you invite your vegetarian friend to your barbeque and they show up with veggie burgers and dogs, give it shot, you may find a new food you enjoy. “Flexitarians.” Merriam-Webster, Merriam-Webster, Bernadette Minni September 30, 2018
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Sep 30, 2018