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In Sweden we are producing our own renewable gas (biogas) from food and agricultural waste. We are at about 1 or 2 percent of the transport sector with production capacity rising yearly. I can fill my tank and drive about 450km and that is at a cost 40% less than petrol.
NG is cheap in N. America. However the environmental cost of fracking is still a factor. For a similar price point Bio methane produced from sewage solids and agricultural waist could be produced in N. America as it is in Scandinavia, thus avoiding the numerous problems of fracking. We fill up our car weekly with Bio methane (biogas) produced locally by Vafabmiljo. We are saving a lot of money while being socially and environmentally conscience.
It's great that they are using carbon fiber reinforced cylinders for the rear two tanks. I am confused why they haven't used the same for the additional third cylinder. In the past there has been some problems with rust causing failures in the steel versions.
It's too bad that the new third cylinder is steel rather than carbon fiber like the other two in the vehicle. There have been problems with their steel cylinders rusting and then failing on their other CNG cars. I would like to see VW use only carbon fiber cylinders through out their CNG line. It may cost a little more but it is worth avoiding any unwelcome surprises.
In addition to adding the 3rd tank for extended range it would have been a good move to upgrade the tanks to the carbon fiber like those currently used in the Audi CNG cars. Maybe next year?
I drive a 2013 VW Passat with the TGI system, this fuel system was formerly known as Ecofuel. It has 500 km of range on CNG (3 cylinders) and an additional 500 with gasoline. We fill up with locally produced bio methane derived from compost and sewage solids. It is about 40 percent cheaper to run on bio methane than gasoline. These cars are surprisingly inexpensive to purchase secondhand here in Sweden and there is a pretty good network of fueling stations. When using the bio methane the carbon foot print is comparable to that of an electric car charged with solar electricity. This car has been great for us .
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Feb 2, 2019