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Vojko Stanić
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Thank you!!
Toggle Commented Nov 7, 2018 on Revit to (Surface) Go? at RobiNZ CAD Blog
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Hi Robi, Thank you for your answer... I now see my question was not really clear. Currenty I own desktop PC as my main work computer, Surface Book 2 i7 15" as my secondary computer - for serious presentation and work from home. I was thinking to get the GO for the same reason you did travel/recreation, but also as a digital notepad you can have with you all the time - to take to meatings, and reduce amount of paper I have to print (I'm architect). As light Surface Book is, it is still a bit to heavy to carry around all the time. So my question would be - is the GO enough to view (not edit), and maybe orbit in 3d small to medium projects... and how does it handle large PDF drawings? And what PDF editor you use? PS Your article on Surface book 2 is really interesting, and I have the same experience with it in Revit and CAD.
Toggle Commented Nov 5, 2018 on Revit to (Surface) Go? at RobiNZ CAD Blog
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I was wondering if someone is going to try this :) Is it usable at all? I was planing to buy it, as it is useful to have your projects with you when you're out of office... but I'm a bit sceptical if there is any sense to even try this wit GO, or should I just buy Pro 6 i7.
Toggle Commented Nov 4, 2018 on Revit to (Surface) Go? at RobiNZ CAD Blog
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Nov 4, 2018