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Caro Always start at the castle and work your way down to Holyrood. Make sure to spit on the Heart of Midlothian and rub David Hume's toe. Make sure you check out some of the wynds along the way. Greyfriars Kirkyard is spooky and fun if you take the ghost tour. Also rub Greyfriars Bobby's paw. With all of the rubbing and spiting you should shoot under par at any course you play. If its raining the National Gallery is excellent and then you can jump over to the Balmoral for high tea. If you have a car,a drive to St Andrews is fun. Be sure to do it along the coast road and stop at the little fishing villages along the way.
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National News Coverage of Tropical Storm Barry Is Its Own Disaster
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Rick Perry: Now that Ross Perot is gone, I can tell this story
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jim nj As a direct descendant of the Vikings, I refuse to give back any part of the Danegeld. :)
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my goodness this is a minimal storm, and is going in at the least populated portion of LA. I've been through over 5 hurricanes and this one is nothing. I know NOLA is on the east side but I predict 2 days of flooding and then nothing. Of course NOLA will ask for billions in FEMA funds. By the way if you are evacuating NOLA please go east.
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Saw this on AoS Lawn chair drill team
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From 1776 the musical, "the Egg" I saw the original on Broadway way back in the late '60's. A lot of fun.
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there was too much drama with the girls. Henry Higgins has an answer.
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Only a dad, but he gives his all To smooth the way for his children small, Doing, with courage stern and grim, The deeds that his father did for him. This is the line that for him I pen, Only a dad, but the best of men. –Edgar Guest (1881–1959)
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Romeo and Juliet” director Franco Zeffirelli dies at 96
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TGL Can we get your husband to run against Cronyn?
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Did someone mention flying cars? See this: Flying car: 120mph hydrogen-powered drone prototype unveiled in US
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OT Interesting article in The Express Brontë's nanny found in pauper's grave
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Scobey, Montana A handful of Scobey Schools students elected to take advantage of an antiquated Montana law on the last day of school for the 2018-2019 school year. Taylor Crohn, Jackson Oie, Walker Welchlin, Thomas and Taite Weltikol rode horses to school. According to that old Montana law, the principal is obligated to feed, water and tend the horses. Principal Greg Hardy did his duty and helped load the horses in the trailer to return home.
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Althouse asks where did Naomi Wolf get her PhD. and finds this. Oxford has a lot to answer for. "From 1985 to 1987, she was a Rhodes Scholar at New College, Oxford, but did not complete her original doctoral thesis.... Wolf returned to Oxford to complete her PhD in 2015, supervised by Dr Stefano-Maria Evangelista. The PhD thesis that she wrote was the basis for her 2019 book 'Outrages: Sex, Censorship and the Criminalisation of Love.' Oh! So this book was an Oxford PhD thesis?! Wow. Oxford needs to account for itself. There's a brand that ought to mean something. Do the thesis advisers there rely ultimately on authors for the integrity of their research and fact-checking? Did the NYT attempt to talk with Stefano-Maria Evangelista? Can we get him on the air at BBC?"
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Wonderful little essay h/t insty Mystery, Manners, and the Rediscovery of Great Literature
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Love this Texas Poised To Ban All Red Light Cameras
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Sandy Its sunny and 82F. When you see those pictures of flooding they are usually the same areas
Sandy, Many years ago I had a Border Collie. I was teaching history at a private boarding school at the time. Every day Mac (my dog) would follow me to class. As we neared the classroom building I would say "Mac, students". He would then circle around the students moving them toward the classroom door. The students loved it. My current canine a Scottish Terrier named Maggie,would have been great with your dogs if the woodchuck had gone to ground. Here she is as a puppy, out playing with the big dogs when she was a puppy. Look for the little black one.
Drumlin Woodchuck Robert Frost One thing has a shelving bank, Another a rotting plank, To give it cozier skies And make up for its lack of size. My own strategic retreat Is where two rocks almost meet, And still more secure and snug, A two-door burrow I dug. With those in mind at my back I can sit forth exposed to attack As one who shrewdly pretends That he and the world are friends. All we who prefer to live Have a little whistle we give, And flash, at the least alarm We dive down under the farm. We allow some time for guile And don't come out for a while Either to eat or drink. We take occasion to think. And if after the hunt goes past And the double-barrelled blast (Like war and pestilence And the loss of common sense), If I can with confidence say That still for another day, Or even another year, I will be there for you, my dear, It will be because, though small As measured against the All, I have been so instinctively thorough About my crevice and burrow.
jim nj Dave Brubeck's family lived in Wilton Ct for many years. Mike, his second son and Cathy, his only daughter rode at the same stable as I did. They were a wonderful family, down to earth and a lot of fun. Cathy and Michael were the only non-musicians out of the six children, and it was said that they were throwbacks to earlier times as Dave grew up on a ranch in California. Mike had learning disabilities and a stutter, but when you saw him around horses you would never know. He latter became a horse trainer. Cathy was always full of life. Her father even wrote a piece for her. Kathy's Waltz Here is a nice NYT article about the family
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I don't think this has been posted. Turkey officials order re-run of Istanbul election, voiding win for Erdogan opposition
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A couple of things about horses. We had one horse who would rear when he left the barn to go to the outside ring. He didn't like leaving the barn. I got on him with two balloons filled with warm water. as soon as he reared I broke one balloon right between his ears. He stopped for a minute, so I headed for the ring, where he tried it again. I used the second balloon, no more rearing. The theory is that the horse thinks he has hit his head and is bleeding. As to the horse that rubs you on a fence,(usually a pony) the best thing to do is to turn him into the fence. After awhile he will realize that if he stays away from the fence he won't have to be turned into a pretzel. OK MM the next time you get runaway with reach down and grab a short rein and turn the horse in a circle this will slow him down.
Tim Blair THE REAL RUSSIAN ELECTION CONSPIRACY Starring, Bulgari Knockoff and his commander, Antonov Nosewheelsk as they discuss the progress of Operation Orange Man
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