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MM High and dry in Houston. "Mattress Mack" the guy in the article is a Houston institution. He has been doing good works in town for over 30 years. The flooding is in the same areas as always. When I bought my townhouse, I made sure I was completely out of any flood plain. The only problems we had on the west side was the humidity. Its like someone threw a wet blanket over the whole place. Dr J Thanks for the Mendelssohn piece. It reminded me of my wild and crazy ride to Staffa in a very small open boat. One of the scariest trips I have ever taken, but a lot of fun.
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And now for something completely different. Language was developed for one endeavor... To woo women! How would Cole Porter go over with the "Me Too" gang? :)
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OK so where is the 6-12 inches of rain we are suppose to be having right now. Imelda is a bust. Of course, you can ring the air out like a sponge.
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Narc US refinery production is about 19 million barrels per day
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NYT deletes bizarre tweet referencing Brett Kavanaugh’s ‘harmless’ penis
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Jack, I spent the first five years of my life in Ras Tanura. My dad was with ARAMCO. We left in 1955 as my dad was transferred to the main office at 505 Park Ave. He was later the chief technical advisor to the US owners in the Saudi buyout. What's interesting are the pictures I have of the front windows of our house decorated for Christmas and Santa Claus landing in a Navy helicopter. Also, ladies in two piece bathing suits sunning themselves on the beach. If you didn't know any better you would think you were in southern California. Of course there are the pictures of moms feeding their toddlers bottles of beer. (something about enzymes or something) :)
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I guess not all dems are crazy
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As to little Beto's gun remarks, wasn't it the search and attempted confiscation of munitions that brought about "the shot heard round the world"?
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A little more on the greenies protest Ric Campo, Chairman, Port of Houston Authority, reacted in the following way: "Americans have a right to protest, as long as it's peaceful and lawful. Obviously, the protests going on right now are not peaceful and lawful. They blocked the freeway. There was an accident that caused injuries to people on the bridge. "We have first responders in the water right now, lots of them. They're risking their lives to make sure that those folks are safe. At the end of the day, I'm fine with people protesting whatever they want as long as it's peaceful and lawful." Campo hypothesized that protesters probably came to Houston aboard airplanes using jet fuel or drove in vans using gasoline or diesel. Campo was invited to attend the Democratic Party presidential candidate debate Thursday night in Houston but will not attend. Jim Teague, CEO, Enterprise Products Partners LP, made this observation: "Here's the interesting thing. I looked at the pictures and I think that every bit of their protective clothing is made out of hydrocarbons. The hypocrisy of that is unbelievable." Teague was not invited to the debate.
HOUSTON — All of the 11 protesters dangling below the Fred Hartman Bridge near Houston are in custody. Houston and Baytown firefighters repelled down to the protesters and lowered them to boats waiting below. The protesters were then taken ashore in handcuffs, accompanied by a Harris County Sheriff's deputy. Some had been hanging from the bridge for nearly 12 hours. Deputies arrested 12 other protesters on the bridge just after 5 p.m. Thursday, the Sheriff's Office tweeted. A Sheriff's Office representative said they were acting as spotters for the 11 people dangling below. The Harris County Sheriff's Office said they will face multiple charges including obstructing the roadway and obstructing the waterway. The sheriff's office is checking with the U.S. Attorney General on other possible charges. The activists could also face charges for a three-vehicle crash on the bridge after a van carrying the protesters partially blocked a lane, according to Precinct 8. One person was hurt. The Houston Ship Channel reopened around 5 a.m. Friday according to the U.S. Coast Guard.
For Iggy The Corries Sunday Driver
Clarice While your recipe sounds good, it is not my definition of shortbread. Real shortbread is just butter, sugar and flour. My favorite dessert is two Walker Short breads and a scoop of raspberry sherbet. Sorry for the non- keto plug.
Iggy That has been my thought all along as regards reparations
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MM the author of the article you cited is the sister of Mark Zuckerberg and she has basically bought her way into the classics community.
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MM That's just a little Texas thunderstorm. Get them all the time in the summer. It tends to cool things off.
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We could always send the Chinese our complete supply of SPAM, SPAM, SPAM
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My 1977 MG Midget was the easiest car to work on, and boy did it need to get worked on a lot. :) But it really was fun to drive around back country roads.
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MM Loved that film.
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Iggy, I got my Scottish Terrier when she was 3 months old. People couldn't believe the cuts on my hand just from playful tussles.(Scottish Terrier jaws are about the same as German Shepherds) She also decided that the couch slipcover needed to go and proceeded to rip it to shreds. She then decided that the corner sheetrock next to the backdoor needed to be replaced. She did all this with a certain joie de vivre that I couldn't get too mad. But finally she went to doggie boot camp (see below)and all was well. She still has the same larger than life personality, but it is directed in a positive direction. As every terrier owner knows she still thinks she is queen of the dog park.
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Judge appoints special prosecutor to investigate why charges were dropped against Empire actor Jussie Smollett for allegedly staging a racist, anti-gay attack against himself
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Porchight, Here is the scene you were talking about. Living in CT back in the day, I was lucky enough to see the original Broadway production. I can still remember the final scene when the scrim lowered and the Declaration was on it, and the actors were arrayed like the famous Trumbull painting. Gave me chills.
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Interesting article Scientists using AI to decipher bad handwriting of Isambard Kingdom Brunel in bid to discover his secrets
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I haven't been in a movie theater since I saw 'Master and Commander' in 2003. If you want to have a pleasant evenings entertainment, stream the wonderful small film, 'Local Hero'.
Here's another one :) About an hour ago David Copperfield gave up and ask Hillary how she did it