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Good morning and Happy Valentine's Day!
Toggle Commented Feb 14, 2023 on TOm, have you abandoned this site? at JustOneMinute
Karma coming for Uncle Larry? Not too soon, IMOO. Tracy (𝒞𝒽𝒾 ) @chigrl 1h $BLK > Larry Fink Says ESG Narrative Has Become Ugly, Personal To manage the fallout, the giant asset manager poured record sums into US political campaigns last year, mounted an advertising campaign to explain its business managing money… Tony Greer @TgMacro Replying to @chigrl @jimiuorio “The unwashed are trying to demonize the fact that we’re destroying their efficient energy scheme so we can buy more Hamptons houses.” This guy is gonna get Karma checked soon.
Too funny. Keystone Kops want their royalty checks. Resist the Hologram - Stu Cvrk @STUinSD The ghost of Al Capone is laughing in Hell. The Gateway Pundit @gatewaypundit COVER-UP: Biden Tax Returns Disappear From Campaign Website for Years Hunter Claimed He Paid $50K Per Month Rent to Joe
Oh, look, some Central Bankers aren't so benevolent:: Revealed: The 'laundering process' detected in Riad Salameh's Swiss accounts and property The National gains access to European judicial files that trace money going from Banque du Liban to luxury properties in Europe
They do matter when a mole sends the email out for Toni Preckwinkle's purposes (silence from her means she had it done).
This was an Interesting thread on Regulatory overreach and a WV vs EPA, and, in particular, carrying on the iBama Admin tradition of SCOTUS has no Army rule writing. Interesting thread from last night:: Time for a thread! Over this weekend, a lot of very important legal happenings have occurred, particularly in regards to the Second Amendment. #2A ... 46753.html Seems like a whole bunch of regs are going to go under this steamroller.
Toggle Commented Jan 9, 2023 on Happy New(ish) Year! at JustOneMinute
John Solomon @jsolomonReports SCOTUS to vote on hearing 2020 election case against Biden, Harris, Pence, senators, congressmen | Just The News ... e-senators ... 9057268736 Odd case.
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2023 on Happy New(ish) Year! at JustOneMinute
Merry Christmas!
Seems to be a question of Whom is censored. ALX 🇺🇸 @alx So the EU was threatening him because he didn’t Censor enough and now he’s Censoring too much? Insider Paper @TheInsiderPaper BREAKING: EU warns Musk of ‘sanctions’ after Twitter suspensions…
Greg Price @greg_price11 Gorsuch: "Jack Phillips [the cake baker in Masterpiece Cakeshop] had to go through a reeducation program, did he not?" CO Solicitor General: "It was a training to educate him about Colorado law. Gorsuch: "Some might be excused for calling that a reeducation program."
Omnibus bill? No.
Looks like TM's going to take the long way around to figure out how things were manipulated:: Stephen McIntyre @ClimateAudit 11h Hmmm... three of these accounts remain suspended. Two @let3481 and @ozwenya are active. Both are small volume (less than 1000 followers) and are stridently anti-CCP Chinese language - not US Republicans or anti-war.… Tom Maguire @Tom_Maguire Replying to @ClimateAudit @let3481 @ozwenya @ozwenya is still active. The specific tweet numbered in the "handled" list is deleted. However, this @ozwenya reply tweet (slightly higher number, dated Oct 24) seems to be 'on topic'. Deleted: 1320151083692388352 Still there: 1320137189502509057…
Cory Doctorow @[email protected] @doctorow Covering the Blockchain Eight bribery scandal for @TheProspect, @ddayen hearkens back to the #KeatingFive scandal of 1987, when five senators wrote to the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to insist that they lay off Lincoln Savings and Loan:
Toggle Commented Nov 23, 2022 on Another Wild Weekend at JustOneMinute
Interesting Wauck piece, and certainly the embedded Doug Macgregor interview is noteworthy.
Toggle Commented Nov 18, 2022 on That Went Well at JustOneMinute
Voters Aren’t Choosing Dems, Dems Are Choosing Voters The new system of elections has taken away the power of the people. November 17, 2022 by Daniel Greenfield “The people had squandered the confidence of the government and could only win it back by redoubled work. Would it not in that case be simpler for the government to dissolve the people and elect another?” —The Solution, 1953 To understand how we got here, we need to begin with the founding premise of America, the one that motivated former British subjects to take up arms against a king, that the people had the right to choose their governments. Now the divine right of kings has given way to the radical right of leftists to take power from the people in the name of the people. Unable to directly coerce voters, they instead exploited loopholes and weaknesses in the system to reinvent who the people were.
Toggle Commented Nov 17, 2022 on That Went Well at JustOneMinute
Ezra Levant 🍁🚛 @ezralevant Why are Klaus Schwab (and Bill Gates) at the G20 Summit? Why are they participants on the same level as leaders of sovereign countries?
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2022 on That Went Well at JustOneMinute
The Great Reset: A Perfect Storm | ZeroHedge Such a storm is now upon us. All its elements clearly point to an orchestrated intention; in other words, it cannot be an accident. And the intention we discern in the current historical moment, the underlying plan, would appear to lay the ground for what has been called a “techno-totalitarian digital dark age,” associated with the Club of Rome, the United Nations, and the World
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Toggle Commented Nov 6, 2022 on Welcome To Portland at JustOneMinute
Canadian Iicensing requirement for internet users enacted by Canadian Senate, last night. Any Canadian citizen with an internet connection is now a "broadcaster" and, as such, may not "send" anything, that is not approved. The meat: Clause 2 specifies that users of social media services who upload programs for sharing with other users, and who are not affiliated with the service provider (“unaffiliated users”), would not be subject to broadcasting regulation in that respect. Clause 4 stipulates that the Act would not apply in respect of programs uploaded to an online undertaking that provides a social media service by an unaffiliated user of the service, unless the programs are prescribed by regulation. In deciding to prescribe such programs, the Commission would be required to consider: a) the extent to which the program uploaded to social media generates revenue; b) whether the program has been broadcast by a licensed or registered broadcasting undertaking that is not a social media service; and c) whether the program has been assigned a unique identifier under an international standards system. Programs that consist only of visual images, and programs where neither the person who posts the program nor the owner or licensee of copyright in the program receives revenues, would not be subject to the Act. The Bill would provide the Commission with new powers to regulate online services, and update the Commission’s regulatory powers as they relate to traditional broadcasters. Clause 9 would amend the Commission’s licencing powers and would exclude online undertakings from licencing. Clause 25 would specify that a person shall not carry on a broadcasting undertaking, other than an online undertaking, unless they do so in accordance with a licence or they are exempt from the requirement to hold a licence. Clause 10 would replace the Commission’s power to impose conditions on a licence with a power to make orders imposing conditions on the carrying on of broadcasting undertakings. This power would include conditions about the proportion of programs that must be Canadian.
Toggle Commented Oct 26, 2022 on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
No terminals is the problem. They bet, 100%, on Russian pipelines to feed them. Thanks, Gerhard!
Toggle Commented Oct 25, 2022 on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
Setting the agenda, quietly:: Mike Galsworthy @mikegalsworthy International press, including US press (see below) covered the first national rejoin march that packed Parliament Sq on Saturday… …with European politicians speaking onstage. It’s a key moment. But ⁦@BBCNews⁩ didn’t cover it. Think about that.
Toggle Commented Oct 24, 2022 on Sunday Evening at JustOneMinute
Caution: Malthusiasts at werk. Reuters Legal @ReutersLegal The EPA must explain its decision not to update rules for industrialized livestock operations, a U.S. appeals court ordered, after nearly a dozen environmental groups complained farms were polluting waterways @ClarkMindock
Understanding The Great Game in Ukraine Synopsis Nothing is what it seems in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict that has roiled the world in the last month. On the surface of it, this appears to be, especially as portrayed in Western media, a land grab by an authoritarian megalomaniac Russian dictator who is intent on recreating a Russian empire of times past. But the truth is far more complex than this simplistic picture that has been presented for popular consumption in Western media. Detailed analysis of the various factors involved in the build-up to this war, presented here, reveal that everything that has happened in this affair, over a period of 14 long years, has been scripted. Both Ukraine and Russia are merely pawns in a giant, 26-year-old geopolitical game played by the US and NATO, with the natural resources of both Ukraine and Russia as its targets. How this game will end will depend on how the other key players in the game: China, India, and the Global South, play their parts. International relations are never about right and wrong. They are about what is possible and what is not, because we live in an anarchic world with no central law enforcer. All countries must therefore be careful and understand the consequences of their actions and, especially, the actions of Great Powers that affect all of us. In this essay, I also explain exactly what those consequences are, and how various countries in the world need to prepare for what is coming in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The FBI’s Million-Dollar Men Three high-profile trials are shining much-needed light on how the bureau uses highly paid informants as political hit men. By Julie Kelly October 17, 2022 Proceedings underway in three U.S. courtrooms are providing a coordinated view into the abuse of the FBI’s confidential human source (CHS) program, a cash-flush operation now primarily used to bolster Democratic Party narratives instead of detecting and preventing crime. As I’ve reported, the FBI spends an average of $42 million per year to pay informants and does so with absolutely no financial or legal accountability. Confidential human sources are paid in cash; they can offer their services for a variety of reasons including financial need or to obtain a change in immigration status. FBI agents are required to keep at least one informant on the books, an FBI whistleblower told me; successfully using a CHS to bust up a crime is one way to get promoted. ... ollar-men/
Some are not allowed to play anymore. Interesting.