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Thanks, all. It was weird. We watched the 4” or so of the water sloshing side to side on the pool cover. Astonishing. As to the cellar, if we ever get “the big one” that would shake the bottles off the racks, I’d just point out that wine is NOT an insurable asset. As such things go, my collection is good but not vast. If the “big one” hits there’d be some serious damage in Sun Valley collections, price-wise. Trust me.
‘08 Guado al Tasso to go with smoked sausage and chicken pasta. Sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, mushrooms, capers, garlic, in a white wine broth. While good, this better not be my final dinner/wine on earth, y’all. 😉
Wish you all were here and we’d partay! 😎
Thanks, peter. We’re far. Had a much milder aftershock.
All wine bottles are secure but I may have to open one of the stupidly expensive stuff in light of the end of the world...
Too close, sbw. I just heard that there was a 6.5 in SLC last week. They’re probably in the same radius as Boise.
6.3, 50 miles west of Challis Idaho. Wow. Almost identical site to the ‘83 quake that killed three young school girls in the town of my high school years. Damn.
Thanks, TK. I don’t get your ref but that’s okay. This is only my second quake. The last one was in ‘83 when I was in my last semester of college. I’m still a bit...shook.
I know this is old hat for you CA denizens but...sheee-it!
Holy shit!!!! We just had an earthquake!!! Whole house was shaking.
Okay, Tom R. You win. FISA is vitally important to the security and well-being of this great country. I’m a benighted rube. The scales have fallen from my eyes. Thanks, man.
I think Ace speaks for a lot of us, if a bit indelicately re the MFM: As far as I'm concerned, you can all fucking starve to death. I hope you all lose your jobs and you all wind up in the gutter. Nit pick: they’re already in the gutter.
FISA does when used properly. Those last two words are kinda important, huh? The deep state asshats were all smoothly assuring us rubes that what they were doing was just that. The FISA court judges were essentially rubber-stamping any crap that Comey’s little asslickers put before them. Just some clerical errors, surely...
Do you work in the IC community, TR? You seem awfully personally defensive of rather anodyne criticism of it. Get this: Director Mostafa Keshvari explores "Chinese virus" discrimination in his trapped-in-an-elevator drama [ Corona], shot last month in Vancouver and now being shopped to streamers. "The idea came to me when I was in an elevator reading news about Chinese tourists being attacked, and I thought I'm going to make a movie in an elevator," Keshvari tells The Hollywood Reporter... The ensemble cast for Corona includes Emy Aneke, playing a black elevator repairman; Zarina Sterling as a millennial woman; Richard Lett as a white supremacist in a wheelchair; Andrea Stefancikova as a blonde wife; Josh Blacker as the building owner; and Andy Canete as an indebted tenant... "It was then known as the Chinese virus, but now everyone can have it, so it's not just one race's problem. Now the human race has to come together to defeat the virus," the director insists. Bold is mine, just in case you missed it.
That took all of 10 seconds to google. And it took me all of 10 seconds to peruse that link. The vaunted counter-intel community apparently hasn’t stopped any terrorism since ‘07 per that link. (I’m going to go out on a limb here and claim that is 13 years ago. 😉) Color me unimpressed.
Whether the FISA law exists or not won't change the fact that corrupt Feds will do corrupt activities like spying on innocent US citizen. Getting rid of FISA doesn't do jack squat in fixing the real problem The FISA law practically begs for this kind of abuse, pard. Where has it actually prevented terrorism and other nasty shit? Oh, wait. The PTB can’t actually point out any successes because, well, that’s gotta be kept secret, dontchaknow. How convenient.
What's your problem, Man? I thought we agreed that we weren’t going to bring up my math shortcomings, OL. 😉
Their track record stinks because they were too busy with Russia and going after innocent people. Do they even HAVE a track record? I mean other than against innocent citizens?
to give the government the ability to conduct counter-intel operations? You mean like on innocent US citizens like they’ve been doing? Operations like that? Good read. Too bad it won’t stop any of the hysteria from the traitorous media. What a fucking disgrace to this country.