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I’m done with this place. Sayonara. This is overdue.
The Cellar is on the main floor of my house, Catsmeat. It has heavily tinted windows, though... 😎
Me? I think indictments drop on some of these jackasses circa Oct. ‘20. The MFM meltdown will be bigger that Chernobyl. But that’s just me. In The Cellar...😎
D, I anticipate that Jazzy would pretty much rubber stamp anyone, so you’d only have to convince Mozie...😉
All I’m saying is keep an open mind, fdcol63! 😬
Of course I’m crestfallen that in addition to all the metaphorical places to which any JOMer can fictionally congregate, i.e., The Ledge, The Veranda, or The Dock, lyle’s The Cellar™ hasn’t created more of a following. One must merely be cautiously optimistic about the future of this great country, support DJT, despise jackasses of all renown regardless of political persuasions, support the great military, stay off TwitFaceChat, abhor the utterly corrupt press, and, last but not least, have faith in God. The Cellar is delightfully cool year round, fully stocked, armed, congenial, and, of course, well within reach of beer and liquor for any non-winos. Food is top notch, natch... 😉 (Non-dog lovers will endure additional paperwork and extensive vetting to be considered admittance. References will be required. A personal interview with Jazzy and Mozart will have to be completed.)
BTW, if you haven’t watched the video of Don Rickles on Carson linked at the end of PJM’s Morning Briefing, you’re missing out.
He has to live in Seattle as punishment, Buckeye. I’m heading over there next week. Can’t wait to see all the homeless encampments...
Congrats, mac. Impressive.
I was between my sophomore and junior year in high school working on our ranch in a very remote area of Idaho. I was most certainly moving sprinkler pipe in the morning and the evening and probably cutting and/or bailing hay on a tractor in between. Nixon’s resignation meant absolutely nothing to me.
What? No toasted almonds? Heresy. 🤨
It’s a badge of honor to be pig ignorant about firearms to those woketards.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
I can rent one at the range Best route with any gun but with compacts and sub, it’s definitely a good idea. But you knew this...
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
Ruger LCP If this is what you choose, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time at the range with it. I’ve shot a buddy’s and its size makes it tough to shoot accurately at a distance greater than about five feet.
Toggle Commented Aug 5, 2019 on Let's Assault Logic at JustOneMinute
I’m envious, narc. You’ve met with some quality JOMers recently.
I never quite shave mine. Trimmed every week. This still cracks me up.
I’m NOT kidding, buddy. We look A LOT alike. I find it infinitely amusing.
Oh, wait. RG seems to have just about the same facial hair as I. Who knew? 😎
This might be the Girardin ‘06 Charmes-Chambertin talking, but every time RG logs in I’m reminded that if I were clean-shaven and...well, possessing more melanin, he would be my twin brother. I’m not joking. Cheers, RG!
Big Bad Bob, Baron of Bathos
I find Althouse’s writing style extremely annoying and unpleasant to read. Thus, I don’t.
A belated brava for this gem, Porch: bovinus ex machina 😂
make him play the Uncle Leo defense He’s clearly up to the task, Capt.
I’m sure you’re right, my dear. But Big Bad Bob is an untouchable. Hence, no contempt charge will be forthcoming. Now, you’ll have to excuse me, I need to up my anti-cynicism meds at the moment. 😉
Good luck with that, Clarice @ 4:35. As if...